The Last of Us extended E3 gameplay - Gematsu
The Last of Us extended E3 gameplay
posted on 09.05.12 at 12:01 PM EST by (@salromano)
Eight minutes of additional footage.

Sony has released an extended version of its The Last of Us demo shown back at E3 in June. The new video adds nearly eight minutes of additional footage to the initial clip. If you were at the Penny Arcade Expo this past weekend, you may have seen it in Sony’s PAX theater.

Watch the video below.

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  • DarthBrian


    I’m hoping you can play through this without killing anybody. I love challenge. ^_^

  • zakou

    Wow just wow ^^ this is the last video I watch from “The last of us” i dont want any more spoilers but it’s day one obviously :D

  • Nekmex

    So, from 1 to Uncharted, how scripted was this demo?

    • DarthBrian


      • no shit?

        • DarthBrian

          Compare it to the original E3 demo where he didn’t get through the first area by distracting the bad guys and he killed them all instead. Two completely different ways to get through the same area means it isn’t scripted at all.

          •  oh, they couldn’t script this two times. no!

            • Rafi

              Wow you back buddy !!, it’s nice to see you again.

            • Malcolm Reynolds

              Good thing your posts arent being watched around these parts. You should be able to continue bashing this game in future articles without nary a problem.

              • some people are just not that naive, i believe it when i play it.

                •  also, Malcolm Reynolds you can see the hate in this comment too, no problem.

                  • KingOptimusOrigins111

                    He can’t reply. He’s been suspended till next Wensday.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      So from 1 to Trolling how unexpected was this comment?

      Haterade: this gens gamer fuel.

      • rockman29

        Death to the heathens!

      • Nekmex


    • KingOptimusOrigins111

      Trolling at its best. Go back to your Xbox and wait for your only relevant exclusives Halo and Gears while we PlayStation owners enjoy are quality exclusives.

      (Prodigy-X Rises 1/12/13)

    • Locksus

      Yep, here we go. By posting this comment not only did you disobey the Commenting guidelines but also started a flamewar.

      Behold, the derailing of this thread and the war between the fanboys.

      No, really. This site has a SERIOUS problem with fanboys derailing every single thread.
      I don’t really feel comfortable even reading the comments section because more often than not, it’s full of pathetic arguing between fanboys who have nothing better to do than argue whose piece of plastic is better.

      • It is a very serious problem. I just wanted to let you know that we are very much aware of it.

        I’m hoping to that we can put a stop to it with the article I’m making.

        • Locksus

          Thank you for addressing the problem Sal, Zero and Faithless!

          Looking forward to your article (Thanks for taking the time to write it by the way!). I hope it’ll solve most of the problems and people start respecting each other. I see nothing wrong with  arguing with each other as long as it’s healthy and people don’t start calling each other with names.

    • xMCXx

       How dare you not like this game!
      Shun the nonbeliever, shun!

      • Rafi

        Or maybe he or she just wanna be trolling around here.

  • Lorelai

    wooow this game looks better than any other in love with this..naughty dog is the best studio in the whole world

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    No one in the biz makes a better game than the collective genius at Naughty Dog.


    • Well that all personally comes down to tastes, interests, and what one truly desires for a game to actually convey at the time it is being played. 

      I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you forgot to add IMO. 

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        No worries. Halo 4 is a’comin.

        Perhaps then you’ll stop trolling Naughty Dog and their fans.

        • Who’s “trolling”?

          Did you even read Tsunami’s comment? It was a perfectly fine one. Why are you attacking him by calling him a “troll,” and why are you assuming he’s a Microsoft fan?

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Always stepping up to defend anyone with whom I am in disagreement with.

            The first part of this particular comment is fine. The last sentence was him pounding his chest. How dare someone express excitement over an ND game in a thread about….GASP! An ND game.

            Why not check his other comments where his only intention is to burst the bubble of anyone showing excitement for this game.

            Most people who do not recognize the brilliance of what ND produces usually do so b/c they are upset ND is a Sony owned studio.

            Go ahead Sal, continue to ignore others when you see my name b/c if Malcolm Reynolds is posting it must be to cause trouble. He never calls out anyone guilty of trying to stir up trouble.

            I know you wont let my response post. Youre so busy moderating me that you let 100 other people break the rules with their comments just so you can put a stop to little ol’me.

            Great job. Keep up the FAIR and UNBIASED work.

            • I’m tired of arguing with you, Malcolm. You clearly do not realize the wrong you do. And you always try to flip things around and make me look like the bad guy.

              I’ve gone back and read every one of Tsunami’s comments on this site – 38, to be exact. This is the only Last of Us thread he’s been in, and in it, he clearly expresses the perfectly fine opinion of waiting until the game is out before you judge it. And he seems to have done that in a non-violent way.

              You, on the other hand, are continuously a problem – constantly attacking others for their opinions in a rude-mannered and violent way. Of course I’m going to be watching you. I don’t do much moderation – on the count of the whole posting thing, work, and other responsibilities I have – (I leave that to Zero and Faithless) but it’s no hidden fact that you usually cause a stir.

              I’m going to ban you for a week. In your months and months of being on the site, I’ve received many complaints about you and I’ve tried to work with you to show you what they are, but you just don’t seem to get it. So at this point, I must say I’m sorry, but there’s not much else I could do.

              If you choose to come back, you’ll be able to do so next Wednesday night at 11 p.m. EST. And if you do, please bring respect for your community.

        • …I don’t even have an Xbox 360.

  • Genesis

    Wow that was pretty intense! I love that you can’t get by running and gunning. You have to be strategic. Joel and Ellie’s relationship is going to be awesome

  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    Game Of The Century Nuff Said

    (Prodigy-X Rises 1/12/13)

    • Nuff said my ass.

      The game is not even out yet! 

      I’m betting to see the same comment from you when Naughty Dog’s next project is revealed.  XD

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        Haters gonna hate.

        • Hater?…Because I don’t dub a game that hasn’t been released yet the best of the century?

          There’s about 88 years or so left, last I checked.

          • last of us its gonna be like Mone lisa artwork..ppl will appreciate even after 100 years cos its naughty dog’s masterpiece xD
            why ppl hates this game? are they blind? is it because sony exclusive?

            • Who said anything about hating the game?  So if I don’t mindlessly jump on the bandwagon about this game being the best game for the next 100 years, than I’m a hater?  I don’t see how challenging the logic of his statement has any correlation of how I feel about the game.    

              •  Of course it was hyperbole when he/she said it was the game of the century.  No one actually thinks that he/she really truly believes it will be the game of the century.  But haven’t you ever said something like that when you got excited about something?  Let them be excited and stop raining on people’s parades dude.

        • KingOptimusOrigins111

          He’s getting Butthurt over somebodies opinion. 

          (Prodigy-X Rises 1/12/13)

      • KingOptimusOrigins111

        It’s my opinion why are you mad. Naughty Dogs next project is probably Jak and Daxter reboot or Uncharted 4 because in interviews they realize people don’t won’t them to abandon them. Next time don’t get mad over somebody opinions it only makes you look butthurt.

        (Prodigy-X Rises 1/12/13)

        • Not getting mad at anything here, actually my initial response was meant in a joking manner. Notice the “XD” the end of my initial reply.

          Emotions are hard to convey on the internet so I’ll let it slide. But I still think your getting a bit ahead of yourself.

          • KingOptimusOrigins111

            I see the XD but the whole comment sounds like you were mad and you were hiding it with a XD sign. Just for future references don’t joke like that again it leads to disputes in the comment sections.

            (Prodigy-X Rises 1/12/13)

            • No…just no.  Don’t tell me how to post, I don’t do that to you, so I expect the same in regards to me.  Your not a mod, and I’m within guidelines so I don’t see a problem.

              I owned up to my last comment because I was feeling generous, but I’m not going to let you tell me how or what I should post, just because you interpreted my comment differently. That’s your problem, you got defensive and assumed what mood I was in at the time and saying I was “butthurt”, instead of using the time to defend your statement, which quite frankly I was looking forward to.  

              For future reference, don’t make a blanket statement, and expect everybody to blindly agree with you, when you put your post out there, expect to receive a response that can be either of agreement or disagreement.  How you react to that, is up to you. 

              • KingOptimusOrigins111

                First of all I don’t expect nobody to agree with my opinions. Second of all your starting a dispute right now which is why I said
                 “Just for future references don’t joke like that again it leads to disputes in the comment sections.”  The way your coming at me now proves my point. As far as you being generous (excuse my language mods) I don’t give a f***. A generous person would go on about their business and ignore what I had to say and not reply back after you read my second comment to you. I called you a butthurt by the tone of your first comment to me didn’t sound like you were kidding.

                For future references, to cause less disputes that we are having now just ignore the person so we don’t have to deal with arguing and fanboy wars.

                (Prodigy-X Rises 1/12/13)

  • xMCXx

    Naughty Dog, I don’t even know what to say.
    You guys are f***ing magicians!

    No one can deny that this game will be a revolution.

  • Mootoid

    can’t wait

  • EspadaKiller


  • Kobracon

    Dam that looks good. Almost TOO good. Ellie is either the best AI ever created or there are some scripted lines in that trailer.

    As a programmer, watching this amazes me…Ellie has so many contextual lines and routines. I’d love to see just how extensive it goes. This game will either be the best escort mission ever, or it just might be another escort mission. Knowing Naughty Dog though, they’ll give a dam good try.