Project X Zone second trailer - Gematsu
Project X Zone second trailer
posted on 09.17.12 at 10:20 PM EST by (@salromano)
Latest trailer is over sixteen minutes long.

Namco Bandai, Sega, and Capcom have released the second promotional video for Project X Zone, its upcoming 3DS crossover strategy RPG due October 11 in Japan. At over sixteen minutes in length, this is a lengthy one, and looks to show off the majority, if not all, of the game’s characters. Watch it below.

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  • Nekmex

    It will never be released on the west though

    • Budgiecat

      Which is absolutely ridiculous considering Tatsunoko vs Capcom did and thats a game that theoretically should have been impossible to bring over due to multiple Anime licenses. These characters are all owned by their respective game companies.

  • Haha, can’t wait. I’m still deciding to get this or Bravely Default

  • whiteferrero

    i drooled over very second of it. XD
    it’s nice that they spread out some of the series characters to team up with other games.

    plus i died when they showed resonance of fate characters.

    • You gotta love how it’s all about fancy “jumps over the enemy” attacks, very reminiscent of their original game~

  • wonder if the 1st print pack still available to be pre-ordered??

  • Skelter

    Was I the only one that not only enjoyed seeing X and Zero owning shit………but also geeked out that they were owning shit to Sky Lagoon’s theme?…….Where are my MEGAMEN!!

  • fallen

    I must say that I find it exceptionally easy to forgive any flaws these games might have conceptually. ♥_♥

  • Kobracon


    How bad is the region locking though. If I buy an R3 3DS for this I can only play asian games?

  • Kobracon

    ….I saw a mech at 0:46! MUST..KNOW…WHAT IT IS!

    And lol at KOS-MOS at 7:22. Looks like she learned some moves from Aschen in SRW Endless Frontier XD

  • HeatPhoenix

    I don’t understand why every Japanese SPRG gets a 20 min trailer showing pretty much every unit, they even show the strongest attacks, they barely showed the final boss.

    • FaithlessMr

      Because they need to push this game a lot, I can imagine a lot of resources were put into this one (or at least much more resources than those usually needed to create a game that looks anything like this one). They must’ve spent a fortune on licensing and voice actors alone.

      Well, voice actors usually don’t get paid much….but knowing this game has tons of ’em, I can imagine this definitely costs more than your avarage srpg. So this needs to sell A LOT, and NB (the publisher) at least needs to push push push this game.

  • forced evasion didn’t make it. :D

  • Rin

    I want this game even more now!

  • Gainax animated this?

  • Budgiecat

    Still missing:

    Ryo Hazuki & Lan Di (Shenmue)
    Gene (God Hand)
    Segata Sanshiro
    Kazuma Kiryu (Yakuza)
    Date Masamune (Sengoku Basara)

  • PrinceHeir

    man soo many amazing characters O____O

    get hype!!!!!!