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Square Enix announces U.S. Final Fantasy 25th anniversary event
posted on 08.16.12 at 09:46 AM EST by (@salromano)
"New details about the direction of Lightning's story" to be shared.

Square Enix’s U.S. division will hold an “Experience Final Fantasy” series 25th anniversary event on Friday, August 31 from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the ACT Theatre in Seattle, Washington during PAX Prime.

During the event, fans will have the opportunity to participate in a series of “commemmorative activities and games” based on the 1987-launched franchise. Prizes include a custom-branded Final Fantasy XIII-2 PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 console, character plushies, and a special 25th anniversary poster featuring artwork from Yoshitaka Amano.

At 7:30 p.m., Square Enix will share “new details about the direction of Lightning’s story” via a special video message from Final Fantasy XIII-2 producer Yoshinori Kitase, director Motomu Toriyama, and art director Isamu Kamikokuryo. This part of the event will occur at the exact same time as the previously announced “New Developments Presentation” in Shibuya, Tokyo.

A Final Fantasy XIII-3 reveal is widely expected.

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  • FF Type-0 International please!!!

    • Rezar

      I would love to see Type-0 localized. Type-0 does take place in the same universe as XIII as well Versus XIII. So Square Enix can we please have Type-0 and Versus XIII please?

    • Sovereign Gale

       This. I’ve been waiting for Type-0 for so damn long, since I fell in love with VIII’s military academy/school setting and Type-0 seems similar in a lot of ways.

    • We definitely need Type-0 localized. I’ve been playing the Japanese version lately and it could be the best PSP game period.

  • rockman29

    Thankfully, Final Fantasy XIII isn’t the only thing to talk about during an anniversary.

    Or…. maybe it is…. epic fail.

  • Kurai Warrior

    Couldn’t care even if I wanted to. There are so many other things I want from SE but they refuse to show any of them. (Versus, Type-0, FF X HD). So screw them till then. 

  • I’m (terribly, yet not-so) sorry

    I simply do not give a crap.

    …unless it has anything to do with Kingdom hearts, anything BESIDES Final Fantasy, Type-0 or Versus XIII.

  • bebestorm117

    If XIII-3 really is coming I hope they get it right I personally thought XIII was better than sequel. I want the original cast back if its more Serah and Noel Im really not interested.

  • Hope there is new Information about Final Fantasy Versus XIII, but I won’t get my hopes high about it.

  • Noctionus

    ” We glad to announce that the next FFXIII title is Final Fantasy XIII Ex: Lightning Revolution which is a third person shooter game. You’ll control Lightning as a main character and the main quest is to go to past using time machine in order to save her sister and her friends. Expect some expensive DLCs, still no HD towns, cheesy dialogue, and of course a huge clifhanger ending!. And about Versus XIII, please forget it for a while again because we don’t give a sh!t about this game. Ktxbai!…” ~Motomu Toriyama

  • chinglee

    Great. Looking forward to what they have to show :)

  • JTX09

    If anyone is attending the event you should organize the fans to boo when XIII-3 is announced. Then have them chant Versus XIII after. Maybe Squeenix will get the picture.

    • Hinano

      That’s pretty stupid and childish.

      • KainArkanos

        Not so much more childish than their continual fail attempts to market a subpar, trollish game that looks like it’s clearly going to be the second Final Fantasy VII Compilation.  They fucked up, they deserve the discredit they get for putting so little effort into their high demand game.  Games that take over 3 or so years to produce have shown a pattern of shittiness in just the past few years.  Duke Nukem Forever was a 10 year game, wasn’t worth a lick of shit.  Diablo 3 has been a dud, they’re spending more effort improving it after release than the 10 years it took them to create the damn thing.  I foresee the same in Versus.

        • Hinano

          I ain’t touching any of the “subpar, trollish” stuff since the former is subjective and that is silly.

          They messed up yes (even though I loved the first game) and came back with a better product. But in no right does it mean to do something so stupid as to “organize the fans to boo when XIII-3 is announced. Then have them chant Versus XIII after.” That is stupid.

          • JTX09

            Your right. I guess I didnt realize how evil I sounded until after I posted. :X

            Sorry. I’m just frustrated. Believe it or not I didn’t enjoy XIII-2 as much as I did XIII. The story just wasn’t there for me. And I really just want Versus.

            I’m just a frustrated fan. :/

            • Hinano

              I apologize. I was being too harsh. D:

              Its understandable as its been too long anyway.

        • Wada is the boss, not you hater, shu up

    • Anime10121

       I almost want to like this, but I also want the conclusion to XIII’s story too (though I do want Vs. FAR MORE)

  • Hinano

    Looking forward to it! :D

  • Lorelai

    i love lightning ,,i think square enix want us to hate her ..the story getting stupid and more stupid this is enough..we want Versus

    •  How is this related to Versus whatsoever, though? Different development studios. :s

      • Lorelai

        like they did before..they asked versus team to help them to make FF13-2 ..im sure they gonna ask them again

      • FFXIII and FFVERSUSXIII… they are both XIII and buniberzei will awaken in versus, the fantasy that sleeps… he was the creator that the fal cie where trying to bring back in the original XIII by turning Fang into that beast. buniberzei sleeps in crystal until the time comes to awake.. Versus XIII.

        • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

          According to Nomura the only connection between them is a general crystal theme and  few names,so I doubt that.

  • Can’t wait for Final Fantasy XIII-13

  • Skelter

    I always facepalm at Versus comments……..bitching like a kid who didn’t get a console for Christmas won’t bring it any closer…….so keep your thoughts to self…..now back to the matter at hand…..lets here some good news for Lightning Square!

    • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

      I always facepalm at people who liked 13 -_- so I guess were even.

  • Amaterasu

    I’m actually looking forward to a XIII-3 announcement. I really enjoyed the first two games and I would like to see a conclusion to the story.

  • PrinceHeir

    they could use this chance for Type-0 localzation!!!!!!

    all in all, i can’t wait for new things to come :D

  • I am looking forward to FFXIII-3.

  • Mmm…Good New 

    i Hope is gonna like XIII :)

  • Ace

    Here’s hoping for a slight chance of a Type-0 localization. Played FF XIII and XIII-2 and they weren’t all that great. 

  • Guys what ever you do, do not get your hopes up.

  • I wish I could actually go to the event, that would be awesome.

    As for announcements at the event, I think we all agree that something 13 related will be announced. I don’t think they will be talking about Versus, I expect to see it at TGS.

    I would also like to see type 0 released in the west. I’m aware that the game needed more than just localization work done before it was ready. I’m just hoping for the best.

  • transgojobot

    Wow. I had no idea ‘Lightening’ was this popular. That guy Cloud-guy got just ONE game and a pretty, R&D movie. 


  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    Fuck Lightning Give Me Noctis!!!!!!!

  • FaithlessMr


    I’m actually on vacation, browsing the website from my phone (btw, nice work on that), and I just had to log in to post.

    I am a die hard ff fan. I have every single official PAL release of any main title ff game, and played most of its spin offs. I have the FF XIII collectors ed,and FF XIII 2 crystal edition. I…liked both games, had fun with them…and I hope SE just realizes it is time to move the fuck on.


    Square enix has lots of talented artists, workers and people with groundbreaking, and unmatchable imagination. We’ve been given proof of that so many times before…so, why? Why waste time and resources doing what other publishets do all the time this gen, by constantly going back to the same premises and ideas?

    If they must, then make a cgi movie or write a novel, a manga series, whatevs. Just use your creative power into new things. Is this not what the the FF series has been about? Always striving to offer us fans new worlds an mythos?

    As a long time fan, this troubles me. I really hope they come to their senses about this.

  • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

    Meanwhile everyones waiting for versus :

  • LordKaiser

    I will be highly annoyed if I don’t hear anything about Versus XIII. Versus it’s the only Final Fantasy I care to have ATM.