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Borderlands 2 ‘Mechromancer’ class dated
posted on 09.11.12 at 09:31 AM EST by (@salromano)
Sequel adds fifth class a month after release.

Borderlands 2 comes with four character classes out of the box: “Gunzerker” Salvador, “Siren” Maya, “Commando” Axton, and “Assassin” Zer0. But on October 16, just under a month after release, it will add a fifth: Gaige the “Mechromancer.”

The additional class will be free to Borderlands 2 Premiere Club Members, which is given free of charge to consumers who order the game at participating retailers. Those who do not pre-order can purchase the content for $9.99 / 800 Microsoft Points.

Borderlands 2 launches for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on September 18.

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  • HanPaul

    I’m so hyped for this.
    Wish this wasn’t DLC though. Oh well, glad I preordered.