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Team Bondi returns, teases new game
posted on 08.30.12 at 09:17 AM EST by (@salromano)
Enter Shanghai, 1936. 'The most corrupt city on the planet.'

Team Bondi, the disbanded developer behind L.A. Noire, has returned to the development scene, its official website indicates.

The site has been updated with the description of a new game for PC and next-generation consoles, new artwork (above, possibly from the new game), and reveal KMM Interactive Productions, the studio behind the Happy Feet films, as its new source of funds.

The game’s description reads:

Shanghai, 1936. Whore of the Orient. Paris of the East. The most corrupt and decadent city on the planet, where anything can be had or done for the right price. Plaything of Western powers who greedily exploit the Chinese masses. Boiling pot of Chinese nationalism, with the Kuomintang ruthlessly trying to suppress Communism and the labour movement. Home to the International Police Force, a group of Western cops hopelessly trying to keep the lid on and keep the peace.

From the development team who brought you L.A. Noire and The Getaway, along with the Academy Award winning film production team of Kennedy Miller Mitchell comes a completely new and original IP being developed for next generation games consoles and PC.

The Getaway, famous for its photo-realistic look, strong narrative and uncompromising gameplay style, sold over 4 million units on the PlayStation 2. The release of L.A. Noire set the quality bar even higher selling over 5 million units. L.A. Noire was critically heralded as a breakthrough for interactive storytelling and was the first game ever to be invited to be shown at New York’s world renowned Tribeca Film Festival. L.A. Noire has gone on to become the UK’s fastest selling original IP – a title previously held by The Getaway – and a worldwide number one hit. Using award winning animation technology to capture every actor’s facial performance in astonishing detail, L.A. Noire combined breathtaking action with true detective work to deliver an unprecedented interactive experience.

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  • Charlie

    Awesome! This is excellent news considering there aren’t many Aussie developers out on the video game scene. 

  • Ah, I’ve heard about this game last year. Sounds interesting and controversial but definitely looking forward to it.

  • bebestorm117

    YESSS I love Team Bondi! This is truly exciting because L.A. Noire was amazing and unique. I can’t wait to see the game.

  • Looks very interesting. Hope the new IP is even more awesome than L.A. Noire.

  • Its nice and all but seems very far off. Good to see them giving people jobs also.

  • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

    It’s called Whore of the Orient. Can’t imagine it flying off the shelves.

  • Good to see Team Bondi back on their feet again.

    Or at least trying to ever since that L.A Noire debacle.

  • rockman29

    Did they get rid of McNamara? That is important to me.

  • I really enjoyed L.A. Noire. (Got the Platinum trophy for it.)

    I’m glad to see the team make a come back, I’ll be looking forward to seeing more of this new game in the near future.