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The World Ends With You: Solo Remix revealed for iOS
posted on 08.26.12 at 11:17 AM EST by (@salromano)
Releases tomorrow with new combat system, HD art.

Square Enix has unveiled The World Ends With You: Solo Remix for iPhone and iPad.

The game, an enhanced port of the DS action RPG, comes to the Apple platform with “a slick and addictive new combat system,” “eye-popping HD art,” and more “awesome reasons” for fans to give it a second go.

Head to the official site for full details. The game is due out tomorrow worldwide. It will cost $17.99 / 14.49€ / 12.99£ for iPhone and $19.99 / 15.99€ / 13.99£ for iPad. Watch the debut trailer below. View a set of screenshots at the gallery.

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  • Kougeru


    • whiteferrero


  • Michael Garling

    Yet another huge “F U” from Square to the fans.  Not only is half of the purpose of the game destroyed (dual screen battles), but we’re also being exorted for up to $20USD for an iPad copy.

    Thanks for stringing us along for seven days over this one, guys – can’t wait for XIII-3…

  • TerrenceG9

    I am disappoint.

  • Why did I let myself get so hyped? I should have known it was going to be a disapointment.
    I guess I’ll have to let this go; little by little I’ll feel a bit better.

  • Jackle

    I admit, I was pretty excited for them to potentially announce a sequel, but I guess I’m kind of okay with this…. I mean, when I played the first game, it ended on a good note & I never once thought that it should be getting a sequel. Of course, when websites started to say that Nomura was hinting to a sequel, I began to WANT one. Oh, well. In regards to this port, I don’t own an iPhone or iPad so even if I played with the idea of getting this, I can’t :| 
    EDIT: Oh, wow, that’s a lot of dislikes on that video!

      • Jackle

        I think moments like these, I’m glad they have their video comments disabled. I would hate to read any distasteful comments from my fellow TWEWY fans.

      • zakou

         I also disliked it, not the game itself but the stupid retarded decision square made, im sorry for the rage but wth is wrong with square, this just shows that they are doing something wrong, btw the vid has over 2000 dislikes now.

        iSO? are you serious?! iOS?!! square just die already.

      • FaithlessMr


        What a great message the fans are getting across here. They believe that by disliking this trailer, they’ll tell SE that they don’t like the iOS port. But let’s look at this in another way then, shall we?

        What if SE looks at these numbers, and realizes people don’t care for TWEWY (as a whole) anymore? That could easily mean that sequels or other projects would not even be considered (why waste money on something people don’t care for?)

        And now they went on and deactivated the ratings for the video. The best way to tell ’em you don’t care for the iOS port is not purchasing it, or tell ’em directly. By doing this, you’re not accomplishing much, I’m afraid, everyone.

        • Kurai Warrior

          Square-Enix is not that stupid, and if they are, they are extremely out of touch with their fans. They know TWEWY is a loved game, if they can’t figure out that people are simply pissed off that it wasn’t a sequel like most fans wanted, then WOW. They wouldn’t have to look far to figure out why the dislike bar is that bad, and if they are too lazy to figure out the real reasons then that just proves that that are a truly terrible company right now. 

          • FaithlessMr

            Yes and no. While they’re not that stupid, you should not forget that we lost the chance to play Nanashi no Game based on the decision of a focus group…which means that sometimes, SE is just out of touch with their fans, and simply don’t understand how to reach them and work with them like many other companies do.

  • I really should stop being hyped about this kind of stuff,

    get too hopeful about something and you’ll probably get a leak two days before.

    still not too bad, Now i know where I can get this game again if my DS breaks.

    (though in reality, it’s probably gonna bog down to whether or not you want it for the remixes/new battle system.)

  • DarthBrian


  • Sucks that this is not released on PS3 or Xbox 360 as a sequel or super HD port of that game.

    • Enigma_XIV

      I say a vita remake would work out better control wise, but that would be awesome to.

  • It seems to me that people are overreacting. Consider this: Square Enix feature TWEWY in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, are about to release a very robust iOS remake of the game, and are releasing a complete OST covering all iterations of the franchise.

    Do you know what this means? Square Enix are interested in the potential of TWEWY as an IP. These are signs that they are interested in, if not already developing, a sequel. I say that is worth supporting. It also means that Square Enix are willing to branch the series beyond Nintendo handhelds. Given the cool art direction in the game, I for one would love to see it on the PS Vita. I’d gladly buy it on the 3DS, as well.

    I just think a lot of fans need to actually put this into perspective, rather then throw fits and cry in the corner.

    Anyway, I’d personally love to try this remake sometime… Perhaps on my girlfriend’s iPhone. We’ll see!

    EDIT: Many hours later, this comment showed up again. Okay, then.

  • My comment somehow disappeared, so I’ll contribute again…

    It seems to me that people are overreacting. Consider this: Square Enix feature TWEWY in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, are about to release a very robust remake of the game, and are releasing a complete OST for all iterations of the franchise.

    Do you know what this means? Square Enix are interested in the potential of TWEWY as an IP. These events are the strongest indication of a sequel we’ve ever had. I say that’s worth supporting.

    Anyway, I’d love to try this remake sometime… Perhaps on my girlfriend’s iPhone. We’ll see!

  • haven’t played this one… so I should be able to play it

    hopefully a TWEWY sequel comes out on 3ds (VITA would be nice as well)

  • PrinceHeir

    while it’s disappointing it’s for the ios.

    at least they do care about the franchise.unlike Capcom.

    yeah Megaman ios is there, but it’s just a slap in the face we could have Megaman Legends 3 as the anniversary title.

    also wait for TGS, since this is not all according to the translator-san

  • FaithlessMr

    Aight, would’ve prefered a 3DS version or Vita or whatever, but I’m fine with this. I’ll support SE and this amazing franchise by purchasing this as soon as possible.

    I can understand why some would feel let down by this but…heck, this doesn’t mean we won’t get a sequel, Wouldn’t it be much worse if they left the original game untouched and forgotten?

    This means, like Zack said down below, that they are trying to breath new life into this franchise. Which can mean, a sequel and some other TWEWY related projects.

    • KingOptimusOrigins111

      Is this the big news behind the countdown?

      • FaithlessMr

        This is what the countdown lead to…now, if you mean what the TWEWY translator said the other day, about the leak being more of a drip than…well, a leak, then no one can tell for sure. He could have been referring to a worlwide release, the new iOS version features that weren’t contemplated in the previous leak, or the fact that he may be working on something else that simply wasn’t revealed just yet…

        If anything, TGS is the event to look forward to.

        • KingOptimusOrigins111

          I’m just disappointed they made a big countdown clock to get everybody hyped for nothing but a ios game. Hopefully TGS 2012 we get some good news from Square Enix and not just stuck with some FF XIII-3 news.

          • FaithlessMr

             Thing is…when you think about it, it’s a game like any other really. They’re doing what other companies also do, which is hyping up their stuff. Now, it’s our problem for falling into the hype, no?

            I know most will just disagree with me, but it’s not SE whom we have to blame for our disappointment.

  • zakou

    Lol Square has actually removed the like/dislike status bar on that video XD

  • Rrrg Square Enix!!.. the Lightning Saga continue better be good… ..ugh -_- I don’t want my 3DS anymore.

    • zakou

       Lightning Saga exclusive for Tablets!  lol ok im going to stop this now XD

  • Bec66

    Okay I can understand making an update to the game but if it does have “Awsome Reasons” for players to replay the game WHY PUT IT ON THE IOS!?

    •  iOS is a huge and accessible market, and this is a game that can play well with touch-based controls… It seems like a sensible choice to me, and it lets Square Enix introduce TWEWY to a lot of new players.

      • Bec66

        I suppose but what about the market for iOS players? As big as the market is would it be able to get the sales it needs on the iOS?

        • EspadaKiller

           Doubt so, causal players aren’t gonna spend $17.99 for a game on the iOS.

          Wonder what’s wrong with Japanese game companies these days, why do they keep pissing their fans for? First was Capcom’s DmC unnecessary reboot, S-E’s whole FFXIII’s “Saga”, major delay on Versus XIII, major delay for Last Guardian as well and now this.

          What’s next? Versus XIII announced for iOS too? Seriously SMH.

          • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

            This comment,I like it.

          • Not many people notice this but we are not going to be getting the same XIII versus we where first shown at least graphics wise. Go to google pictures and search “Final fantasy Versus XIII old model and new model” you will see that the 09 models look way better than the 2011 or 2010 models I forgot what year it was. SE needs to come out and just say its getting ported we just want the game its no big deal.

        • If there weren’t a market for it… Why would Square Enix keep releasing robust JRPGs for iOS? Square Enix has an audience on iOS and has successfully branched Final Fantasy and other IPs to the platform. TWEWY will also be a success in this market.

          Square Enix wouldn’t do it if it didn’t make sense. They’re going to reach new players, get some old players to replay in the new style, and profit.

          • Bec66

            your right I just haven’t really paied much attention to the games on the iOS.

            •  No problem, man! Android and iOS have their strengths and weaknesses, no doubt. It’s a mistake to disregard them as gaming platforms, though. There is some really compelling content that works well with touch controls! At the same time, it’s also a mistake to say that iOS and Android are replacing handhelds. Both markets are big and different.

      • xMCXx

         Yeah, Angry Birds players.

  • Truth – I had a huge post in the works. It was about rumors, teaser announcements, countdown clock websites, all of that.

    What happened? My browser took a dump or something and lost it. I’m not going to type it all up again… It had some stories from my past, where I learned to deal with stuff like this in my own way.

    I’ll get to point. In the post, I said that I was going to give some advice, and that you could take it whatever way you want. Feel free to ignore my advice if you want, It’s just some friendly advice.

    Approach stuff like this with caution. Wait for confirmed announcements before you really jump on board. I learned to do this a long time ago, and let me tell you. It really does make a difference.

    • FaithlessMr

       YOUR EFFORTS WILL NOT GO TO WASTE! I’ll follow your advice. And somewhere out there your post floats about, in the sea of the internet.

      In all seriousness…those who feel let down are partly to blame for getting their hopes up over nothing.

  • Game’s out:

    • whiteferrero

      is it out in english too? in retrospect, that pin game might sounds like something i can fool around with my friends with. (maybe even the battles?)

      EDIT: oops nvm. just re-read and saw the worldwide release thing. :D

  • HarryHodd

    Well I could play this since I have an iPhone. Not a bad choice. I like the art.

  • I dont think people are overreacting. I think its called for. They had no countdown clock for Kingdom Hearts: DDD and it was on the 3DS. The whole countdown thing appeals to regular gamers, not casuals. They wouldn’t give a damn about some countdown and they wouldn’t even know if its a major thing in the first place so it makes no sense other than just announce it but instead they got people excited and letdown. It was stupid on their part. How do they think and how do you think people should react then?
    The series was on the DS so its only suitable to think that the next game was going to be on the 3DS and a sequel or something but not a remake on a completely different format.

  • Vampiric

    way to ruin a game

    not only to they port it to a crap platform

    they gimp the game to make it work on that platform

    • Have you played it yet?

      • Vampiric

        unfortunately the answer is yes

        • It’d help if you explained why you thought it was gimped then, for folks like myself and many other commenters I’m sure, who haven’t yet played it. ;D

          • Vampiric

            first of all the deep unique combat from the ds title? 


            replaced with your standard ios slashing, swiping and poking.

            The dual fighter system? removed

            partners are now like summons 

            doing all this decreased the difficulty so its almost a casual game now

            • HanPaul

               Can you move Neku around at all?
              $18 is a little pricey. I think.

  • HanPaul

    Not even on Android? boo hiss boo