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The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky coming to PS3
posted on 09.25.12 at 11:06 PM EST by (@salromano)
Falcom's hit RPG series makes the leap to high-definition.

Falcom is bringing The Legend of Heroes to PlayStation 3. Famitsu this week reveals The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky HD Edition for PlayStation 3.

Trails in the Sky initially launched for PC in 2004, and then for PSP in 2006. The game launched in the U.S. five years later.

The PlayStation 3 version is due out in Japan on December 13 for 3,990 yen. Aside from a calendar listing, no other information was shared.

Thanks, Game Nyarth, Karinchan Takkyuubin.

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  • Duc PC-QB

    First Falcom game on PS3 ?

    Maybe next Ys will be on it too ?

    • God, I hope not… Lol. As an older Ys fan, I’ve come to LOATHE the newer ones. If anything, I’d love to see Ys I & II HD come instead of whatever new garbage they have been releasing in HD (basically, anything post Origin would be terrible for me).

      • Actually, Falcom has confirmed an “Ys VII” multiplatform back in 2009. Haven’t heard anything about it since, but I was firmly convinced that it and the rumors of using PhyreEngine meant that we would see this “Ys VII” for PS3.*

        I’m still convinced that we will. I was just caught off-guard that Sora no Kiseki would be first… but at the same time, it’s a safe gamble since this series HAS sold so well in Japan for them.

        *( Note the difference in title. Falcom uses “Ys Seven” when talking about the PSP game, and used “Ys VII” when talking about the multiplatform version.)

      • MoriyaMug

        Wow. I really just don’t get you.

  • PrinceHeir


    would love to have the older games to be remade first though(then again does every Falcolm game already available on PSP/Vita??)

    • Here’s to hoping for an HD version of Popful Mail, Brandish, or Xanadu, haha.

      EDIT: Now that I think about it… There would probably be a better chance of seeing Zwei!! HD or a Zwei III on Vita/PS3.

  • Dean Winchester

    Please make like the Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall and Coming To America!

  • whiteferrero

    WOW. this is awesome news. and would hopefully become the foundation for the series localization in the west. after all, the west love them consoles. :D

  • Ladius

    This news is simply awesome, now XSeed has another viable platform to push the series (provided they port other entries after FC, but it wouldn’t make sense to bring only the first game anyway) in the west aside from Steam and PSN for PSP and Vita.

  • Well, this certainly came out of left field o_O

    They should have released and HD collection though and put First Chapter, Second Chapter, and Third Chapter on one disc. Putting only FC on the disc seems like such a waste…. At least the price is incredible for the game.

    • Ladius

      Well, FC alone is bigger than most home console jrpgs released this gen, and this HD edition is sold at budget price, too.

      Also, this release actually improves the chance of a western localization, since XSeed would simply need to reuse the PSP translated texts, while a Trails 1-2-3 HD collection could never be released till all three games are translated.

      • JazzyMan123

        “Improves”? Weren’t they all confirmed to come in the first place? The games themselves I mean.

        • Bec66

          Well it’s kinda complicated since they released the psp version of the game sticking to the psp would be the best course of action, hoiwever at this point the psp is dead so Xseed has to find a good way of bringing the games here without killing themselves.

      • That is true, but I still think they would have enough room to release it as a set like they did for PSP. Sell a bundle of some sort. Also, I certainly don’t believe this IMPROVES the chances of a Western localization.

        I mean, come on… We’re talking about the same localization team which took 5 years just to get the PSP port and they STILL haven’t released SC and TC. I don’t see how anybody could be optimistic about a Western release from XSEED at this point.

        • JazzyMan123

          Keep in mind the scripts for those two games are MASSIVE and will therefore take quite a lot of time to translate.

          • Yes, I’m well aware of that. However, it’s a localization company’s job to be able to handle that kind of workload. They’ve already spent 5+ years waiting to port it. Now people have to wait, what… Another 2-3 years just because of “massive” dialogue?

            Seems professional if you ask me.

            • JazzyMan123

              Wait? What? Port it? What are you talking about? Falcom was the one who ported these games, not XSEED.

              And Publishers =/= Developers.

              XSEED only translates y’know. Falcom was the one who actually developed and ported these games.

              • I think you misinterpreted what I said.

                Yes, Nihon Falcom made the port originally. However, XSEED is helping localize it. That’s all I meant when I said it took them this long to get the port. I know XSEED is trying and everything, but taking this long with translating is just inexcusable, honestly.

                I don’t know what they’re doing. A fan translation could have been finished by now (granted, the team behind a fan translation project gave up on the project due to the large amounts of text, but still).

                • JazzyMan123

                  Yeah, to be honest, you’re being kinda of unreasonable here. XSEED was the only one who actually picked the the game. How is it “inexcusable” trying to translate a script about 3 million characters long which is two time bigger than FC?  Not to mention XSEED is a small company.

                  It if’s any problem, I think you’re just being impatient.

                  • Oh yes, I’m unreasonable because this company is spending years on end just researching and translating text. Yep. Unreasonable sounds about right.

                    You’ve got to be kidding. I played FC, SC, and TC. I know how much text is in these games. Nobody is denying there is a LOT, however… That still doesn’t justify how much time they’ve spent on it.

                    Yeah, sure, XSEED is a small company, but you have to draw the line somewhere. Hell, we didn’t get the PSP port until 5 years later. That in itself was inexcusable. FIVE years.

                    Granted, I am happy that other people got to enjoy something I played on PC yeeeeeeeears ago, but still… A part of me feels like since they know they are the only ones working on it, they monopolize the series and can take however damn long they want on it. Here the Vita has been out for a while now and Zero no Kiseki Evolution is releasing in Japan next month, yet XSEED is still in the past, translating a game that is 4+ years old, releasing it on a handheld console that is already (and has been) dead in North America.

                    Lastly, I have nothing to be impatient about. As I said before, I already played the PC versions and some on PSP as well (it was hard to bring myself to going back through them all over again on PSP due to their size, lol). Anyway, I get what you guys are saying.

                    “Slow localization is better than no localization at all.”

                    I can understand that, but just try to understand it from my point of view as well. The NA fanbase deserves better.

                    • JazzyMan123

                      Yeah, I think I’ll just give up on arguing with you since it’s like this since it’s clear who don’t really understand a lot of reasons here.

                    • Actually, it’s fairly simple. Here. I’ll give you a response to use:

                      “I don’t agree with you, but I can respect that.”

                      It’s basically the same thing I told you earlier. I understand all of the points you are making, but I don’t agree with them. All I was asking was that you show me the same respect, yet you claim I don’t “understand a lot of reasons” instead.

                      Stay classy, JazzyMan123.

                    • JazzyMan123

                      “Classy” huh? I get that a lot. What I think you didn’t understand was the length of time needed for SC’s translation since translation can really be a pain in the a**.

                    • This “4+ year old game” wasn’t released until when we finally saw it because everyone kept passing on it due to its script size. I know Atlus didn’t want it, and at one point, XSEED had said in email that they couldn’t afford to translate the game since it was out on PSP.

                      By my speculation, they didn’t even CONSIDER working on it at all until their partnership with Falcom was finalized. Whatever this partnership has given them, they have less of a risk with releasing a game that would’ve probably killed the company in the first place.

                    • Well, every company should understand the responsibilities of the job, regardless of how long it may take. I’m the kind of person that believe they shouldn’t take the job at all if they’re going to take forever doing it. Yes, I believe in quality over speed, but eh… As I said before. You have to draw the line somewhere.

                      Sometimes you bite off more than you can chew.

                    • Exactly. This is why we don’t have an official announcement on anything from SC. When they announced that they had the rights for all three titles, there wasn’t a new gaming system on the horizon.

                      I imagine that a lot of work on SC probably went (or is) on hold until XSEED has a gameplan involving how to handle the game in the US. Remember, the PSP version is enhanced compared to the PC version. If they released to PC only, they’re immediately alienating fans that played on the PSP and don’t want to game on the PSP, and making a physical release of the game, at this point, just isn’t possible. Not with the current point of the PSP’s lifespan.

                      Remember, the bottom line of anything business-wise is the money that the business makes. Why would you keep translating if you don’t know you can even actually MANAGE a release? That’s a lot of wasted employees and hours that could be used on something that will guarantee that you can get some money back.

                      A lot of things with fan translators just isn’t viably possible with professional translators either. They need to keep track of the hours (Jess worked 12 hours a day, six days a week while working on editing FC. For nine months- this was posted in her blog post on the translation process of the game.)… there are also a lot of legal issues to worry about, and red tape, and licensing, and things of that sort.

                      THEN there’s the issue of whether or not Falcom can even actually do the text insertion yet, because they have been rather busy as well. It’s more than just the translation that marks whether or not this is a viable release, and if there’s at any point that doesn’t look like it’s possible….

                • As a member of that translation project, I can tell you that we actually ran in a LOT of roadblocks considering the size. With constant translation from multiple people, it took us a significant amount of time just to make it through the prologue ALONE.

                  If you’re saying that ‘taking this long’ is inexcusable, I’m pretty much of the firm belief that you don’t do any translation and personally don’t know what kind of work is going behind that. If you want it to be a crappy translation, then sure, it’ll be out by now!

                  But every translation still requires editing work and in the case of this series, which is continuously ongoing and making references towards upcoming games, you need to try and make sure you cover your bases on everything that’s ahead of you, as well. It’s more than just translating, its research, as well.

                  •  Actually, no… I HAVE done some personal translation stuff before (now whether it was crappy or not, I wouldn’t know since I only have myself to judge on that) and I still say that there is NO excuse for taking this long on a translation for one game (implying them not having released SC yet). Yes, SC has the most text, but that’s a moot point.

                    If it takes you 3-4+ years just to TRANSLATE a game, then maybe you’re in the wrong profession. You mean to tell me that companies can develop games, include the stories, make the CG videos, create monster and character portraits, have music composed, so forth and so on, in the amount of time that XSEED take to simply TRANSLATE a game? That’s pretty pathetic, really.

                    Like I said, yeah, I know they’re trying, but one of two things is happening here:

                    A. They aren’t trying enough
                    B. The people they DO have working on it aren’t competent enough to get it done in a timely fashion

                    I realize they have to cover their bases and all that, but even if you include the research, it still shouldn’t take this long, man. Sorry. I know you’re just trying to defend them for their honest work and I respect that, but I genuinely don’t believe any company should take this long on something like this. It’s ridiculous, really.

                    • “If it takes you 3-4+ years just to TRANSLATE a game,”

                      It never took anyone 3-4+ years to translate any of these games thus far. FC took 1.5 years. And SC started shortly after FC’s release, and it’s only been a year and a half since.

                      Then there’s the fact that if they turned all of their resources to SC, it would actually hurt the company too much. They can’t financially afford to do such a thing, according to comments I’ve seen from Tom on message boards.

                      Jess has openly stated in interviews that her editing of Trails in the Sky took 9 months. Nowhere near the amount of time you’re stating.

                      And without knowing the current position of where they are on translating SC, you can’t make any prediction of how long it’ll take.

                      I need to add something:
                      “You mean to tell me that companies can develop games, include the stories, make the CG videos, create monster and character portraits, have music composed, so forth and so on, in the amount of time that XSEED take to simply TRANSLATE a game?”

                      You also realize that Falcom’s got a very long development cycle, right? First Chapter took them 4-5 years to develop. Second Chapter started when they started first chapter. When development for SC was done (before it was released), they started Zero BEFORE 3rd, then stopped to make 3rd when they realized just what needed to be done.

                      Ao no Kiseki was already in development as well, when Zero no Kiseki was announced. And Nayuta no Kiseki was in development when Ao no Kiseki was already about to be released. Finally, when they were hyping Nayuta, they were supposedly already working on the next, unannounced title.

                      Falcom does not develop a Kiseki title in a single year. That’s 100% madness.

                    • Hey, Tom from XSEED here. Just letting you know that we’re a company of less than 10 people (including finance, marketing, etc., meaning our localization team is even smaller), and we’re so small that we have to release multiple games per year just to stay alive — so it’s not like we can dedicate all of our resources just to SC until it’s finished, you know?

                      That’s why it’s taking so long. If we had the money and resources to go faster, believe me, we would. But we don’t. We just really loved the series, and we were pretty much the only company willing to tackle such a massive project.

                      Apologies for the delay, but in the end, I think it’ll be worth it.

                    • Thanks a bunch for dropping in and posting this.

                      I’m a big fan of XSEED. =) 

                      Gosh, I’m really not sure what else to say… I’ll just say – thank you! Thanks for all the hard work you guys/gals put in everyday.

                      I’d also like to say thanks (to everyone involved) for giving me a chance to play Way of the Samurai 4. 


                    • whiteferrero

                      wow. it’s been a eventful day for this topic.

                      Hey Tom from XSEED! Thanks for bringing in FC! It has been one of the best games I’ve played recently. I’m excited for SC, as long as you don’t give up on bringing it in, i’ll be happy. :D so please don’t give up!

                    • new_tradition

                      Holy crap, the company is just a handful of people, that’s it? D:

                      Seriously, hats off to you guys. You rock ♥

                    • I just wanted to thank you and XSEED team. I have an incredible patient and can wait as long as it will come out and on physical version :p

                    • MoriyaMug

                      As one who worked on the game’s translation, I can say that you speak from a position of considerable ignorance and/or obtuseness. I translated the main story dialogue for most of the game, and that took over three months of continual 8-hour days (in addition to my regular full-time IT job), with every Saturday and Sunday getting 16 hours of dedicated work. That doesn’t include the NPC text, system messages, in-game books, quest notes, etc. The undertaking was HUGE on XSEED’s part, and as it happened, the game didn’t sell all that well, in spite of all the positive reviews. Being a small company, XSEED must focus their efforts on avenues that stand to be the most profitable. It’s perfectly rational that the sequels would get deprioritized for other games that could help them remain solvent.

                      There is no fair justification for your criticism, which sounds like nothing so much as boilerplate gamer entitlement.

        • Ladius

          They could release the three games together, but again why should they do it? They’re selling a 60-80 hours game dirty cheap, and while this HD remaster doesn’t probably take too much work it’s still something they need to work on, probably by reusing the PC assets. It’s only normal they sell each game separately at a reasonable price.

          As I said this choice really improves the chance of a western localization of Trails 1 HD: the game is the same XSeed already localized for PSP, they don’t need to translate anything new. On the contrary, a trilogy HD collection would have need either to be reprogrammed in order to divide the three games into single HD remasters or to localize the three games all at once, which could take years and wouldn’t probably be justifiable in XSeed’s eyes.

          Also, you’re wrong about the first Trails’ localization ordeal: XSeed didn’t took five years to localize the first Trails game, they took one year since they obtained the licence in the first half of 2010. It’s not like they could start localizing a game before they even made contact with its publisher, and Lipschultz (XSeed’s resident Falcom enthusiast) wasn’t even an XSeed employee when the PSP version of Trails 1 first came out in Japan.

          • When they COULD just include all three for the price of a PS3 game ($60 – $80). I don’t see the problem. Just because the game contains more content than a lot of our games these days doesn’t mean they can’t offer this kind of deal. Instead, we will have to wait for a HD port of SC, then a HD port of TC. I just think a full bundle would be good for people who want the whole story and/or didn’t play them on PC/PSP.

            Also, I still don’t believe this increases any sort of chance for localization. The fact that XSEED has already released this is moot. I don’t think they would be willing to bring a HD port of this. It just doesn’t seem like something they would do, that’s all.

            Lastly, I understand that XSEED obtained the license back in 2010, but that’s not my fault. I’m just putting the blame on XSEED anyway. Yeah, I’m glad somebody finally stepped in to localize one of Falcom’s games, but it took them entirely too long (regardless of who it was).

            Someone should have got on that much faster. Sometimes when doing good deeds, you have to take the heat because nobody else did your job sooner before you stepped in. So, yeah, I appreciate what XSEED has done, but someone has to take the blame *shrugs*

  • Wait wait, it’s legit yes? Damn awesome news. 
    Played it on PSP, love it. Now Xseed, Ghostlight, bring it to the west please!!!!

  • Kazziyan

    This gives SC a chance to come!

    • JazzyMan123

      To be fair, SC was confirmed to come…it’s just the massive script which is the main problem right now.

      • Kazziyan

        Was reading how they had issues financially too with it. I think this will also help them since its on PSN right?

        • JazzyMan123

          “Financially”? Wait what? It’s still about the script, not the money.

          • Kazziyan

            Eh, it was something I read months ago. It might’ve been wrong. o_O

          • Anime10121

             Its still partly about the money though.  Trails in the Sky Second Chapter hasn’t been given top priority because of the less than stellar sales of the first game on PSP.  With the games (if they plan to do this with all of them) releasing on PS3, there is a MUCH larger chance of success for all of  them on PS3 rather than on the piracy infested PSP, so I think an announcement of Second Chapter HD would likely speed up the localization process, as there would be far more money to be made than on a handheld that few (unfortunately) actually buy their games for.

            • JazzyMan123

              Yes, partly money, but still it involves a lot of time to translate the script into English.

      • Who confimed it? o_O that’s awesome!

        • JazzyMan123

          Well, more like XSEED said they had the rights to publish the three games, but you get what I mean.

  • talesoffan

    Yes!!! Finally Falcom on PS3! Day one if it’s localized.

  • This is awesome.
    I have the PSP version.
    I’ll double dip if XSeed localized this HD version for sure!!!

  • new_tradition

    Ah, I was thinking about picking up the PSP game, but someone told me it’s suppose to be part of a series, so it’s not entirely stand alone. I wonder if the PS3 version is more complete?

  • Ace

    Now all we need now are parts 2 and 3 of TitS to be localized… 

    • Don’t know why XSEED did’nt localized them yet. Everybody loves tits and boo…oops!

    • Dean Winchester

      3 Tits you say?

      O_O Total Recall…….

  • Lee

    Well, this took me by surprise…in a good way.

  • DesmaX

    … Is that the first one?

    XSEED could release that on the PSN then

  • zakou

    YES!!!!!!!! this is exactly what i meant when i posted few days ago how Playstation is focused on jrpgs and why i bought it for this reason :D but even this is a surprise to me ^^

  • As much as i enjoyed tits i really regretted playing it to completion now i want continuation of a story but it’s most likely will not happen.

    • Dean Winchester

      I love tits. No regrets here.

  • Vampiric

    seems like a giant waste of time

  • FaithlessMr

    A man can’t have too many TiTS anyway. So bring it in, everyone loves TiTS!

    Aww yes, I know it’s juvenile to keep working on these puns on the name but it’s so damn funny, I just can’t stop.

    • Agreed Bro. 

    • Dean Winchester

      Roses are tits.
      Violets are tits.
      I like tits.

  • Today’s gaming news just keeps turning out to be Awesome. 

    this game for PS3. I’m crying happy tears. 

  • Bec66

    So i’ll probably have to buy the first game again if this comes over…Oh who am I kidding now I can play it again and finish all the sidequest’s!

  • TerrenceG9

    Am I the only one who didn’t really like this game? Played it on PSP, it was my fist foray into the series, and nothing really caught my eye.

    • Bec66

      How so?

      • TerrenceG9

        Well, frankly, I thought it was fairly generic and I got bored quite quickly.

        • Bec66

          An RPG takes hours of investment if you only play it for say 3 hours of then I don’t think you can really come to a valid conclusion about it besides while the story took a whie to pick up on I enjoyed most of the cast and when the custumization.

          I don’t know give it another chance maybe you’ll like it a bit more if not oh well.

        • Dean Winchester

          Terrence: I hated Xenogears the first time I played it. Put in a couple hours and was just….meh.
          A few months later a friend convinced me to pick it back up and finish the first jungle section. It took me until the 10hour mark before it just clicked…..I was playing the best game I had ever seen!

          From hour 10 until hour 85 at completion I was hooked. To this day I am so glad I gave it a second chance and put in a decent amount of time. I think after 10 hours if I still hated it and quit that I would be able to say I gave it a fair chance.

          That said….I have tried 3 separate times to play GTA3 and have hated it completely. Total trash and completely boring gameplay. Still dont see what people worship that game or the series for.

          As a Halo fan I honestly despise the Halo 2 campaign. Same thing….I put a few hours in on single player, on Co-Op, and again on single and just could not bare to slog through that trite gameplay.

          Anyway….if you feel you gave Trails in the sky a fair shake and still hate it….cool. If you look back and think you may not have….who knows, you may end up like me and Xenogears and discover the hidden gem that was always there waiting for you to dust it off.

          Me….I thought it was a solid and fun game. :)

          • TerrenceG9

            I have to admit I haven’t put a large number of hours into it at once. More like I’d put 2 hours in, lose interest. Come back, put 2 hours in, lose interest. Never did get too far in it.

  • paperclichepixel

    Only one instrumental can go with this.

    “Star Wars Imperial March theme.”

  • ~_~ man i wish they remaster it @ Ps vita like they did with ZERO
    looking forward for Ao on PSV

  • disqus_tfoZtaWPJN

    how much do i haveto pay someone to make and english hack for pc for me im sick of waiting