Open Forum #010 - Gematsu
Open Forum #010
posted on 09.19.12 at 02:00 PM EST by (@salromano)
Open, off-topic discussion.

Our tenth Open Forum is live for discussion. What is the Open Forum, you ask? Why, it’s anything you want it to be. Whatever you don’t feel is appropriate to speak of in other posts, you can speak of here, as it’s your domain for anything and everything. Want to talk about sports? Here’s the place. Have a random question? Ask it here. Want to poll the community? Do it here.

Discuss away!

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  • just out of curosity… can we expect more news and reveals for tgs? considering that the press conference is done with, I’m assuming we won’t hear anything else but trailers for games that have already been released or announced… (except stuff from square enix).

    We still have two more business days, don’t know what that means, but hopefully we got some more news and reveals. 

    • Vampiric

      1 conference out of 10 is done. the event is 4 days long

      • I see hopefully we got some news from Square enix on versus xiii, ffx hd, and some big vita and 3ds games. As well as Dragon’s crown making an appearance at TGS

      • I see hopefully we got some news from Square enix on versus xiii, ffx hd, and some big vita and 3ds games. As well as Dragon’s crown making an appearance at TGS

        • AuroraXIII

          Don’t expect much from Square Enix this year. Hashimoto has already confirmed Versus won’t be at TGS, and their booth this year is their smallest yet:

          • Vampiric

            Actually he didnt confirm that what was confirmed was a fake twitter said he spoke to him when he didnt

            Its a small both but they are set to announce alot of games in video form

            • I’m pretty sure square’s focus for tgs is FFXIV 2.0 so don’t expect anything besides that

              • Vampiric

                it isnt

                expect circle of mana
                ogre battle

                the world ends with you 2

                aka the trademarks

                • Anime10121

                  Hate to say it(cause i want all those games, but your hopes are set FAR too high if you’re expecting any of those outta Square at TGS this year.  I want to be wrong, but Square has put out such a poultry amount of software this gen, that I just cant see ANY of that happening .  Add to the fact that by now Square usually would have said if they had secret announcements at the show . 

                  • Vampiric

                    so its a coincidence those trademarks are within the last month? 

                    I dont think so

                    Square has put out more software this gen than any time in there history. 

                    why would they mention secret announcements?

    • Anime10121

       Normally I would say you can expect all kinds of announcements (its usually as good as E3 in that regards), but this year, it already seems to be off to a horrible start.  The main keynote for the show is Gree (which is unprecedented, as Sony, Square, or some other big publisher usually takes that stand) and Sony didnt seem to take their conference seriously at all, I mean, alls we got were a couple ports for Vita, a delay for a Vita game (Soul Sacrifice), colors for Vita, and a PS3 revision with no price cut. 

      Square’s doesn’t seem to be holding a conference this year (which is usually where they show off their best material, it seems Square HAS NO best material to show off this year, well besides the Western games like Hitman and Tomb Raider), and many other publishers are only listing 1 or 2 surprises for a show thats usually full of them.  I’m afraid this’ll be the first TGS in years that’ll be a severe disappointment, I’m probably looking forward to Jump Fest, and thats not even primarily a game’s convention :(

    • I just hope there will be Persona 5 but it seems like Atlus will focus on SMT4 first I think so I expect Persona 5 news few months after SMT4 released.
      Also tri-Ace, what are they doing all this time?? We only know they’re making Labyrinth game for 3DS and Frontier Gate for PSP, also they helped on FFXIII-2. All of these game are released and they should be secretly working on Star Ocean 5 or Valkyrie Profile 3, I hope they have something to show this TGS.
      Other than that I’m not that excited.

  • Locksus

    Yo, I guess I’ll post the FIRST (OMG OMG) question! (Lol Unknown actually beat me to it : D)
    What games are you people working on at the moment? 

    For me, I’m playing Vesperia, Batman AC (I know, a little late to the party, huh?) and Also when I can or feel up to it, FF XIII-2.

    • Raiyu

      Ys II Chronicles, MMSF3 (replay), ACR, 999, MGS, Tales of Graces f.

      I’m trying really hard to clearn this very large backlog I have going on. And it doesn’t help that I have more games on the way.

      Edit: I forgot about BL2. Great, another game to the long list already.

    • Playing Guild Wars 2 right now, awesome MMO. Anybody else playing?

      • I haven’t really had the chance to play it recently. I’m hoping to work out some more time for it soon.

    • chronicus_pr1me

      Since Halloween is coming up, I’ve been playing DR2:Off the Record and Dead Island. Also working on finally completing Gravity Rush & KH3D. That all stops when my import of Project Diva F comes in,though.

    • fallen

      I just found out about the Classic Controller homebrew hacks for the Wii, so I’ve been playing through NSMBWii and DKC Returns this week, the way they were meant to be played. Nintendo has no excuse for making people hack their Wii in order to use the Classic Controller they spent $20 on in good faith. Bah! This is why I won’t get a WiiU until it’s been jailbroken. But I digress. DKCR is INCREDIBLE.

    • Rezar

      I have a lot of games that I need to play. Plus it would be a very long list so I will just list what I have been playing. Some I haven’t even started playing but I will soon.

      Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Vanquish, Red Faction Armageddon, Trinity Universe, Hyperdimension Neptunia, The Last Story, Persona 1-3 for the PSP, The Binding of Isaac and a lot more.

      Plus I have Dead or Alive 5, Resident Evil 6 and Persona 4 Golden preordered and a bunch of games are coming out in October so that doesn’t help.

    • FaithlessMr

      Ah, I love me some “what are you playing” question! Here we go:

      – SMT: Digital Devil Saga (PS2)
      – SMT: Persona 3 Portable (PSP)
      – Kingdom Hearts: DDD (3DS) (Journal completion mostly, I’m done with the story)

    • Archvile78

       Heh, i’m switching through different games. My backlog is large enough as it is. But lately i’ve been shifting between Tales of Graces F (only Inn Request/Maxing mixer left to be done) a bit of just cause and some classic PS1 game.

      My friend also shared me Resident Evil 5 from his PSN account so sure, i guess i’ll replay that with him. Getting Borderlands 2 this Friday with my childhood friend, this oughta be fun. (:

    • Dicha

       I just finished Kingdoms of Amalur and am still working on the Wither 2
      and Red Dead Redemption…also want to try another playthrough of Tale
      of Symphonia which would probably be my eighth.

      • Locksus

        I’ve beaten The Witcher 2 a couple of times and I think I might do so again in order to get the full 1000gs :P

    • I’m currently playing Sleeping Dogs. (Loving it!)

      I’ve been super busy in rl since I got back from vacation on Monday.

    • DesmaX

      I’ve been playing Record of Agarest War 2 nowadays

      I still have Legasista and Peace Walker HD to play, but I just to beat this game before going into them

    • Anime10121

       DMC HD Collection, and probably DoA5, Pokemon Black 2, and ZotE HD, after that :)

    • xMCXx

       Digimon World 3! All retro up in this bitch!

    • Haruya

      Well, still having my time consumed by League of Legends (I swear, time-space continuum twists every time I play it).

      Currently on the process of getting Fatal Frame 2 & 3 for my PS2 since THE season for those kind of games is coming.

      That’s all really. Freaking college projects are taking my precious gaming times. lol

      • Kobracon

        I know the feeling. Each game can take up to 40 – 60 minutes. Time just flies when you play League.

    • DMC HD Collection.
      Never played them before in PS2 days, I played DMC 3 though but I don’t know I can’t even playthrough mission 1, I don’t like that kind of game before.

      • Anime10121

         Push through it, or play the game on an easier difficulty (although that takes away a lot of its charm), as DMC3 is one of the best action games for the PS2!  Its story, music, and characters are fantastic (especially Lady and Dante/Vergil’s rivalry/brotherly bond).  It really is a great game that shouldnt be missed.  If you want, you can skip DMC 1, which was good but not great (VERY lacking in story, and it has enough cheese to feed Mickey Mouse and Chuckie Cheese combined), and DEFINITELY skip DMC2 as it’s generally held to be crap (though you may find it more approachable, because its A LOT easier).

    • AdamBoy64

      Kinda dawdling through a playthrough of ToS2. Not really into it at the moment. That might change.

      I have a desire to get into some platforming – like pull out some Mario, or some Mega Man. Might do something like that over the weekend.

      • Anime10121

         While ToSDotNW isnt nowhere near the “best” Tales game, it does get better.  I actually liked the game a lot after finishing it :)

    • Kobracon

      Currently playing Xenoblades on the Wii. Its been a while since I’ve finished a JRPG and its high time I started going back to my fav genre. After playing for hours and only getting a quarter through the game, I started questioning how my past self ever had the time to finish these more than once XD

      Still I’m having a blast with it and i’m gonna keep on going till I finish this. Even if it kills me!

      • Anime10121

         Well Xenoblade is MUCH longer than your average JRPG.  Most average out to about 25-40 hrs, and I beat Xenoblade at almost 100, although I did A LOT of sidequests (though not all of them) :P

  • I’m hoping for new games from my favorite japanese developers for the vita/ps3.

  • Adam Meadows

    Has anyone played the RE6 Demo? The camera and the controls knock me sick. It’s rather weird. 

    • Locksus

      I did play it yesterday. Did not like it that much. Only bothered to play through Leon’s demo.

    • Archvile78

       I did, in all honesty only Leon’s campaign interested me. Chris and Jake’s campaign is just duck/shoot/duck/shoot.

      The control need refining too, they feel dated. I mean really? LT/L1 + A/X to go against cover? And you gotta hold the movement joystick to take aim? It might still be worth getting for co-op but it’s certainly NOT worth 60$.

      • Kobracon

        You ducked and shoot? I ran straight in and just melee’d their asses XD

        • Archvile78

           melee is another issue, its so broken you might as well melee through it completely.

          • Kobracon

            It felt OP till I played Sherry’s part. Those lizard things are annoying to get to.

            • Archvile78

               Yeah those guys are the only exceptions hehe. :P

    • chris stage is the worst. i’m still getting it thought lol

    • Kobracon

      I usually don’t notice the camera in games, but i noticed RE6s one. Other than that I thought it was pretty cool. Was great to see Sherry all grown up and I love how smooth moving and shooting is now. The rolling and floor shooting things u can do with the aim+dodge button is pretty cool. 

      Chris’ stage felt like COD till the giant BOW appeared. Leon’s felt like a traditional RE and Sherry’s was a little more action focused but other wise interesting.P.S. I hear that RE6 is a sequel to RE: Damnation the CGI movie which is in and of itself a sequel to RE:Degeneration which is a prequel to RE5. Anyone watch these movies yet?

  • chronicus_pr1me

    Any Vita owners who’s friends lists are lacking other Vita owners,feel free to add me.

    PSN chronicus_pr1me

    • Raiyu

      Sure you can add me, my PSN is Ghostface1124. I can’t add you right now since I’m bout to head to class. But go ahead and add me and I’ll accept it when I get back!

  • HarryHodd

    The WiiU seems great and all but the PS3 has several quality JRPGs coming next year. That is all.

    • FaithlessMr

       With Tales of Xillia, Ni no Ku ni and Toki to Towa on the horizon, I can’t disagree with you there, things are looking awesome for PS3 jrpg lovers! But I think it’s unfair to compare the lineup of a console that’s on it’s six year of life with that of one that’s not even released yet :P

      • HarryHodd

        I just know where my playtime will be and not going to make the mistake of buying a Nintendo console at launch again.

        • FaithlessMr

          I never, ever purchase any hardware at launch, despite the manufacturer. Launch line ups are usually lackluster, not to mention the first models always end up being revised, the eventual price drop….imo, it never pays off to buy new consoles or tech when it releases.

          • Dean Winchester

            Paid off for me with my 60 gb fatty and the fact that I havent missed a single great release this gen.

            Pays off when I look at my shelf with close to 200 PS3 games….40% of which are exclusives and a qty of 40+ I have played to completion.
            I cant imagine waiting years for a redesign and price drop to then try and play catch up on all the amazing games I have missed.

            Of course, Im not a cheapskate but instead an avid gamer, collector and support a family with enough funds left over to support my hobby as well.

            (btw, not calling you a cheapskate or any other name. Just stating what I am or am not.)

            • AdamBoy64

              Yes, I think it paid off for the large majority of early PS3 buyers…
              Purchasing the system before they started to cut it to bits to make it cheaper.

            • FaithlessMr

              I have such a huge backlog, that I just don’t think it’s worth it for me to spend money on a new system when it launches. Back when the PS3 released, I still had a shitton of games on the PS2 I wanted to play (heck, I still have lots of PS2 rpgs waiting for me on the shelf), so I prefer waiting for revised versions. Not saying all the launch models are faulty, ofc, but there’s a higher chance you’ll run into hardware problems, not to mention they usually make it cheaper as time moves on, I always prefer waiting before making the move to the next gen.

    • Anime10121

       I’m getting a Wii U to complement my PS3 (much like I did with the original Wii) even though I dont care much for Nintendo’s franchises.  Nintendo usually has some pretty great (even if small in number) second and third party releases only on their console, and what they’ve shown thus far for Wii U is actually the most impressive launch I’ve seen, well barring Vita’s (but that system still has yet to come into its own, and is generally being used as a port machine barring Sony’s own games) which started out EXTREMELY strong, only to taper off into just about nothing.

  • Does wii U have user database?

  • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

    I hope we get a tleast one new big trailer :(

  • Dean Winchester

    I hope the apple pie was freakin worth it!

  • Haruya

    So, I saw some comments on a few Toki to Towa articles about the fanservice/ecchi content of the game and how it was expected to be removed when the game comes to the West. Regarding this situation, and since I honestly don’t know about the background, I wanna ask:

    Has it ever happened for a game to have that kind of content (fanservice) removed or censored when it got localized? According to my brother, that wasn’t really the case with, let’s say, Ar Tonelico 3.

    Also, I guess I understand why some people wouldn’t want that kind of content in the game, but being something that is “optional” (as in, it doesn’t affect the story or gameplay in any way and you’re always able to skip/ignore it), why not just let it be? I think about it as something that just “spices things up a bit” and that isn’t necessarily a “bad” thing.

    Anyway, I wanna make it clear that I’m honestly looking for some serious comments here. Also, zero judgements and prejudice on my part. Thanks.

    • MosquitoLemon

      As far as I know, the greatest act of censorship in videogames has been covering up half-naked bodies. Like more mist added in a hot springs scene, or extra clothes drawn on people in bikinis (ex. making a two-piece a one-piece). If you search around Hardcore Gaming 101 you’ll find several example of this.

      And as for why not just let it be: How about to return some integrity to the industry? Why clutter up a good game with smut and alienate girls who want to enjoy it? I mean, I know the answer is that most of these games aren’t that good and they need sex appeal to attract buyers (who in Japan are largely male), but the US is a different market.

    • Like @gematsu-08048a9c5630ccb67789a198f35d30ec:disqus says, it has happened before.

      I suppose that personally I’d side with letting it be. I don’t like the idea of changing or removing parts of a game. Honestly, I don’t like to see it happen period. (Not just in games, but movies and books etc.)

      It’s kinda doing a disservice to the creators really, and people will get upset or be offended by stuff, it’s always going to happen.

      If you start down the road of cutting content, how far does it go? Think about it… 

      (FF7 SPOILERS.)

      What if Square would have removed the famous Aerith Death scene in FF7? Or cut part of it out?

      That would have perhaps seemed like a small thing to change at the time. They might have just cut out the part where she gets stabbed for instance. That would have turned out to be substantial.

      I remember when I first watched that scene, I’ll never forget it. I would have been upset to see that part of the game removed or changed.

      Now, I know, some of you are like, how did you go from fanservice stuff to that? I was just using it as an example to back up my point. If you start removing stuff, it can just get out of hand in my opinion.

      (I also point to movies that have questionable scenes. The recent remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo comes to mind here. It has a very graphic rape scene, it’s disturbing and in many ways sick. That is the point of the scene. It’s supposed to be disturbing, it also tells you more about Lisbeth’s character. What type of awful things happened to this girl? Well, the movie shows you what type of awful things. It shouldn’t be removed, but I’m ok with someone hitting fast forward or skipping the scene. In fact, if I rewatched it today at home, I would likely skip the scene. Nothing wrong with that at all, but I don’t think it should be cut from the movie entirely.)

      Back to games…

      I think a good middle ground would be to have a mature content feature in the options menu. Some games have this, but I’m talking a more detailed feature. Perhaps, if a game has questionable fanservice scenes, the non mature mode would just turn them off.

      I’m also okay with that type of content being unlockable stuff. Like shower scenes in so many games tend to be.

      The thing is, what upsets or offends one person, doesn’t upset or offend other folks. Let’s talk a bit more about Japan. 

      Many gamers in Japan dislike the blood and violence in western games. In fact, most of the Grand Theft Auto games are heavily edited when they come out in Japan. They remove or cut lots of the violent content from the game. In fact, lots of hardcore gamers in Japan (that want the full mature experience) will import the game.

      Most gamers in the west are not offended by this stuff. Do you see my point? Most of the fanservice stuff in Japanese games are no big deal to folks in Japan. Is it a cultural thing? Sometimes it can be, sure. That isn’t the end all answer or anything though.

      Anyways, I’ve rambled on long enough. Sorry for long reply.

      • Kobracon

        Funny you should mention gore censorship. The reverse happened the infamous “Ma Belle Peche” scene from Xenosaga 1. But the funny thing is is that it actually ended being MORE disturbing after being censored. In the Japanese release, the guy used a knife to chop off his own arm and regrow it and then proceeds to chop off his own head to show that hes immortal.

        In the Western release, they removed the knife and shifted the camera to block him from view. The problem with this is, the sound effects are still there and now it looks as if he RIPS his own arm off and regrows it then proceeds to physically TEAR OFF his own head and drop on the floor. IMO Far more disturbing then just chopping it off with a knife.

    • Kobracon

      I believe it depends on who localises it. DOA XBV didn’t get censored. Hell the Record of Agarest War games even had full fledged american ads showing off its fanservice features. 

  • fallen

     The site is on fire today! This place is proving itself awesome! Great work, Sal!

  • superlocke

    Hey guys, I never got a reply to this when asked before, so I figure this is as good a place as any to try again :)

    Having sold my copy of the silent hill HD collection before the latest ps3 patch came out, I have no idea what it improved or by how much….

    So I’m wondering if it fixed the key errors and maybe (hopefully) brought the games back to their former level of polish?

    Well a guy can dream eh? But any opinions and info on this topic will be much appreciated :)

    • I didn’t play Silent Hill HD but, here’s an article about the patches. “…the patch will offer an improved framerate, improved voice synch, fix missing sounds, fix missing music and resolve the game’s much-complained-about fog density.It will also offer “minor” visual and audio improvements, which are not specified.”

      • superlocke

        Yeah, I had seen and posted in that article :P That’s actually the one that got me wondering as to how big of an improvement it was.

        I appreciate the help but I’m hoping for some more detailed info as to how good of a fix it was.

        Thanks though! :)

  • Kobracon

    Anyone see the Phoenix Wright movie? I found the full thing translated and aired on youtube and wanted to share it with you guys but sadly that vid was taken down by Sony :/

    I hope you guys can find it! Its an amazing movie that fans will love and non-fans can still enjoy. Its about 2 hours long and I enjoyed every minute of it. Only complaint was the actress they got for Mia Fey. She looked too old and not even close to the bust size (I know thats asking much out of Japan and all)

    • new_tradition

       Omg, I loved that movie. I honestly wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did, but aside from some deviations, it was really accurate to the game source. I loved how much detail they put in the character costumes (even the the audience members had some interesting stuff going on). I really hope they make movies out of the rest of the games now, lol.

      I’m already imagining a Trials and Tribulation movie: it would be EPIC *_*

      • Kobracon

        That would be amazing. The magnificence of Godot needs to be on the big screen. NOW!

  • Was trying to pull an all-nighter for TGS coverage. But gonna sleep for a bit. Hopefully nothing big will happen while I’m out.

    • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

      Hi Sal, shot you a mail the other week, but haven’t received a reply yet.

      • Look forward to a response soon! Sorry about the lateness.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know if this is the right place to ask but… could gematsu please change the red carpet advertise up there? I don’t mind gematsu to put up some advertises, but this one is kind of annoying. Whenever I accidentally move the cursor and touch it, it autocratically zooms out and such, especially when my speaker is on high. Thanks.

  • FaithlessMr

    Anyone excited for P4Golden? I know I am :D

    • The question is, who doesn’t

      • new_tradition

         I was going to buy the Solid Gold Edition (even though I don’t have a Vita, lol), but the limited 10,000 run sold out in, like, a day, so I’m gonna wait before I get it now :/

    • Kobracon

      Scrounging up cash to get Vita!

  • PrinceHeir

    let’s rate western adaptation of japanese franchises :P

    Metroid Prime Trilogy(despite having a close monitor by nintendo)
    Castlevania Lords of Shadows
    Silent Hill Homecoming
    Silent Hill Downpour
    Front Mission Evolved
    Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon
    Bionic Rearmed

    upcoming games like

    Lost Planet 3
    Double Dragon Neon

    tell me if im missing some more :P

    • z_merquise

      Double Dragon Neon is awesome! If you like arcade beat-em-ups and you have someone to ‘bro-op’, I recommend it.

      Wayforward’s take is more over-the-top and humorous so some of the series fans may find it way too different from the past games. But the gameplay itself is really good. Also, one of the best things in the game is the soundtrack. There were remixes of old DD tracks but there were also new tracks that were inspired from the cheesy 80’s pop songs. It’s so nostalgic but, surprisingly, it really fits!

      I’m not into numbered scores so I can’t rate it but what I can say that the gameplay is fun, especially in co-op, I love the humor and the soundtrack is really memorable. It’s only $10 but if you’re a PSN+ subscriber, it’s free. I’m not sure if there’s a demo but you may try it if there’s one.

      • PrinceHeir

        thanks for the impressions :D

        definitely checking it out ^^

  • PrinceHeir

    also can anyone tell me where are these anime came from??

    this one ^^ is from Genesis of Aquarion, i just want to know the name of the character

    is this Fatina from Tower of Duraga?

    nice Ghost in the Shell SAC reference :P

    • Those two gifs are from Gintama, a comedy anime full of dirty jokes and satire (i don’t know if this the correct word), you should watch it. And that episode is a parody of Love+ NDS game. 

      • PrinceHeir

        thanks :D

    • z_merquise

      Looks like she’s on a climax mode.

      Her name is Silvia, by the way.

      • Kobracon

        (Deleted coz I didn’t read post properly :P)

        • PrinceHeir

          what’s he’s response?? :P

          • Kobracon

            I thought you wanted to know where shes from so I said Aquarion :P

            Then I read the post fully and realised I’m an idiot so I ‘deleted’ my post.

            • PrinceHeir

              ehh it’s okay your not an idiot :P

      • PrinceHeir

        thank you :D

  • PrinceHeir

    may i also suggest that Sal should create a “Open Forum” tab bar right next to “Screens” so that we don’t have to type Open Forum every time.

    just a suggestion though ^^

    • If you hit “Community,” the option is under there. =)

      • PrinceHeir

        thanks :D

  • new_tradition

    Hey guys, about Metal Gear Rising…Is it possible to play the game stand alone? I sort of know about the series story in general, and that this takes place before MGS4. but I’ve never played any of them. I suck at stealth games, so it’s the main reason why I never got into the series, but Revengeance looks more action-based, and with Raiden as the lead, I think it would be easier to catch up on his background story than Snake’s. Is that right?

    • They actually changed the story.

      The game was originally announced during 2009 as Metal Gear Solid: Rising, an interquel set between the events of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots following Raiden’s transformation into a cyborg produced solely by Kojima Productions. As the game was about to be cancelled due to difficulties in developing it, it was reannounced in late 2011 that Platinum Games would develop the game as Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. The game’s setting has since been changed to give the Platinum staff more freedom in the making of the game. Nevertheless, the Kojima Productions staff is responsible for the game’s plot and Raiden’s design.” -From Wiki.

      To answer your question.

      Yes, I think so. I would recommend reading a bit of information on wikipedia, but that should more or less get you caught up.

      It looks like the story will mostly be set in the future, but some of the trailers have hinted at flashback scenes from Jack’s (Raiden) childhood being in the game.

      Most of his past is what we know from MGS wiki article or the MGS Database on the PS3. They haven’t covered a ton of it in the games. Metal Gear Solid 2 touched some on his past.

      We know that he was a child soldier (under Solidus Snake) and took part in a civil war. I’m going to guess that Rising will explain more about that part of his past. In fact, I expect that we will learn quite a bit more about Raiden in Rising. I figure that his past will likely play a key part in the story.

      Like Big Boss, much of his past has been documented in the database or wiki pages, but I think we will see lots of it in Rising.

      If you want to read a bunch of information about Raiden.

      Keep in mind, some of that could be considered spoilers from the previous games. I would stop reading when it starts talking about his role in Revengeance. I haven’t read that, but just skimming, it seemed to go into detail about the game. If you are like me at all, you will want to experience that while playing the game. 

      (I hope this helps!)

      • new_tradition

        Oh whoa, thank you so much for the information!

        EDIT: Owait, if this takes place after MGS4 now, then I wonder what happened that Raiden is doing all this. He had a happily ever after in MGS4, so why make him borderline sinister in this game? ;A;

        • Glad I could help. =)

          I suppose we just have to wait and see what happened in the game. =P
          In the trailers, it seems like he is out for revenge. I guess that makes sense considering the title of the game lol. (Revengeance – I still think this word is so silly.)

          • new_tradition

             I know. FireFox keeps reminding me it’s spelled wrong xD

    • z_merquise

      Since Metal Gear Rising is a spin-off, I think the plot won’t require you to look back in past games and can be enjoyed on its own.

      But like what Zero said, you can just get to know more of Raiden’s background in a Metal Gear wikia. There’s also a Metal Gear encyclopedia that can be downloaded at PSN for free.

      • new_tradition

         Oh, for real? Awesome, guess I’ll check it out then. That’s actually pretty kewl O_O

  • Apparently Katsuhiro Harada proposed localization of Project X Zone.
    Hope Namco Bandai approves it!!!

    • z_merquise

      Even Harada supported the localization of Project X Zone! I’m happy to see that. I really hope Namco would finally listen because even their Tekken guy knows that many gamers outside Japan would like to play that game.

      I just went here:

      At first, it seems that Harada didn’t know that Project X Zone is popular outside Japan. After many commenters convinced him, that’s where he decided to do something about it. I really hope that it would be a huge help especially that Harada is one of the higher-ups in Namco.

  • new_tradition

    Ah, just saw the trailer for Kingdom Hearts 1.5

    Damn it, the nostalgia is getting to me ;A;