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Milla Maxwell returns in Tales of Xillia 2
posted on 09.11.12 at 09:24 AM EST by (@salromano)
The most-awaited Tales of Xillia reappearance.

Tales of Xillia 2 is just full of returning characters, isn’t it? Jude’s back, Alvin’s back, Leia, Elise, and Roen are back. Who’s left from the original Xillia? Milla Maxwell, of course! And she too will be making a return, complete with new outfit.

The high in pride and slightly stubborn female swordsman is shown in the latest Jump in addition to the game’s main visual, a “dream collaboration” between Daigo Okumura, Mutsumi Inomata, and Kosuke Fujishima. The artwork, aside from the game’s revealed party characters, includes the first game’s Gaius and Muse. Or, at least, that’s who they look like. A half-normal, half-Corpse Shell Ludger is the visual’s main focus.

Thanks, Tokkurin.

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  • Zuhri69

    Wow, that’s a pretty dress. Don’t judge me but actually I don’t really like Milla. In fact I liked Jude more than her. Sorry… But, nice dress is still a nice dress.

  • Raiyu

    I wonder if Gaius and Muse are playable this time around.

    • amost

      I remember reading that they were originally supposed to be playable in the first game. It makes sense if you think about how they implemented the character switch mechanic. It’s as if they wanted 8 characters total instead of 6.

      • Raiyu

        Yeah it does make sense with the switching system they got going on for this game.

        I guess only time will tell now.

  • bebestorm117


  • Milla looks hotter in her new appearance. She seems more elegant and prettier.

  • zakou

    First i read “TOX2 will have nothing to do with TOX1”  then i read “everyone will come back from TOX1 to TOX2”  xD

    Just don’t know what to expect anymore, either way im getting both games day one and that’s probably the most important thing xD

    • Zuhri69

      I’m even worse. I’m getting TOX2 and I dont even know a quarter of what they’re saying.

      • zakou

         Im pretty sure it will come outside of Japan ^^ unless you badly want to play it now, but im sure Graces F did well and Xillia is coming next year so pretty much sure 100% Xillia 2 will be outside of japan :D

  • Kazziyan

    That’s 3 waifu’s now…

  • Finally Milla returns too! I knew it.
    The saved the best for the last.
    Her new outfit looks waaayy much better now.. she looks more elegant, though less masculine.