Macross 30 debut trailer - Gematsu
Macross 30 debut trailer
posted on 09.27.12 at 10:09 PM EST by (@salromano)
Watch some heroines fade in and out.

Namco Bandai has shared online the debut trailer for Macross 30, its Tokyo Game Show-announced 30th anniversary Macross game due next year.

The trailer shows the anime’s heroine leads. Haruka Chisuga, winner of the Miss Macross 30th Anniversary singing contest, will sing the game’s theme.

Watch the video below.

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  • DarthBrian

    Does show any gameplay but still…

    Ranka and Sheryl <3 <3 <3

    • Bleh, lol. Overhyped idols if you ask me. I wish they wouldn’t use them to represent the series just because they are the most recent.

      Then again… As a Macross Plus fan, our group is relatively small by comparison to the rest of the series. Hell, I think even Zero has a bigger following ;w;

      • Honestly, I hated Macross F. Macross(the original series), Plus or even Zero are much better than this in my opinion.

        It was a struggle to get to the end of that.

        • I think the only thing it’s better than would be 7, lol. Basara pretty much ran that into the ground. The Macross II movie could be a close contender though. I think at that point it would be just picking the lesser of the evils, heh.

          I don’t know though.

          “LISTEN TO MY SONG!!” gets old REEEEEEEEEEALLY fast….

          • Putting all of that aside though, I am interested to know what this will be for. I’m putting my money on Vita or PS3. We’ve been LONG overdue for a true PS3 Macross title. Enough teasing with the hybrid packs! Give us something as good as the PS2 Macross game by Sega and I’ll be happy~

            Loved that game :3

        • DarthBrian

           Duh. Obviously SDF Macross was better than Frontier. But Frontier was a fantastic show nonetheless.

  • Zuhri69

    Will this be a return to the classic? Cos seriously I hated frontier.

  • PrinceHeir

    awesome new trailers!!!!!

    man i knew they would combine all stars in one movie :D

    Macross 7 had few cameos from the Frontier Movies like Mikhail and Klan dress as the members of firebomb cast during their Ranka concert from the prison in Sayonara Tsubasa.

    hopefully they’ll use the original cast too :)

    just watched the two movies last summer(July 2012)

    and man i love the animation!!!!!

    the music also wow!!!!!

    hearing Sheryl or Ranka singing the old Macross 7 songs are soo awesome!!!!!!

    guess need to watch Macross 7 then!!

    • The music was about the only decent thing about Macross 7. That and some of the designs anyway. Just don’t have your expectations too high, man, lol.

      • PrinceHeir

        okay thanks for the reminder :P

        though Do You Remember Love is one of the best music though ^^

        definitely need to watch the original!

        • That’s true. I spent nearly $200 on the Do You Remember Love 30th Anniversary Box Hybrid Pack Limited Edition cause I love DYRL a lot, haha. Plus, the game included was a great bonus~

          • PrinceHeir

            great :P

            ahaha actually one of my local stores(who import various JPN games)

            has Macross Frontier Sayonara Tsubasa, not sure if it’s Limited Edition or not(i don’t there’s two versions of it??)

            i even remember 2 years ago they also have Itsuwari no Utahime back then.

            not sure if both games are still on the store(though i still think Sayonara no Tsubasa is still there)

            what’s even funny is that they STILL have Type-0 Limited Edition(the one that’s incase with a plastic see through like most figurines do)

            looks gorgeous and im tempted to buy it ha XD

  • Lol, that trailer practically told me nothing, except that it is indeed a all series game and that the song is good. Then again I fainted when they showed bikini Sheryl, so I don’t know what happened after that~

  • LordKaiser

    I like all Macross series except 7 who for me was boring garbage as it was for Macross what G Gundam was for the Gundam series. So far i like Zero the best and I enjoyed Frontier.

    • PrinceHeir

      i like Frontier best, but the original especially Do You Remember Love seems to be the Best of all time!!!!!!!

  • Yuan

    I have a feeling that this will be for PS3. I can’t imagine they put such a big project of mecha game on Vita/3DS at this point. And no, 360 is not an option, unless they want to localize it for western audience too, which is unlikely for Macross related game.