TGS 2012 breaks attendance record, TGS 2013 dated - Gematsu
TGS 2012 breaks attendance record, TGS 2013 dated
posted on 09.23.12 at 02:02 PM EST by (@salromano)
Busiest day saw 94,989 visitors.

A record number of 223,753 persons attended the Tokyo Game Show this year, the Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association has announced.

In 2011, the total number of attendees to the Chiba-based event were 222,668. In 2010, 207,647 guests were recorded.

This year’s busiest day was Saturday, September 22, where it saw 94,989 visitors. Last year’s busiest day was also Saturday, however, with only 86,251 attendees.

Next year’s Tokyo Game Show will be held from September 19 to September 22, 2013 at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan.

View the full press release here.

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  • AuroraXIII

    Impressive since it was raining heavily on the last day.

  •  Hmmm… I wonder if I should use TGS as an excuse to go visit Japan next year, heh. At least if I start saving up now to put a fund together so I can visit for about a week, I’ll have enough money by next September.

    I’m not surprised that they keep breaking their attendance record though. This happens every year, haha.

    • Kazziyan

      This and Comiket! though I’m unsure you are interested in the latter. xP

      • PrinceHeir

        would love to go to Comiket :D

        lots of cosplayers there even in winter :)

        • Kazziyan

          This summer’s was hot.

      • Actually, I like Comiket as well. I’ve been following it since C78 :3

        C82 was recently, but I didn’t get too much from it unfortunately this year. Well, only TOHO EUROBEAT Volume 6 anyway, haha.

        • Kazziyan

          Was that any good?

          •  To be honest… I still haven’t even listen to it yet, lol. I really loved the TOHO EUROBEAT albums until Volume 5. After how good Volume 4 was to me, 5 was kind of a let down. I’m actually friends with T.Stebbins though. He’s been featured on these albums and has an amazing voice, so I would suggest you look up some of his stuff on Youtube~

            He also goes under the aliases Eurobeat Brony and Ken Blast.

  • FFVXIII Next Year TGS 2013

    im Sure :)

  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    FF Versus XIII better be there on PS3 exclusively.

    • Luna Kazemaru

       Inb4 its not

    • Just stop it already ok! Don’t get your hopes up.

      • KingOptimusOrigins111

        I’ll get my hopes up because in “Nomura I Trust”.

        • He does not pull all the strings at SE sadly so I am not expecting anything anytime soon.

          • KingOptimusOrigins111

            Its always good to stay optimistic ;)

    • no… versus xiii better be here before that, I can’t even wait for E3. It needs to show up as soon as FFXIV is released. 

      • KingOptimusOrigins111

        Knowing Square they will take their time.

    • Who the hell cares if its exclusive? Why? Its pointless. I just want to see the damn game and be able to play it already. Nobody should give a damn right now if that game is exclusive or not. That is just you being selfish.

      • KingOptimusOrigins111

        I don’t want it dumb down by 360. Okay with Wii U but I don’t want it dumb down like what happened to FF XIII.

        • Luna Kazemaru

           I hope it ends up on the 360 as well just to watch your dreams get crushed.

          • KingOptimusOrigins111

            Not going to happen bet you still waiting for that MGS4 on your 360.

            • Luna Kazemaru

               No because I can just play it on my ps3 still doesn’t change the fact that verses will most likely end up on the 360. Get over yourself.

              • KingOptimusOrigins111

                Versus is not going multiplat it will stay exclusive quit hoping end of story.

        • Than don’t buy the “dumb down” version.

          • KingOptimusOrigins111

            Both versions will be dumb down.

        • Talbot

          I blame a lot of things for how FFXIII turned out, but being “dumbed down” thanks to the 360 is not one of them, because that’s just a propagated myth. There really isn’t any good evidence to suggest that, beyond the furious meltdown cries at E3 2008.

          Likewise, I don’t really care where Versus ends up on. Calls for console exclusivity is something I don’t want to be part of, given how often they bring out the worst in gamers sometimes. I’m just happy to receive the game in the end.

          • KingOptimusOrigins111

            I want it exclusive to show people the difference between multiplat and exclusive FF this gen and why Versus XIII is better off a PS3 exclusive. The only people who really want it multiplat is Nintendo fanboys just because they’re now just stepping into this generation with the Wii U and they keep crying for FF to comeback to Nintendo. This is why Nomura says to have patience. He knows people are tired off waiting, but also realize the PS3 is hard to develop when your a third party developer. Nomura is one of those developers when he directing a game he puts his all into it and he is going to do the same with Versus.

            • KurisuMakise

              Nomura is very good with making his game around a single platform, so your desires are not wrong King. Considering I don’t quite trust Square Enix with the whole multiplatform thing, timed exclusive to PS3 and a port done by Blue Point later on is acceptable. 

  • Kazziyan

    Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII TGS Trailer marked for next year! Definite show. :D

    • holly

      Instant win! No competition.

      • KingOptimusOrigins111

        Noctis says otherwise.

        • Kazziyan

          I did not want it to turn out like this.. *reply to both of you*

    • Looks like~

    • I think it’ll be released before next TGS.

  • PrinceHeir

    come on JPN companies :P

    i was expecting games like

    No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise 2(PS3), Onechanbara Kagura(PS3), Ender’s Project, Project Zwei, Killer is Dead, The Silver Case 3DS Remake, Black Knight Sword, The Last Guardian and Versus XIII.

    at least we get to see tons of info from Metal Gear Rising, Yakuza 5, Ace Attorney and Layton games, Monster Hunter madness, Dragon’s Dogma Arisen reveal, gameplay videos of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and Bayonetta 2 exclusive reveal(sure it’s not on TGS)

    • Kazziyan

      TGS was surpassed and great for me cause it had:

      MGR, God Eater 2, ToX2, great announcements for Vita, Yakuza 5, Ace Attorney 5, MH 4/U/3G, etc.

      Far better reveals and showings for me at least. :3

      • PrinceHeir

        no new games though other than Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Dragon’s Dogma Arisen :P

        and Bayonetta 2(despite not really announce at TGS)

        so i guess this TGS was great :)

        • Kazziyan

          True! though we finally had reveals on a lot of long time announced games. Particularly GE2 for me. xD

  • Ideally the more popular videogames become the more quality content we see, but like Hollywood it’s quite the opposite

  • neku

    where the hell is tri-ace?

    • holly

       Working on Lightning Returns

      • neku

        god i hope not……………

        • Marco Tinè

          This is likely to be true. They worked on character design and backgrounds on Final Fantasy XIII-2, after all.

  • Raiyu

    I really want to go to TGS next year.

    But a plane ticket and hotel is going to be $1000+…and I wouldn’t go alone haha.

  • It was madness, get there super early, like before 7:00 to beat the lines.

    • Did you enjoy it?

      • Yes very much so, I got to see Kojima in person so it was worth it.

        • Really? That’s awesome!!! Congrats!

  • FaithlessMr

    I hope I’ll be there next year…!

    Or the year after that :3

  • Sucks I couldn’t go. I traveled to Japan before TGS and I am traveling back there tomorrow. It would have been nice if I could have scheduled it to go to TGS. Chiba, I have an ex-girlfriend from there.

  • EspadaKiller

    And next year will be even busier. With PS4 and the new Xbox revealed in E3 (99% most likely) and maybe Versus XIII as well, I can’t imagine how many people will be at TGS.