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Toki to Towa screenshots
posted on 08.01.12 at 11:12 AM EST by (@salromano)
Plus, some (probably NSFW) tentacle and beach scenes.

Namco Bandai and Imageepoch today released high-resolution versions of the Toki to Towa screenshots from mid-July, showing new characters Makimona and Bikoddo, a battle between Towa and Bikoddo (the assassin that attacks the player at Toki’s wedding, whom she confronts after traveling six months back in time), and the game’s key art and packaging.

Additionally, a new preview includes separate shots introducing Toki’s sidekick pet dragon Dreake, who understands human speech and participates in battle, Toki’s “Time Freeze” ability, which allows her to prevent enemies from counterattacking, and some tentacle and beach ecchi scenes (probably NSFW.)

View the high-res screenshots at the gallery.

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  • zakou

    OH MY!!!

  • zakou

    xD wtf is that thing on her ass?! dogs paw?

    • I think its her pet dragons paw?

      • zakou

        Ohhh it’s the dragon paw, oh ok nothing weird about that, in Japan this is normal, the dragons pimp slap the girls asses.

        • rockman29

          How can this be described as normal, lmao! What a joke… hahaha.

  • rockman29

    I didn’t know this game was soft porn… honestly, what are you guys really thinking about when you play this games with these anime girls in miniskirts all the time lol.

    • xMCXx

      You don’t think too much while fapping. ;D
      No, seriously, I am annoyed by fanservice most of the time, but to each his own.

  • Fan service? Check.

    I guess I’m not surprised, the 1st manga chapter has a fan service scene in it.

  • Toki with tentacles and Towa in hot bikini? This game is a must buy already.

  • Locksus


  • No chance of coming over / censored.

  • Skelter

    fawk……there’s lightweight ecchi shizz in this………HUGE minus Toki……huuuuge minus. I don’t fancy seeing little teens getting erotic in my games >:|

  • Talbot

    This will surely please some people, but sorry chaps, I’m not one of them. I love my JRPGs and all, but ehh, this game’s only been putting me off more and more. Still, I wish Imageepoch well.

  • just One Hero ?!

    Bad idea

  • Not really a fan of the whole ecchi scene. The rest of the game, certainly. I really wouldn’t mind if the inappropriate bits are taken out if the game comes overseas (and seeing as they were with Mugen Souls, it’s probably likely to happen with this.)

    • I wonder if those last two images are just unlockables? Perhaps you can unlock art in the game? Or, maybe they are special scenes you can unlock? Just a thought I had.

      • rockman29

        Special scenes? Hahaha. Awfully nice way to put it, lmao.

        You beat the boss! Congrats! Have some hidden soft porn.

        • This isn’t really that new of a thing. Think about how many games have had hidden shower scenes and stuff like that over the years. That’s what I meant about a special scene, or some kind of unlockable hidden scene.

          Sure, this is a bit more questionable, but some of those scenes in past games have been pretty close to “soft porn.”

          Let’s not forget the GTA Hot Coffee fiasco. It’s not like Japan is the only one guilty of having questionable stuff in games.

          Besides, they don’t really find this stuff very offensive in Japan. They do find some of the violent games developed in the west highly offensive though.

          • Hinano

            Which is sad since Japan is the one that gets the most negative reception to it when it ain’t that bad really and I’ve seen the west do way more racy content at times.

            I like fanservice/ecchi so I’m all for it in games, but not the risk stuff in God of War. xP

            Oh and the battle screens are nice, I guess.

            • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

              Yeah I don’t mind the content either but I get the impression Americans (I’m German) are very sensitive to erotic content. It’s quite the opposite to Germans, really. You guys love violence and gore and it’s perfectly fine for T rated games to include such content but God forbid a naked breast is visible, then it’s M or AO by default. The original Witcher is a notorious example for that. Funny how different regional censorship is.

          • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

            It’s the same with German censors. Boobs/bums, questionable/erotic stuff and sex are perfectly suitable for 12 and 16 yo, violence and gore, however, needs to be cut or censored in order for a game to receive an AO (18 years and up) rating, otherwise classification is refused and the game can’t be sold at retail (age ratings are enforceable by law in Germany). 
            I can’t remember the last game I purchased in Germany, all my gaming money goes to the UK, Canada and Japan nowadays.

    • whiteferrero

      Same here. Ecchi scenes actually turn me off from a game, can’t seem to take games/shows with them seriously.

  • So let’s talk about the OTHER images, then, yeah?

    Just noticed in the Fami-exclusive battle shots, Toki’s other abilities: “Time Rip” and “Rapid Time.” Wonder what effects those will have? I’m gonna guess and say the latter attack is the Toki to Towa’s version of “Haste.”

    • rockman29

      Why not talk about what is most newsworthy? People wonder why these games don’t appeal to the West, here’s some more example right here. Might not be crossing any lines in Japan, but certainly crossing some lines over here. Inappropriate, to the max.

      What else is there to talk about. The one with Toki running and her panties being clearly visible? Oh, that might’ve just been a mistake right? Lmao.

    • They haven’t really showed that much of the battle system. Still a bunch of questions in regards to combat, imo.

  • talesoffan

    The graphics look good. Enviroments interesting. Don’t care about echhi scenes. I would just skip them. Don’t seem to fit with the rest of the game, though.

  • xMCXx

    Ecchi……so cliché….