Atelier Totori Plus screenshots - Gematsu
Atelier Totori Plus screenshots
posted on 10.30.12 at 09:29 AM EST by (@salromano)
New costumes and PlayStation Vita features.

The latest set of Atelier Totori Plus: The Adventurer of Arland screenshots show more of the game’s new costumes and additional features.

New costumse and accessories include a lovely pink one piece, a blue polkadot bikini, a tartan bikini, heart sunglasses, a masquerade party mask, and more.

New features shown for the PS Vita game include touchscreen destination selection on the world map, touchscreen camera zoom, and message skip.

Additionally, you’ll see the game’s mixing, battle, and license systems.

View the screenshots at the gallery.

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  • zakou

    I don’t want to sound like a stereotyper or anything but…this is game is made for Lolicons isn’t it? i mean the only people i know who own and praise this game are either girls or lolicons.

    And yes this was a question.

    • Xenovelgr

      I can’t play this series and games published by NIS (expect Disgaea, my fave SRPG) because there’s way too much “moe” in them. 

      • Kazziyan

        That’s really unfortunate you can’t play a game just cause of that, lol.

        • Xenovelgr

          That’s not the only factor, but it’s definitely annoying. I loved Mana Khemia and the first 2 Ar Tonelico games but now Gust games just focus on giving you fanservice and cute outfits instead of making the game, you know, fun

          • Kazziyan

            I don’t know what Ar Tonelico games you played, but that has always been a part of the series lol at least what I played. But I’m not gonna delve into that.

            That’s unfortunate. Fanservice makes a lot of things fun and a lot of it is optional in terms of outfits. It’s not affecting the story or the gameplay. It’s just there and not even that prominent. I found each Arland game’s story to be quite beautiful and simple. Atelier Totori Plus will be a great pick up since It will be even more fun with the extra content to run around and play in new outfits and such.

            But to each his own. I still think you’re missing out, but I will say I understand.

    • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

      It’s hard to disagree with your logic seeing all the moe and Lolis. There are, however, non-Loli characters and guys included, so one could argue this is a game for Kishida Mel’s art connoisseurs :P

    • Kage

      You are right.

      Even in Japan Atelier games are aimed mostly to otaku and alikes.
      You could say that those games are catering to girls/casuals with the art direction but that’s not the case as the alchemy system can get pretty complicated and tedious.

      That’s why EVERYONE but otaku are begging for new entry in the Mana Khemia series.
      It’s more open when it comes to group it caters to while having great battle system,music and alchemy system.

      However it seems that GUST doesn’t really, care and we will see Atelier games in CoD fashion (every year) since otaku are 100% bound to buy it.

      •  Mana Khwmia was just beauitfull loved  1 and 2 and wish there was 3 really

    • First off, I have never played the Atelier series before… Now that’s out of the way..

      I thought this series is aiming at the female audience with its artstyle and the male cast but since these screenshots arrived, I’m starting to have second thoughts on what audience this series is really aiming for…

      Personally, I don’t have a problem with these and rather, I find them funny…

    • Kazziyan

      No, it’s directed at both audiences… I think mostly female though- but that can be argued since Kishida’s style fits girls much better than his male ones so as someone else said it could be for Kishida fanatics. :p

      but as Raiu said, not really a problem. It’s cute and all in good fun. I don’t mind either way though nor am I going to complain lolol~

      Also dat Maid outfit!!

    • Haku_Luvs_You

       I play it because they’re are really not that many turn based RPGs on consoles out right now and it’s my favorite genre :( 

  • Hey i love the  gamess in not a loilcon or a girl i just  find them  fun and so dose my wife,,

  • PrinceHeir

    i want some :D