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ICO HD Remote Play coming to PS Vita
posted on 09.03.12 at 10:52 AM EST by (@salromano)
"We are almost ready with a patch," says Sony WWS boss.

Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida posted the following image on Twitter today:

In a followup tweet, he said: “Sorry to tease you, I was play testing ICO HD Remote Play on PS Vita. We are almost ready with a patch. Beautiful on OLED. More info soon.”

You heard the man. Stay tuned!

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  • Michael Garling

    So what does this mean?  Those of us with the PS3 HD collection download a patch, then through remote play the ICO component is able to be played on a Vita?

    Cool, I guess.

  • hush404

    Honestly, for all remote play is doing (sending A/V signals, receiving input) I wonder why we don’t see a lot more of it for other games. 

    • rockman29

      It’s not that simple. Every system has a set amount of processing power and internal storage and RAM.

      If software is running such that there isn’t enough RAM available to run any given processes… it becomes simple. It shouldn’t be run, because it will cause problems. Games from 2006 and onwards were not all coded with Vita in mind, mind you.

      It’s not the video being sent out straight by HDMI. It’s being re-encoded I bet (which requires processing power) into stream quality video that can be received by the Vita. It’s not the same as just outputting straight to the TV. The GPU is built to output directly onto the HDMI or SCART or Component or Composite, the same cannot be said for streaming to the Vita. As far as I understand, there is not dedicated hardware in the PS3 meant to do this, and hence why it’s not available on all software or PS3 functions like BD playback.

      So in short… it’s not ‘all’ that it is doing is sending A/V signals and receiving. PS3 has to re-encode output from the GPU into a stream that Vita can understand. That takes processing power on the PS3 side.

      • hush404

         Heh, you took a long time to explain that there’s extra processing involved in the process. Of course there is, I just didnt feel like typing that all out. Also there are SOOO few games that do remote play, I was kind of pointing out that fact and how there ought to be more. One game in a blue moon is hardly trying to push such a feature.

        • rockman29

          If you know, why ask? :S

          • hush404

             I really just asked why they aren’t pushing it more. Yes it takes extra work, but soooo few seem up to actually doing so.

  • rockman29

    O snap! Would LOVE this!

    I tried Pixel Junk Shooter on Remote Play, was actually pretty damn good! Very responsive! I also played Final Fantasy VII on Remote Play (but now I bought the PSN version so I can just play it directly on the Vita).

    Awesome on Sony. Look at the support post release! Barely anyone was asking for this, talk about value for your money!

  • chronicus_pr1me

    Remote play? So i  get to waste power on constantly having my PS3 on as i play ICO on my Vita? F**k that.