Mass Effect Trilogy announced, due November
posted on 09.26.12 at 11:10 AM EST by (@salromano)
Original Mass Effect playable on PS3 for the first time.

Electronic Arts is bringing together all three Mass Effect titles into a single trilogy compilation for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. The Xbox 360 and PC versions are due on November 6 for $59.99. The PlayStation 3 version will arrive at a later date. Through this trilogy, the original Mass Effect will be playable on PlayStation 3 for the first time. It will also be released as a standalone title via PlayStation Network. 

The game’s release will precede the first annual “N7 Day,” a worldwide celebration of the Mass Effect franchise on November 7. BioWare plans to announce a number of in-game, online and live events in celebration of the ‘holiday’. Stay tuned for that.

View a set of screenshots and box art at the gallery.

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  • Locksus

    Cool. To me, ME1 is the “worst” of them all (It’s still damn awesome) and I know many will disagree with me. ME2 is the best of the three and I’ve played it 10 times, give or take (Not kidding!). I’d buy this if I didn’t already own them all.

    • DrForbidden

      I agree that I liked ME2 best. I know a lot of people prefer the RPG-styled ME, but I found it to be quite boring, albeit having an interesting plot and a well-written story. ME3… well, we all know the problems with ME3.

  • My reaction: What???
    Well since I only played the second one on my ps3 will get this.

  • Great news for PS3 owners! =)

    The first game isn’t bad, but it’s not amazing. It makes a bit too much use of the Mako vehicle, which is boring to put it bluntly. Not very long, either. I remember completing it in about ten hours or so.

    • Locksus

      Agree with you ^_^ definitely not my favourite ME but this is one amazing series in my opinion.

    • DarthBrian

       I think I’m the only one who liked the Mako. :(

    • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

      ME1 one was the better RPG (story, upgrades, loot, etc.), ME2 was the better game (mechanics, streamlining) and ME3 I have yet to play.

  • AuroraXIII

    I decided in the past that I would only play Mass Effect if they released a trilogy on PS3.


    • zakou

      haha xD i did the exact same thing, i will be getting this trilogy and hapily save money from not buying them separately at release date.

      Also im still waiting for Skyrim: Game of the year edition, with dawngard and other DLC/Expansion packs for it.

      And finally for RE6 Gold edition and waiting a month or two and see if SFxTekken and MVC will get any more than “Super” editions xD or “ultimate”

      Seriously this is how you save money and get even more, some games aren’t just worth getting at launch date.

      A fine example of a new game that came out in Europe not so long ago that’s worth getting day one is Tales of Graces F, a fully 100% complete game.

  • Raiyu

    I’m surprised its not on Wii U. Would’ve made the most sense.

    But then again, this is EA we’re talking about.

  • Woo! Will definitely get Mass Effect 1 on PS3. Thanks, BioWare.

  • ipodderx

    3rd party screwing Nintendo again

    Announcing Mass Effect Collection to kill off Mass Effect 3 Wii U hypeAnnouncing MGS HD Vita to kill off MGS 3D hype
    Announcing RE4 PS2 to kill off RE4 GC hypeetc

  • PrinceHeir

    man so i can now play the first game on PS3 finally???

    also what about the DLCs??

    hopefully they’ll put ALL DLC’s on disc so i don’t have to worry about buying them each.

    also will it the extended DLC ending already applied??

    i think it would be cool if there’s a toggle option where you can experience the “original” ending then turn it on to experience the “extended” version.

    then again both endings are pretty much the same so i think Extended DLC ending is fine.

    and wow Wii U version pretty much screwed up 1 game vs 3 game at the same price.

    soo stupid of EA

    • PrinceHeir

      also please use the ME2 engine for ME1 with the shooting mechanics also from ME2 :P

      • Budgiecat


      • DrForbidden

        That won’t work. ME is radically different from ME2 and ME3. It is much more RPG and exploration-based, and shooting is not as vital a component as in the sequels. In fact, I will say that I think the shooting in ME is quite bad. Play it for the story, not the action.

  • I can’t help but cry serious tears of Happiness. I’ve been waiting for this for a long ass time. 

  • HarryHodd

    Excellent news!!!

  • DarthBrian

    The first Mass Effect is my favorite in the series because it was pretty much the only one that’s an actual…y’know…RPG. :p

    • the 3 are RPGs

      • DarthBrian

         Nope. ME2 & ME3 are shooters with RPG elements. ME1 is the only true RPG of the three. It even has dice-rolls and stuff.

        • Budgiecat

          You’re right.

          But if you want a true RPG with guns there’s Resonance of Fate. At least with that I can fully control all members of the party like a traditional RPG still….

        •  so what exactly is a ‘TRUE RPG’? ME2 and ME3 and just as much a rpg as ME1. don’t let your blind hate blind you… oh wait too late

          • DarthBrian

            Hate? I liked ME2 a lot. I even bought it twice, once on PC and once on PS3. But it’s not an RPG.

  • I still haven’t played any of these. I’ve seen them in action, and watched a friend play quite a bit of Mass Effect 2.

    I suppose this is finally my best shot at playing the saga. =)

  • hush404


  • dumb idea to release it this year. they should release it next year when all the dlc for mass effect 3 are out.

    then, it will be a more ‘complete’ trilogy bundle. 

  • paperclichepixel

    I guess I’ll snag this too, love ME1, it had that unknown factor that jumped players into the seat of Sheppard.