Halo 4 gameplay launch trailer - Gematsu
Halo 4 gameplay launch trailer
posted on 10.24.12 at 08:17 AM EST by (@salromano)
An ancient evil confined for a millennia is unleashed.

It turns out there’s more than just a single launch trailer for Microsoft and 343 Industries’ November 6-due Halo 4. The publisher released a brand new gameplay launch trailer this morning, highlighting the awakening of an ancient hatred confined for a millennia. Watch it below.

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  • Xenovelgr

    Wow that looks pretty good. Halo games are the only FPS games that I like, because they actually have a plot lol

  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    Don’t understand the appeal of this franchise. It looks like it should have died out after Halo 3 ODST.

    • Kazziyan

      Lots of good lore behind it. It’s not your typical FPS imo.  There’s good stories told both in the books and the games.

      Its kinda like Bioshock in a way- it’s just different somewhat.

  • chinglee

    Looks fantastic :O

    Really like the lightning as well

  • paperclichepixel

    Telekenesis > Bullets.