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Until Dawn announced for PlayStation Move
posted on 08.14.12 at 02:13 PM EST by (@salromano)
Teen horror title from Supermassive Games.

Sony has unveiled Until Dawn during its Gamescom press conference today to be a PlayStation Move horror title developed by Tumble studio Supermassive Games.

Inspired by classic cult teen horror movies, Until Dawn promises to draw players in with its characters, “killer dialogue,” and a “shocking, twisted story.” Its story is written by Hollywood writers and U.S. TV talent.

On the anniversary of their friends’ disappearance, seven teenagers visit the site of the mystery to “bury their ghosts and get some closure.” Of course, as these things go, they may “end up burying each other instead.” The power’s gone out, the phones aren’t working, and it’s your job to keep these teens alive through a long and eventful night… until dawn.

The game makes use of the PlayStation Move controller “in a totally natural way,” according to the developer. It will act as a flashlight when it’s dark, you’ll fire a gun with it, lunge knives, and use it to make subtle movements when necessary.

Until Dawn is due for PlayStation 3 next year. Watch the debut trailer below. View the first set of screenshots at the gallery.

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  • looks like i must buy a ps move XD

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      Got my set of move controllers for auper cheap. Now I be glads.

  • Kobracon

    Is….is he unzipping her jacket in the article picture??

  • Charlie

    Finally, a decent-looking horror game! I also get to put my PS Move to good use.

  • Lorelai

    i need to buy Psmove :/

  • Awesome…Just For teen :P