Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U screenshots - Gematsu
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U screenshots
posted on 10.03.12 at 11:15 PM EST by (@salromano)
Monster Hunter 3 comes to Wii U in 1080p.

Capcom has updated the official Japanese website for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, providing the first screenshots of the Wii U version in all of its 1080p glory.

As detailed earlier this week, the Wii U version runs at full HD and supports 5.1ch surround sound. You’ll be able to share saves with the 3DS version using a free data migration application. You’ll also be able to play locally with up to three 3DS players.

View the screenshots at the gallery (3DS comparison images included).

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  • great. can’t wait to play it!

  • Heistt

    Looks like the small ones are the 3DS ones, used for comparison.

    •  Yes, of course. You can see the confirmation of this on the official website.

  • PrinceHeir

    amazing stuff :D

  • Wii U = No Anti Aliasing? …expect to get crush by the PS4 and 720! not being a fanboy at all I play on PC and that is why I pay attention to this, On top of that PS4 will have Tesselation which the Wii U does not have.. come on Nintendo.. oh well at this point anyone buying Nintendo products could care less about graphics.. yikes I am so sorry guys oh well have fun with your gameplay while we get the best of all worlds with gameplay, graphics and more.

    • Vampiric

      its a 3ds port…….

    •  its a direct port of the handheld version, with no graphical improvements, sony had this too, with mhp3rd for psp and ps3, its common practice for capcom.

    •  It’s been rumored for a while that the Wii U can pull off tessellation. You won’t see it in a HANDHELD PORT LAUNCH TITLE, though.

    • LordKaiser

       The fact that the PS4 will have a AMD CPU is reason enough to not buy it unless they can prove that they can compete with Intel again and produce less heat.

      Region lock is what will hurt the WiiU sales. Overall the WiU is a nice current gen console that surpass the 360.

      About the WiiU MH3… It looks bad…

  • Raiyu

    Looks good. Too much bloom for my taste though.

    I’ll probably pick this up for Wii U sometime next year.

  • Bobo Fango

    was expecting a better port than that. This will look terrible on a 50″ HDTV

  • Vampiric


  • HeatPhoenix

    What’s with the aliasing?

  • Not to bad looking, considering its an upscale port from the 3DS.