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Assassin’s Creed III ‘An Assassin’s Journey’ trailer
posted on 10.04.12 at 12:21 PM EST by (@salromano)
Discover the tale of new assassin Connor.

Ubisoft has released an all-new story trailer for Assassin’s Creed III.

The clip provides players a glimpse into the tale of new assassin hero Connor – what led to the creation of the master assassin and the eventual birth of a new nation.

Watch the video below.

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  • zakou

    Im not good with the Assassins Creed story but this doesn’t look like an assassins creed game to me at all xD looks more like Tarzan slash Conan or something :3

  • xMCXx

    Thank god they changed so many things.
    It was really getting boring. But this looks awesome.

  • I have been informed that the UK version of the trailer is unedited.

    From Kotaku –

    But in the UK version of the trailer above, it’s clear that he’s ending the lives of many American revolutionary rebels.There’s a 30-second difference in the runtime of the two clips, with a crucial five seconds of it showing Connor decimating a colonial squad. Despite saying that Connor will fight both Americans and British in the game, he’s been shown primarily killing Redcoats in combat. The trailer’s subtext seems to hint at how Connor is torn between his Native American roots and helping the colonials fight against the British.

    This is the UK trailer –

    This finally proves the point I’ve been trying to make for a few months now. The marketing team behind the game has been rather misleading. It seems to fall solely on the team marketing the game in America. I’m quite disappointed to find out about this, do they really feel the need to sell the game as something else? Like the creative director said long ago (I think before e3) this game is not “Fu*k Yeah! Go America!” the game.

    I seriously doubt that americans care about seeing other americans die in a video game. So, what gives? Why try to sell the game as something it’s not? I’m starting to see this happen more and more often, and to be frank, it’s starting to get on my serves. Show me the game, let me decide if I like it. Stop trying to cut things out and make it look like something else.

    Moving on… The trailer is fantastic. The uncut trailer I linked at the very least. It shows that even the americans, who he thought were his friends, turned their back on him. One of the best trailers I’ve seen this year. Great music, and voice work from the game.

    Also, here is a picture that shows the first look of Desmond and the Animus team, first time we have seen them in the new engine.

    I’m happy to see most of the team is back. Ubisoft has been very hush hush about Desmond’s role in AC3. I’m excited to see what happens next.

    • DrForbidden

      Better yet. Sal should embed both side-by-side so that readers can judge for themselves. :)

      I concur that the UK version is superior. The US version is self-contradictory: Ratonhnhake:ton first says ‘I do not fight alone’, but not 10 seconds later he answers ‘Why?’ with ‘Because no one else will!’. WTF?

      Am I disappointed by this obvious pandering? Yes, I am. I had always respected the Assassin’s Creed franchise for depicting humanity’s struggle for freedom and the right to self-determination as a universal one, defying borders, nationality, race, and class. Altair was an Arab. Ezio was an Italian Assassin who worked with and mentored Turkish Assassins. Clearly, being an Assassin meant more than the colours of the flag of the land you were born in. Tyranny and oppressive control take many forms, even ‘legitimate’ and ‘official’ ones, and the creed of the Assassins is to oppose it whatever form or shape it may currently take. To see pandering or censored advertising for this game is disheartening.

      That said, I also acknowledge that the UK trailer may itself be pandering to English sensibilities by depicting the killing of American Revolutionaries, but given that the end result is so much more balanced in its treatment, this argument might not hold water.

  • Sal, you should totally switch out the trailer in the article with the one I linked. =P

    Read my post for more info. xD

  • PrinceHeir

    man im taking world history now and i really like the portrayal that they did for the american revolution.

    now let’s see if it’s at least just as awe as in the history books :P