E.X. Troopers Japanese box art - Gematsu
E.X. Troopers Japanese box art
posted on 09.19.12 at 05:34 PM EST by (@salromano)
Bren, Julie, and Luan are ready for battle.

Amazon Japan has shared the final Japanese box art for E.X. Troopers.

A cel-shaded spin-off to the Lost Planet series, E.X. Troopers will launch for PlayStation 3 and 3DS in Japan on November 22

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  • i prefer this over the original and i also prefer yaiba over the original ninja gaiden. Its just my opinion of course 

    • PrinceHeir

      i respect that :)

      • Thanks dude, i just dont want anyone get butt hurt.

  • PrinceHeir

    shame capcom USA is unsure of bringing this out just because it look too “weird” for their audience despite the fact that most if not ALL capcom games have a quirky and unique flavor to it.

    LP3 looks like your typical shooter :(

    not to mention this will reminds us of how awesome would have been if they had released Megaman Legends 3!!!!!

    • They buried Megaman alive. 

      • PrinceHeir


  • I haven’t given up hope on this being localized just yet. They might decide to bring it overseas next year or something.

    nor are there plans to bring it [E.X. Troopers] Westward at this time.

    That quote doesn’t say that it will never happen. It’s possible!

    • Yup, just look at tokyo jungle. 

  • Troy Prentice

    Keep wondering why this is’nt on the Vita.

  • Genesis

    I must have this game! It’s far too beautiful and it’s going to be my LP3

  • PS3 Version all the way. 

  • Really nice box art. 

  • This will definitely be one of the more colorful box arts that I will have in my collection, haha. It looks great~!