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New Pac-Man in the works, choose his look
posted on 10.02.12 at 12:19 AM EST by (@salromano)
Namco Bandai gathering fan opinion for new Pac-Man game.

Namco Bandai is making a new Pac-Man game. And it’s asking fans to help determine the yellow pellet eater’s new look.

In a Facebook survey, the publisher asks: “Which are style do you like the most?”

Its next question hints at how we’ll be playing. “What platform do you play casual games on?” Smartphones, tablets, consoles, and PC/Mac are all choices.

Want a say in the next Pac-Man game? Take the survey here.

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  • DarthBrian
    • DarthBrian

       This is what I meant to do. I’m tired. :(

  • I want a D style but with lining like C

  • Kou

    C and D are terrible… B is classic and should stay (Classic to the art on the old machines, IIRC)

    • whiteferrero

      I like the D ghosts and the B pacman. the B ghosts are terrible! Voted for B anyway.

    • PrinceHeir

      i love the B too :)

  • Revorse

    D. It’s the best choice. 

  • C reminds me of Sonic The Hedgehog. D is cool, but I prefer B. It’s the logic evolution of Pac-Man

  • adhesive

    D is the best since it reminds me of Tim Burton, but I don’t know if it’d translate well as a Pac Man game.

  • HeatPhoenix

    Depends on what game they’re making!
    If they’re going all out on 3DS or something, then please, go for A. C, looks great for a Game Boy Advance game and B and D are, well, you know, stylish.

  • I play casual games. But I sure as hell am not a casual Gamer. 

    I’m a HARDCORE Gamer. 

  • D!

  • A does not interest me. It looks like your standard generic 3D game. I like B and C.  For D I like Pac-Man’s look but the ghosts, not so much.

  •  i like B. it seems like the closest to the classic look while still being fresh.