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God of War: Ascension ‘Zeus’ trailer, behind-the-scenes
posted on 10.22.12 at 04:34 PM EST by (@salromano)
Harness the power of Zeus in online multiplayer.

Sony has published a new multiplayer trailer and “Unchained” behind-the-scenes video for God of War: Ascension.

The multiplayer trailer shows how the game’s multiplayer characters can harness the power of the Greek God Zeus. The behind-the-scenes video chats with the developers at SCE Santa Monica Studio, who talk about the game’s inception up to the final result.

Watch both clips below.

Zeus Trailer

Unchained Behind-the-Scenes

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  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    Looks epic, can’t wait to pick it up next year with all the other amazing PS3 exclusives. 

  • Skelter

    THE GUY AT 5:50 KIIIIILLED ME……..HE’S LIKE…..W…………T…………F!? I’m laughing so hard from that LOL

  • PrinceHeir

    i think im already burnt at God of War games.

    i haven’t even played Ghost of Sparta yet so yeah.

    i’ll probably go back maybe 5-7 years :P

    • Ghost of Sparta is the best of them all. But this new one… meh, where’s the actual story? Santa Monica is going off my top fav dev list because of this mp-only-focus crap.

      • Dean Winchester

        Apparently you missed the amazing single player run through from E3 that is nearly 8 minutes long and looks more epic that the intro to GoW3.

        Either that or you are just looking for a reason to hate.

        • How about instead of accusations, you just point @twitter-27025890:disqus to a link containing the single-player footage?

          Here, Versus. Single-player walkthrough here: http://gematsu.com/2012/06/god-of-war-ascension-release-date-set And a single-player trailer here: http://gematsu.com/2012/06/god-of-war-ascension-single-player-multiplayer-trailers

          I think they’re showing the multiplayer off a lot because 1) it’s new to the series and 2) well, nowadays everything just has to have multiplayer. I’m not a fan of that element in this game (not saying it won’t be good – I just rarely play multiplayer even where it is good), but I’m happy to know that the single-player element is still there.

          • Dean Winchester

            B/c pointing it out means nothing to someone like versus who’s only intend was to complain.

            “8 mins shows nothing. Charcter designs suck yadda yadda”.

            Most game trailers are less than two minutes and people get hyped but for SIR versus, 8 minutes shows nothing.
            I saw new magic elements in which one is able to rebuild destroyed terrain to traverse and I saw a buttery smooth battle system at play along with graphics unmatched by 99% of what has released this gen and 8 minutes of non stop excitement that climaxed into what looks to be an epic battle with a giant kraken.

            But hey….no worries Sal. Be a smart ass to me and let the likes of versus continue to drag this site down.

            People see what they want to see. I, and many others see an exciting sequel to an amazing series while versus saw an opportunity to complain and you saw an opportunity to jump down my throat due to a personal dislike of me.


        • 8 minutes of single player gameplay is all we got, you can tell almost nothing from that. No story was really shown and that small teaser of the antagonists of the game is a bit disappointing (from how they represented it I mean). I do hope there is some better character/monster design to the other two yet-to-be-revealed antagonist, because the one shown was pretty meh compared to the other games.

          • KingOptimusOrigins111

            But this is God Of War we are talking about. God of War games a very cinematic & epic, they probably are showing the multiplayer now because it is new to the franchise and fans of the franchise. They probably don’t want to show too much of the single player because they don’t want too spoil much of it. The game comes out in March 2013 so they probably won’t start showing of the single player more until like late January to build a two month hype for it.

          • Kobracon

            Exactly, you can’t tell anything from that. You can’t tell its good OR that its bad. They’re showing off the MP coz its new and hey, new things attract old and new players alike. Personally the MP looks interesting, but as long as the single player stays awesome, I’m fine with an extra MP feature.

          • Dean Winchester

            I wont dignify this with a response.

    • Dean Winchester

      Enjoy boredom

  • The Behind-the-Scenes video was entertaining.

    I can’t speak to much on the series, I really need to play catch up I’m ashamed to admit. It’s on my to do list.