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Sony admits difficulties getting third-parties on PS Vita
posted on 08.09.12 at 03:37 PM EST by (@salromano)
"We will continue to talk to development communities."

Sony Computer Entertianment Worldwide Studio president Shuhei Yoshida has admitted difficulties in recruiting third-party publishers to create games for PlayStation Vita.

“We’re having a more difficult time than we had anticipated in terms of getting support from third-party publishers, but that’s our job,” Yoshida told the latest issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine.

“We will continue to talk to development communities and publishing partners and tell them why Vita can provide a great experience for the IPs they have and I hope the Assassin’s Creed game will prove that.”

Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation is one of Sony’s few major third-party PlayStation Vita exclusives, next to Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified and Atlus’ more niche (but major to us!) Persona 4 Golden. There are a few other major titles down the line, including Irrational’s untitled BioShock project and Square Enix’s Final Fantasy X HD, but their current lack of development do not make them a viable system selling point.

Hopefully, Yoshida will succeed in his effort to gain more third-party support.

Thanks, The Silent Chief (via Gamasutra).

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  • Yuri4prez

    I really hope so. I have come to really love my vita, and it sucks that there is nothing to play on it.

    At this rate, I might as well buy COD and start to play the shit out of it cause the games I do want are not coming out fast enough, if at all.

    At least we got:
    Ragnarok Odyssey


    • I’ve finished Uncharted, Resistance, Hotshots Golf, and Gravity rush on it, along with a handful of great downloadable titles, I still have Disgaea 3, Katamari, and Rayman Origins to play. I still have 20 PSP games loaded on the system that I haven’t finished. Persona 4 and Ragnarok, like you said, will be coming out soon. I’m looking forward to Assassin’s Creed 3 Liberation on it. If I run out of games, I still might go get SoundShapes, Mortal Kombat, Blazblue, and Dynasty Warriors. I might even go all the way to Metal Gear Solid 2/3, as I’ve never played those before. Not all of these are the greatest games ever or ones I would play on an established console, but I don’t see how there’s any sort of lack of games to play on the Vita. 

      New console releases are usually a good excuse to try out a genre you haven’t played yet, or haven’t played in awhile. Sometimes they surprise you (Hotshots Golf was the biggest surprise for me. First golf game I’ve played in 17 years, and it’s great.)

      Given that you’re probably a RPG fan by your 2 choices in games, you should know that RPGs are scarce for every system for the first year and a half or so because of their longer development time and added translation burden. It’s actually surprising that we already have 3 that are coming out in the first year, and that they are of such high quality (even if 2 of them are ports.) I’m buying my first 3DS later this month, and I can only count about 3-4 RPGs for it after a year. Most of those are ports, and the other is Harvest Moon, which has a much quicker dev time than most RPGs.

  • LovesJapanManga

    Let’s hope that Playstation Vita will not drag gaming division down. I really hope this device can bring many successions to Playstation family. So, that way, it can have a healthy competition against 3DS.

  • LovesJapanManga

    Also, I’d like to see more fighting games down the road for Vita, so it’d be nice to transfer save data(s) between Vita and Playstation 3. I hope we will be getting more support from JRPG or WRPG  studios. 

  • Yuri4prez

    i don’t know what happened… Everyone seemed to be onboard before the thing was actually released, now almost all 3rd parties are hiding out and NOT doing anything with the vita…

    Everything is money, and just because the vita didn’t launch as good as the big dogs expected, the handheld is considered a failure and everybody and the man in the moon jump ship…

    I am really starting to hate the industry as a whole.

    • rockman29

      Third party publishers are assholes to SCE, straight up.

      • Yuri4prez

         While I do agree, some blame comes from Sony as well. They promise everybody the moon, then don’t deliver. Customers and 3rd parties alike.

        The handheld has been out for half a year in the US, and still isn’t capable of what Sony was promising before the damn thing even had a name!

        They tell customers it can do all of these crazy things, and doesn’t even have ps1 support at launch.

        They tell 3rd parties this will be the biggest thing since sliced bread, and it doesn’t sell billions.
        3rd party developers are scared. If the game they make doesn’t have HUGE sales and numbers like (some activision game) they would rather NOT make the game than NOT make slow and steady profit.

        • The PS1 games will be coming. But it’s tied to that whole android PSM suite thing that takes a bit to test and debug. They could run PS1 games on it right now, but they’re trying to bundle it up in such a way that it advances their android phones and such as well.

          • Yuri4prez

             I know the ps1 games are coming, but seriously, they should have been playable at launch. It’s not too cool when a system before the current one could do things the superior version cannot do yet is all I’m saying.

            But for those that didn’t know that already, good info.

        • rockman29

          I agree with you.

          Let’s be fair to Sony though.

          This is THE most fully featured handheld ever released, regardless. It literally is better than sliced bread. It’s closer to the wheel.

          It has cross game chat. It has custom in-game soundtracks. It has trophies. It has leaderboards. It has online play through broadband.

          Making games for Vita is CHEAP compared to other systems. It is fractional compared to investing into PS4 or Xbox 720.

          The third party support is atrocious! 

  • Jeez….and I though the 3DS was doing horrible.

    still wasn’t there a similar predicament with the PSP? 

    • Yuri4prez

      Well, the PSP was being supported by 3rd parties rather well, for a while. Then people started cracking and hacking and chopping ans screwing until the PSP became a pirate’s haven.

      This isn’t the case with the Vita yet. Security wise, there is no real reason to fear what happened with the PSP to happen to the vita. At least not to that extreme that it could kill the handheld.

      But the simple fact is, no support=death. If the Vita doesn’t keep the paying customers happy with titles, people will start hacking this baby with a vengence. What else can people do with a 250-300 dollar investment? Not play games? Near? Hack that shit. Simple Get some use out of it..

  • Kitsune Miku

    Well Im giving my Vita away soon… Cos Im replacing it with THIS gorgeous beauty! :D 

    I haven’t played my Vita in a long while and sometimes I regret adopting so early. But I love it regardless and I really hope developers see it for what it CAN be, not what it is now. There’s so much potential.

    The more games I hear about being developed for PSP still is nice and all, but I want to see them on my new system. Especially all the JRPG’s. Man Vita needs one. At this rate I might buy Assassin’s Creed and CoD just to show Vita some support, even though they aren’t titles Im normally interested in.

    • Yuri4prez

       We should be getting Ragnarok and Persona very soon. that ought to keep me good hopefully till the new year, but really? 2 friggin games in 6 months? Geez.

    • I don’t get the people who say they haven’t played it in ages, or they think there’s too few games. I’ve platinumed 3 games since I got the system, working on a 4th, and I have 3 more already on the system ready to play. (One of the ones I platinumed wasn’t a great game though.) There’s maybe 3 more already out that I might enjoy playing if I finish the ones I have, and Persona 4/Ragnarok Odyssey should be out before I finish the ones I have. I also have a bunch of PSP games waiting to be played on the Vita. 

      Maybe it’s because I have so little time, but the Vita has pretty much dwarfed any other system in how much I play it since its release.

      • Kitsune Miku

        For me personally there hasn’t been an awful lot to play. I have Uncharted and Wipeout as my main ones and I love them. But thats pretty much it for myself. I dabble in Everybody’s Golf and I played Motorstorm pretty obsessively for a week, as I did with SSDD, but they’re mere distractions.

        I have a few PSP games I can play, like Corpse Party and some FF titles, but Ive already played them… On my PSP. And this is the problem. Most of the games I wanted for PSP I bought retail. I dont wanna have to buy them again. I have in one case.

        When PSOne support is added I’ll be set but until then Im not really looking forward to an awful lot on PSV. Im waiting for my Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f eagerly. And I honestly cant think of a lot of upcoming titles that isnt yet another spin off or a port of a game being released on a bigger console. And thats whats hurting it in my view. But thats just me. I dont speak for everyone obviously.

        That said, Soul Sacrifice looks good and I cant wait for Time Travellers. But the localisations are long off I would imagine.

        • You must have way more time than I have, because I have way more PSP games than I could ever finish. Persona 3 Portable, Gungnir, Unchained Blades, Growlanser 4, and many others… I don’t get much gaming time, so I never finish every game that a console has to offer.

          • Kitsune Miku

            In honesty, I really dont have all that much time to play. I may have more than you but I dont know that. I spend most of my time at work. 

            As for PSP games, while its region free, I dont have many import titles and thus I dont have much to play on my PSP anyway cos the UK sucks and barely supported that either. All the games I wanted got as far as the US or stayed in Japan. And I dont want to hack it and I dont like spending more than £40 on an imported UMD.

            But anyway that doesn’t solve my personal issue of not having much on the Vita to play. I dont play for Platinum’s so I dont have that to drive me and not many of the games that are out even interest me in the slightest. Playing the demo’s haven’t helped me decide much either and as Ive stated before, if its a game I can play on a home console, im not gonna get it on a portable one. I might rent it later on for Vita if I want to play it again though.

            • I tend to work 52-60 hours a week, so I have very little time to play games at all. It took me until now to completely finish Uncharted, and I bought that back in March. That’s why it seems odd to me that you “spend all your time at work” but have already finished everything you have for the Vita.

              The lack of platinum seeking may be the problem. Without that, most games last for maybe 6-8 hours. If I only played my games through once like that, I’d be out of PS2 and PS3 games to play as well, even with my limited schedule.

              I’ve only ever imported one game for the PSP. I can’t even play that one now because it doesn’t work on the Vita… 

              I generally prefer playing things on a portable system even if they’re available for a home console because about 70% of my gaming time is done away from the house. Before the Vita, it was about 65% DS, 5% GBA and 30% PSP, now it’s about 95% Vita and PSP games on Vita, and about 5% GBA. It’s completely absorbed most of my gaming time. It’s even eaten away at my PS3 time by a fair bit.

              Demos are often a poor representation of a game. If I went on the demo alone, I would have never purchased Uncharted: Golden Abyss, and it turned out to be a great game.

              • Kitsune Miku

                Well I work about 10-20 hours less than you but everyone plays at different paces. Ive always finished games quite quickly. I played Uncharted: GA twice through (Hard and Crushing) and several repeats of levels for Bounty Farming and dying in places. Its a short, fairly easy game. I almost have a Platinum but Im bored so Ive put it aside.

                As for Wipeout, the single player and multiplayer modes are relatively easy to play through once, but after getting an Elite Pass in most of the single player I got kinda bored with the lack of arena’s and the very limyed music, I was very glad I could play my own. And as I said, with the others I only really play them for half an hour or so each every now and then. Everybody’s Golf is nice, Motorstorm is full of bugs and SSDD just wasnt really for me.

                Im just not very attached to my Vita is all. If i’d bought all my PSP games via PSN I’d be fine, I’d still have loads to play. And it wouldn’t sit there gathering dust. Thats not to say I dont like my Vita. I love it. Id just like Sony and outside developers to show it a bit more love is all. Its been 6 months for the US and EU. I dont want to see more announcements of RPG’s being made for the PSP. I want to see it for Vita.

                None of this is stopping me getting my limited edition one though. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f is out on the 30th and I get my copy alongside the limited Vita just after Christmas when my friend brings it home with them. :DOnce that game is in my hands, I will never complain about Vita’s games ever again.


                • I only spent maybe 30 hours with Uncharted. Finished it 3 times, normal/hard/crushing. I normally start uncharted games on Easy, but I’d played U3 recently so I figured I could start on Normal this time. Then finished all the bounties (which were probably the worst trophies that an uncharted game has ever inflicted on me. The key for all but the gem trophies is to find an area that can be easily restarted and has high enemy density. The 50 cal machine gun levels proved helpful in this regard in places. You shoot 15-20 enemies then hit the restart checkpoint button. It was still atrocious though.)

                  That could be another part of it, yes. When the PSP Go was released, I didn’t go out and buy the darn thing, but I did see the writing on the wall and started to repurchase my entire library from PSN as they went on sales at various points in the last few years, and traded in the UMDs as I went. Thus, I have a huge library of PSP games on it, and am in no danger of running out of games for my Vita in the next 2 years. The only reason I would have to get another PSP at this point is to finish the 5 UMD games I have that were never released for download.

                  • Kitsune Miku

                    I wished Id had the foresight to do the same. But im kinda attached to the whole ownership thing. I like to hold my things. I want them there physically. So I didnt. Now I regret it cos I could be restarting Gods Eater Burst right now, but I bought that at release at £30, I dont wanna spend another £8 just to download it. Though thats a decent price, its the principle of the matter.

                    The other thing is, I cant stream my gaming footage on a Vita. I love streaming my PSP games. Its so easy. But Vita didnt get a Video Out feature, so thats gone too. ;_;

                    Oh and Remote Play is still a joke. And probably always will be.

                    • I’m thinking that its absence is only temporary. There’s way too many pins on that bottom connector for just what they’re using right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s HDMI signals floating around there somewhere that they would just need to enable through firmware.

                      Until then, most of the videos I’ve seen have been people using cameras. Awkward, but workable. 

                    • Kitsune Miku

                      I agree there. Ive been looking at all the ports and one in the top is particularly interesting cos it seems to have no use atm. I really hope its added as its the main reason I haven’t replaced my aging PSP yet with a less broken one. Then I really WOULD rebuy most of my collection.

    • rockman29

      I hope AC Liberation proves that PS Vita is a home for any type of game.

      There is so little confidence and faith by any publisher in anything besides quick port jobs and FPS these days, it’s terrible!

  • rockman29

    Third parties are jerks, seriously.

    Vita is the sickest handheld to just develop stuff for. Easy to learn processors, which are ubiquitous in the mobile world, translation from PS3, and serious firepower. This is THE most powerful small handheld device on the market, even more than Ipad 3.

    Also I want to run Android on this puppy.

    Where are the sidescrollers!? Where are the adventure games?! Third parties, what the hell is wrong with you!?

    • Side scrollers: Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack, Rayman Origins, Sumioni: Demon Arts.  (Escape Plan is theoretically a side scroller, but it’s a puzzle game rather than a platformer)
      Adventure games: Uncharted may count. Dynasty warriors is ostensibly a hack and slash adventure game. Gravity rush kind of is adventure too. 

      Looking through the list of Vita games, I see lots of third party titles. 

      • Yuri4prez

         Good point, but the thing is, these games were clinched before the release of the system.

        The problem is, Sony isn’t getting any 3rd parties to jump on board TODAY.

        The list of released games is pretty wide and has variety, but look at a list of upcoming games. They are dwindling fast, and there doesn’t seem to be any real new games on the horizon.

        For being in circulation for about a year (give or take) that is no good for the future of the console.

        It sacres consumers away. Why buy a Vita if nobody wants to make games for it down the line?
        It scares the 3rd parties away. Why spend the money to make a game for a system nobody owns?

        This circular pattern is kicking Sony’s ass apperently. Why else would Sony even mention something so negative?

        • That sort of catch22 is present in nearly every console launch, and the only solution is to tie down a game that will get people buying the system. In Japan, if you can convince Capcom to bring Monster Hunter to your system, or SquareEnix to bring Dragon Quest over, then you’re pretty much set. Over here in America, it’s probably something like Call of Duty, or a Bioware game. Since Vita will be getting a Call of Duty game soon, we should see it start to pick up late this year or next year.

          • Yuri4prez

             This is true. Granted, i may be jumping the gun on this one, as I always seem to do lol, but not everybody in the US wants to play COD or a bioware game.

            You have it more correct than anybody with stating what “They” think the consumer majority wants is all we ever get. This seems to never be the case.

            As much as I don’t like the COD franchise or Activision in general, I would lying if I didn’t say I want them so very badly to bring a COD to the Vita.

            Maybe the franchise and company I hate so much can save the day. COD could turn the thing around. Slobbering fanboys will be all over a new COD, but to play it, they gott thrown down money for a vita. Which they love to waste money anyway, this should be no problem for them.

            More Vitas sold= more vita owners in the world= more interest from 3rd parties to release a wider range of games for it.

            I can only hope.

            • Nod, I don’t want to play a COD game, but a COD game on the Vita will probably help the system get the games I do want. Just as a Monster hunter game would help get the games I want to the system even though I would never play it. Unfortunately for me, and other JRPG fans, I have seen no signs the Vita will be getting Monster Hunter or Dragon Quest.

              • Yuri4prez

                 Yet another reason Sony is some what responsible. They expect 3rd party developers to beg to make a game for their systems… Sony needs to be aggressive if they want to succeed.

                Can you imagine what would happen if Sony payed Capcom to bring monster Hunter to Vita?
                There would be riots in the streets! Hell can you imagine if Sony paid Namco to localize Tales of Innocence for the vita? People would be shitting themsalves around the world!!

                Even if Sony would handle some of the marketing for said 3rd party instead of straight up paying them. Sure wouldn’t hurt Namco to have some damn marketing for their games lol!

                It can be done, but Sony doesn’t try as hard as they pretend to IMO.

                • You have to understand one thing about Sony in relation to other console makers like Microsoft. Microsoft will pay developers to get an exclusive, or to get a port of a game to their system. Sony is focused on developing and funding new IP, and tend to refuse to pay a bunch of money to bring an established IP over to their system. They might give preferential pricing structures to developers who come over, or help them with marketing, but they don’t fork out cash to them. 

                  This means that while they lose out on big titles, they tend to have a lot more unique and interesting games and experiences on their platforms that you only see elsewhere on Steam or similar platforms. It’s hurt them in sales to not have all of the biggest titles, but it’s good for people who like new things on their consoles and get tired of stagnant game design. 

                  I don’t even know what Nintendo is up to. They tend to focus on new ways to play, but are new-IP averse for the most part. I don’t think they really even like to play ball with third parties, but do it reluctantly… How they manage to secure so many third party titles their portable systems is beyond me.

                  • Yuri4prez

                     Nintendo has no problem securing 3rd party support cause nothing outsells Nintendo. The name alone brings wallets and purses by the billions! Nintendo has more consoles sold than every damn man woman and chile on the planet. 3rd parties see this and want to be included.

                    The opposite is now happening on the Vita. Not enough people showed up to the party, so 3rd parties are taking their wares and looking elsewhere.

                  • rockman29

                    I don’t understand the portable thing either.

                    I think Nintendo pays for the exclusivity, just pays less for mobile titles, because they know it’s worth more in the long run.

                    Only thing is Nintendo has money that Sony just doesn’t.

                • rockman29

                  Yuri, remember that Sony doesn’t have the money that MS or Nintendo does.

                  The yen is high. Japan is in a state of deflation. If you need, go to Wiki or a news website and find out what this means for exports.

                  It’s bad. REALLY bad for Sony. There are reasons they are having so much difficulty competing in the games market against MS, Apple, Google, and Nintendo, and the same goes for getting destroyed in the home theatre and phone business by Samsung.

                  A 20 year recession, a high yen, a tsunami, a youth population which is disconnected and jobless… and frankly bad decisions in the mobile phone and TV space…. this shit adds up… it’s bad, and people don’t realize what hot water Sony is in just yet.

                  And frankly how badly Sony needs PS Vita and PS4 to succeed.

                  If PS4 doesn’t do well, we could be reading about Sony’s closure in a few years. It’s that bad.

                  • The exchange rate is so bad for japanese exporters that even Nintendo is suffering losses right now.

      • rockman29

        It’s just that nothing has released since launch basically.

        And Rayman was already on other platforms. There is nothing new. And when new comes, it costs 39.99 USD! It’s too much for handhelds!

        I can play games for free on my Android phone, or spend (and I don’t) a dollar or two for a game.

        PS Vita needs a portfolio of games to survive in this environment. It is the most powerful handheld, but it’s just not being used for anything.

        And seriously, 5 or 6 games is just not enough to get everyone on board. Remember, finding THAT game for everyone involves having a huge selection so everyone can have a game they love on PS Vita and have at least a few reasons to buy it. Not everyone is going to have something to love from 5 or 6 select games. It’s just too few. Mortal Kombat, BlazBlue, MvsC, and SFxT are great games sure, but even those aren’t unique to Vita or necessarily better on it.

        There’s just not enough to say ‘Vita is here.’ IMO, the third party support is still horrible, considering how cost effective Vita development should be.

        • While $40 is too much for iOS games, because the vast majority of them are disposable experiences with uneven quality and very limited content repeated, $40 is just fine for most Vita games sold on cards, because they pack in far more content and quality. Rayman Origins was more expensive on other systems, $40 is a discount. You can play games for free on the Vita as well, as there’s at least 2 completely free games already on the system, and a number of free PSMini games from PS+. 

          There are also several iOS-style-bite-sized games available for less than $10 on the system, including the fantastic Mutant Blobs Attack.

          Personally, I hope we don’t get the deluge of ad supported free games on the Vita like you have on Android. I would hate to burn my poor 250meg data plan and battery with worthless advertisement. 

          I’ve actually paid more than $80 on handheld games before. I bought Trails in the Sky for $40 downloaded, then turned around and bought the collectors edition. I also paid $90 for Ys Seven between the download and collectors edition. Some handheld games are so good that they’re worth way more than the $30-40 asking price.

          I only picked the ~7 games that I’ve bought and have been enjoying, and left off about 4-5 downloadable games. There’s been closer to 30 games released for the system, but most of the rest are very low on my list, while they do seem popular on the lists of people in my area with Near. 

          Vita development isn’t any more or less cost effective than Xbox360 development. It’s about the same level of complexity as the 360 and Wii U. Also very similar in costs for assets to those two systems.

          • rockman29

            PS Vita needs those cheap disposable games, IMO, to garner attention. Plants vs Zombies has migrated to PS Vita because of it’s popularity, but who in their right mind is going to pay 15.99 USD for it?!

            It’s complete madness. Support those popular games like Angry Birds, sell them for cheap, give users a reason to play those games on PS Vita’s amazing hardware rather than people’s normally lesser phones. Not everyone has a Samsung SIII.

            More options, not less, is the answer.

            • I paid $15 for it… It’s worth it to play PvZ with d-pad and button controls instead of touch screen.

              As for more cheap games, wait for PSM to be rolled out. We’re not going to get a preponderance of cheap games through the standard deployment process as the costs are too high, but PSM will be similar to the PS Minis, and should have lots of $5 or less games.

        • Also, there have been quite a few things since launch. Gravity Rush, Disgaea 3, Pinball Arcade, Lego Batman 2, Metal Gear Solid 2/3, Mortal Kombat, PulzAR, Resistance, Sound Shapes, Puddle, Pure Chess, Foosball, Star Drone, and Table Top Tanks.

          All of these were released between April and August.

  • i hope resident evil revelations come to ps vita too

  • Kary Mitchell

    Why would someone want to pay $250 for a waterd down ps3 when there could just buy a ps3? in fact heres the link
    thats 160gbs and a big library of games compared to a handheld that you have to pay $80-$100 for 32gbs and sony had to make a whole new type of memory for the psvita so they could get more money instead of using sd cards.
    Sony needs to step up there game and price drop the thing ITS A HANDHELD no one cares how powerful it is they could just get a ps3.
    Nintendo was wise and price droped there 3ds and look at it now the most highest selling console in japan I say sony do the same.
    Oh and guess what? Nintendo’s main company’s office is in japan so they might not have gotten hit as hard as sony but they still got hit and there families got hit.

    • I can’t play Uncharted while waiting in my car on the PS3, and I really like playing uncharted while sitting in my car. I do want a watered down PS3, and I do want console games made portable. I like how good the games look on the Vita, and probably wouldn’t be as happy with a lesser handheld. I’ll find out later this month though when I get my 3DSXL.

      If I wanted micro experiences that I can shut off at any moment, I’d actually play games on my android phone. 

      You’re right, Nintendo’s hurting right now too with the overly strong Yen, and even with the success of the 3DS they’ve been hitting losses recently. One thing that would help this sort of thing would be the re-implementation of the Carry trade to help restart their export business, but with the rest of the world markets being so shaky, the carry trade is too risky to resume.

      It makes me so aggravated when people bring up the proprietary memory cards. High quality SD cards cost nearly as much as the proprietary memory, the costs in SD cards are only low when you go with cut-rate, error prone and slow cards. The SD ecosystem is so full of crummy cards and counterfeits, that you have to be insane to trust your business to it.

      • Kary Mitchell

        till if sony announces a price drop it t would be great

        • I wouldn’t expect price drops until after March of next year. They haven’t fired all of their big titles yet, once Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed Liberation comes out, they’ll give it a few months then re-evaluate if they need a price drop…

          • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

            I’m sorry Kaz, I’m too tired to write a full comment but basically I agree with you. In fact here’s a short list of the Vita titles I’m excited to lay my grubby mitts on. Some have not been announced for international releases yet, unfortunately. 

            Ys: Foliage Ocean in Celceta
            Tokushu Houdoubu (Special Report Division // Special News Department)
            Time Travelers
            Soul Sacrifice
            Sine Mora
            Miku (Project Diva f)
            AC3 Liberation
            NFS most wanted
            Bioshock Vita
            P4 Golden

            • That’s quite a list, and 7 of those I’m very excited about. The others I need to learn more about, but might like as well. I hope we get Time Travelers here, but it wasn’t a huge success in Japan. Ys will be great, for sure.

              • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

                I’d love to see a localized version of Time Travelers but I highly doubt it. It sold poorly in Japan (WTF Japanese gamers, where’s your taste?!), it even sold less on 3DS (huge install base, main promotion platform in Japan) than on Vita and let’s not even mention PSP sales, which is very worrisome. 
                The game is extremely text-heavy and features hours of voiced dialogue (played the Japanese demo, it’s awesome). Hardly any localization company would fund a project that sold that poorly in a country where this genre is usually popular. The other problem are voice actors. My experience with localization (as a consumer, at least) is that the contracted company wants to get rid of Japanese voice actors or must at least include English ones as well. 
                This is gonna get expensive and quality will certainly suffer as the original VAs are stellar. 

                Tokushu Houdoubu is probably gonna remain a Japan exclusive as well for the very same reasons. But well, NISA localized Mugen Souls, albeit in a censored version, so there’s hoping that unique Vita game will cross the pond, as it’s exactly what the doc ordered for Vita’s current games drought in the west.

                The dilemma with Vita games is that some of the most unique ones are gonna stay in Japan for a very long time as localization would take lots of time and resources as nobody even considers that the target audience would probably enjoy an English subbed version with Japanese VAs than a longer-in-the-making fully localized version with half-assed English VAs. 
                Excellent English VOs like Persona 4 Golden, MGS and Catherine are still few and far between.

      • rockman29

        This is why we need Android running on PS Vita.

        Heck, Sony, release an ICS cart.

        Charge 60 USD for it for crying loud. Just give us a way to use Android on your device. Do they not realize how much increase in value PS Vita would be seen to have with Android support?

        I mean seriously, supporting Android on PS Vita immediately nets PS Vita about a million games, give or take.

        How can this not be a consideration by Sony? Damn suits!

        I am absolutely not ignoring the obvious that this may allow pirating. However, why not get the jump on pirates even by just letting us run ICS legally? Within the bounds that Sony desires? Using a Vita game cart? How awesome would that be to be able to run Android on PS Vita without trying to hack the snap out of it? I want to keep my Vita legit, and I want Sony to give me a great reason to. Android would be AWESOME on PS Vita.

        • Urgh. Having poked around the internals of the android system, ICS is the LAST thing you want running on your Vita.

          I think Playstation Mobile should fill that gap decently though, and do it with a language that’s better than freaking Java.

  • One thing that has to happen for the Vita, and sooner rather than later. The developers in Japan have to start embracing it, and stop releasing so many games on the PSP.

    I understand why they do, but the Vita desperately needs those games to help move some units. The portable market in Japan is much different than in the west, and while having one big game could help it take off, having a handful of quality games helps.

    Some of you have mentioned some promising looking games being developed for the Vita, and I agree with many of the points made in the comments here. As for me, I plan to purchase the AC3 Vita bundle this holiday, I’m going to buy a Vita before a 3DS, and one of the reasons behind it is my belief in Sony. They really stuck with the PSP during the early years, and it struggled as well. When piracy took off on the PSP in the west, they still continued to support it, and luckily Japan helped save the PSP.

    I think the same thing might happen with the Vita (Japan saving it), but I’m not sure Sony can afford to wait things out this time either. As for western consumers embracing the Vita… I’m not sure what the problem is.

    Some say the price, others say it needs more games, and no one seems to mention my biggest problem with the Vita, which is the memory sticks.

    The portable gaming market in the west is hard to figure out right now. People buy up Apple products like no tomorrow, but I’m not convinced when it comes to consumers gaming on those devices, or other mobile devices. Sure, developers are starting to support those devices with quality titles, but I think the primary source of core mobile gaming still takes place on the Sony and Nintendo Handhelds.

    I’m not so sure a FPS is the answer for the Vita. Do hardcore FPS players really feel at home playing a competitive MP match on a handheld device? It’s different when the game is more casual and less complex to play. The fans who play CoD for example, they are very serious about those matches, they want to win and even buy rapid fire controllers and stuff to get an edge. I just don’t think that type of consumer is going to embrace the Vita, or any handheld.

    I think another handheld game from Rockstar would be nice (GTA? RDR?), and some more support from Sony via first party games. How about something from the God of War team? Infamous on Vita? Killzone? Syphon Filter for Vita? More new IPs would be nice. And developers need to stop trying to sell or market Vita games as “side” games. That makes them sound mediocre or of lesser quality. Which doesn’t help sell copies of those games.

    • rockman29

      Good post. I think you looked at a good number of things here.

      I think we all need to keep looking more at why mobile phones are so much more successful with their games. We can talk quality as much as we want, but we have to see this in terms of success and why they are getting as much attention as their are. Pricing and multiplatform are probably big contributors.

      Sony needs to explore the same things. Pricing right now is an issue for handhelds. Select few can charge $40 a pop for games on the go. The type of games may even be the wrong ones for PS Vita. I think Sony needs to think about a different type of game people will purchase for Vita. Lumines success comes to mind. Uncharted Golden Abyss does not.

      I think pricing models might be an issue for the Vita, and I think Sony needs to do something aggressive to correct this. PSN needs to maybe be more lenient with approving games for sale on PSN as well.

  • FaithlessMr

    It’s the japanese developers you need support from, Sony. The western devs don’t like handhelds as much, they prefer to work for iOS and Android since it’s much easier. If you get the japanese devs first, sales will increase and western devs will find the system more interesting.

    Now go and get us some nice jrpgs on this sexy system, which just needs some japanese games luvin’.

    • Marco Tinè

      I agree wholeheartedly. Vita is a japanese machine, and it’s pretty easy to create code running on Vita and PS3 at the same time, so they should push on this direction and literally *scream* about how much easier and organic the interaction between home console and portable has become. You can actually create two games while just working on one, and this is huge! 

      • FaithlessMr

         Seems they took your words into account, with the new Xplay feature they’ve announced at this year’s GamesCon, soon to be implemented :)

  • Joe

    If we wake up tomorrow and the Vita can stream PS3 games via Gaikai’s service, the Vita will become a brilliant device that Sony created in anticipation of the next step in mobile gaming.

    Don’t count the Vita out quite yet.

  • zakou

    Yes because we want an Assassins Creed game, no we didn’t have enough of yearly release of AC games, it’s been 5 already or 6 with AC3 and Liberations on it’s way so that’s 7-8 games.

    But instead of making a new ip or anything new Sony decideds to make countless remakes, PS2 classics and games like that for PSV.

    Gravity Rush is the best example of a fine exclusive with new and exciting features.

    Sony should consider asking what’s leftover from Cavia studio, they could make some good “New” RPGs for the vita for cheaper than most of the studios out there.

    • Sony showed Soul Sacrifice again and again and THAT is a new IP I’m counting on. It’s supposed to be released worldwide too. Don’t forget that game.

    • Don’t forget Sound Shapes, which is new IP, and Mutant Blobs Attack which has only had one prior iteration. Motorstorm RC is also only peripherally connected to its parent IP, being a completely new style of game not tried before in that series. There’s a couple other relatively new IPs on display there, but you have to seek them out.

      • zakou

        Don’t make it sound as if I said “Vita has no new ip’s” I even mentioned one. I just said “instead of”

        I don’t know about you but I don’t need a Dynasty warriors game for vita theres like 10 versions of that game already out.

        COD? What for? There’s tons of COD game’s nothing new, same goes for assassin’s creed.

        The games already out on vita had and im not kidding you at least “Three” instalments before being released on vita.

        Not only the games I mentioned but even uncharted? Already 3 games, blazblue? Same thing.

        We get repeated games, heck even already existing games like disgaea 3 are on vita.

        Still not getting my point? Almost every game I named and there’s more, already had and have better versions and instalments on the PS3, so every game I just named is more worth buying a PS3 for and not vita because they, wait for it!…

        Cost the same! Vita and PS3 that is.

        I know I talk a fucking lot but so far I could do a better job, I’d call leftover team from Cavia(they even ask for jobs) for cheap and let them make some new exclusive vita games.

        There are other developers who could help Sony, but I don’t work for Sony lol so im not even getting into it anymore.

        • *sigh* What about us people who enjoy playing those games? Disgaea 3 is 1/3rd of the reason I purchased the Vita to begin with, and Persona 4 was another 1/3rd.

          I know plenty of people who love every Dynasty Warriors game and purchased the one on the Vita happily. There’s a vast swathe of gamers for whom Call of Duty is the game they play, and that will pull them over to the system.There’s room for new IP and old IP both on the system, and it’s the old IP that will sell people on the system. Come for the familiar, stay for the new…

          • zakou

            Why play a litte upgraded version of Disgaea 3 on a small screen where you have a Disgaea 4 in HD! Redrawn character for the first time, something fans been waiting for, yes im a disgaea fan.

            Dynasty warriors is a bad example as dynasty warriors games never change, and why buy “DW next” when you have 7/ XL and soon Empires = the ultimate version.

            …Persona 4 is just a remake of already existing game “existing” nothing new unless you are person 4 fan and want more what 4 offered.

            Going back to my point, in my eyes Vita only has 3-4 games so far that are either new and exciting games(worth getting a vita for)

            Majority are remakes, upgraded versions of already existing games.

            Tales of
            Dynasty warriors

            And the list goes on, I played almost every installment of the games I mentioned except of alot of tales of games(Europe), and there’s probably alot of people like me who are tired of the same just slightly upgrade stuff.

            The positive stuff on vita are games like the new YS game, ragnarok game, the remade tales of game(Europe got almost no tales of games xD) Gravity rush.

            • You’re tired of the same slightly upgraded stuff…

              Yet you’re excited by Ragnarok, which is just another entry in an old IP… and Ys, which has about 8 iterations so far, and this is a remake of one of them, and a remade Tales game. I think you’re not upset about remakes as much as you don’t like the games that are being remade. 

              Why play Disgaea 3 when Disgaea 4 is out? Because I’ve already finished Disgaea 4, and I haven’t finished Disgaea 3. Along with that, It’s impossible to take Disgaea 4 with me and play it in the car while waiting for my wife.

              I want Persona 4 for the Vita because it’s another game I never managed to finish back on PS2. 

              3 games was enough to get me to buy the Vita, and those 3 were Disgaea 3, Persona 4, and Gravity Rush… I’ve had plenty of fun with other remade games that I never played before, and sequels to PS2/PS3 series that I enjoy on the Vita. It’s been one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

              • For the record, Persona 4 Golden features quite a bit of changes from the original game.

                One of the main reasons I’ll be buying it. I did everything in the original game, back when I completed it on the PS2.

                • I know that, of course. Most of those games he mentions have significant alterations from the originals, some are even whole new games just in the same universe. Just approaching it from his angle. ;)

                • zakou

                  Yes quite a bit = upgraded and that’s what I said xD.

                  What was considered an expansion pack few years back is considered today as “omg so much new content it’s a completely new game!” today.

                  This just shows how little effort is put into making games exciting even after their release.

                  • It’s mostly for the fans, of course. =P

                    For fans, an expansion pack back in the day was a pretty big deal and I think it still is now, even if they aren’t really called expansion packs these days.

                    Did a console game that wasn’t like an MMO ever get an expansion pack? I honestly don’t remember. You should know that Japan has been doing these re-releases for years, In fact, I’m sure you are quite familiar with that.

                    My point is, this is not anything new that is only being done these days this has been going on in the industry for years now. The main difference is… publishers used to just wait and bring the complete version to the west, or the upgraded version never made it outside of Japan at all.

                    As a fan, I’ll gladly take this upgraded Persona 4 with new content versus not getting to play it at all. For me, it’s enough to save up and go buy a Vita. For many, that isn’t enough, and there is nothing wrong with that at all. ^^

              • zakou

                Good Points, its people like you and Zero that make this site even more enjoyable.

                Well ragnarok game is something new, old ip but that was a MMORPG before, now epic hack and slash so I count that as something new and exciting because everything is changed.

                True about YS games, you got me there :p but being European I didn’t get to experience many YS games -_- yeah most stuff back in the day that was jrpg was jp/us only.

                Anyways thanks for the reply this conversation is done but it’s just funny how 3 games is enough for you for getting a vita, just like I said before there are 3-4 games that are worth getting on vita.

                In the end it’s all about: how many games are enough for you to buy the vita for.

                But the fact remains, majority of vita games are remakes or upgraded version of existing games, Imo I rather have more new games for a new handheld that just came out, keep remakes but not so many.

                • I think early on, Ys actually came out more in europe than it did in the US. That changed when Falcom licensed to Xseed though, and suddenly we’re getting tons of Ys games for the PSP and PC.

                  I’m looking forward to Ragnarok too. I played the MMO when it was in alpha, but never went back to it later on.  

                  Thanks for the nice conversation. :)

        • (Also, Disgaea 3 for Vita is assuredly the best version of that game, as it has been for every Disgaea game. They all have superior portable iterations.)

  • Pirate King

    Persona being niche is ignorant at this point… Hasnt been for years. Persona is a huge series.

  • Marco Tinè

    External devs have always the option of saying “no thanks” to any offer from Sony, for whatever reason. Developing something for the Vita is just their call, so the one thing Sony can do about them is courting, courting and courting them to death.  

    But there’s one serious thing that Sony should do with its internal studios, and I think this idea is gonna upset someone out there: they should put God of War, Wipeout, SOCOM, Motorstorm and Little Big Planet in standby, redirecting their resources to new and groundbreaking IPs for both the Vita and PS3.

    The company should accurately check the schedules of its internal studios, and once their current projects are completed, push them for totally original contents. This way, they could plant seeds for the great brands of PlayStation ‘s future. You just cannot rely on Gran Turismo, God of War or Uncharted like… forever.

    Innovation must start from the inside. And for those who are already putting their efforts on the Vita, Sony should show a stronger support. I mean – Spike Chunsoft, Game Arts, Atlus, D3 Publisher, Q Entertainment… Bring ’em to the stars (= help the bring their games to the West), and the others will (probably) think “oh, this is how it works at Sony? Maybe we should give it a shot, too!”

  • Trying to create new IPs is nice. I think some of you are forgetting the business side of gaming. They bring these established franchises to new platforms because people continue to buy the games. Sony hopes that bringing well known 3rd party franchises like Call of Duty, Assassins Creed, Persona, Metal Gear Solid, Madden, etc. will help bring consumers who enjoy those franchises to the Vita. It just makes good business sense to do that. Sony is doing the same thing with first party titles, we already have Uncharted, with Sly Cooper, and Little Big Planet on the way. (I presume more in the works.)

    With that said, as a gamer, I love to see new IPs being developed in the industry. I’m a huge supporter of new ideas, even when they are somewhat flawed. I admire when developers take a shot with something new. Gravity Rush, comes to mind when thinking about a new fresh title for the Vita. I’m very excited about the upcoming Soul Sacrifice as well. With that said, I’m fully aware that the average consumer tends to stick with well known established franchises.

    This is true even in Japan. Publishers see the numbers and they feel that continuing to put money in those franchises is the safe bet, and unless people stop buying those games, that business decision is not going to change over night. It won’t change just because a few gamers on the web passionately ask for new IPs on consoles or portable hardware either. (It doesn’t hurt to post comments and be passionate, but we can’t sit here and believe our singular opinion speaks for everyone. Or, that a group of comments speak for the majority of consumers.)

    The best thing we gamers can do is support the new ideas, the new innovative IPs. When those games come out, we have to buy them. If we all want Sony and other developers to start making new IPs on the Vita, we need to go out and support Vita games like that when they come out. If consumers are investing money into those new games, Sony and Publishers will take notice and feel more comfortable greenlighting more new IPs for the Vita.

    • Marco Tinè

      The importance of the business side of gaming is in front of everyone’s eyes, I think: just look at how many times in one single day you can read about sales figures, incomes, losses and so on, in any videogames related website. This is not a case of lacking awareness, in my opinion. It’s more about figuring out how this thing called “gaming industry” works, and what can be done to help it progress.

      I’m with you, Zero, when you say that the consumer should support new IPs, but you cannot support something that doesn’t exist, or exist without being properly advertised. That’s the main reason why, as you said before, gamers tend to stick with the same franchises. They’re safe shots, but I feel they need backing alternatives, and that’s precisely what is happening with the 3DS.

      Nintendo brings out the big guns tipically once in two years, but in between you can find little gems like the promising Bravely Default: Flying Fairy. A new IP that couples the vision of a famed illustrator like Akihiko Yoshida, and the proven talent of a small company like Silicon Studio: it plays like a classic RPG with a captivating artistic value, things that resonates very well with the consumers because they look familiar.

      “Hey”, says the common gamer, “this looks like a twist on Final Fantasy, and the screens are lovely. I think I will try it.”

      And this is exactly what the Vita needs, better fillers between the occasional “sales stimulators” that goes under the names of Uncharted, God of War, Call of Duty and so on. It’s a matter of better balancing these two moments in the machine’s life. Provide that kind of fillers, titles that are new but yet doesn’t feel too alien (and I say this despite being a strong advocate of experimentation in videogames), and everything will turn out just fine.

      These are just opinions based on how I perceive the gaming industry and the Vita’s struggles in particular, and are not meant to indoctrinate someone on how things should work. But it would be interesting to know if Sony’s vision matches or not its customer’s vision.

      • I agree with that, I kinda hinted at it in my post below. I just wanted to touch on the business side of gaming. You make a great point, we see reports and articles about it often, but gamers like to forget about it when discussing problems in the industry. Like it shouldn’t factor into what games are published, or what projects developers should work on, etc.

        Moving on -Don’t you think Soul Sacrifice is a nice alternative for Vita owners? What did you think about Gravity Rush? Ragnarok Odyssey, looks promising. Ys Celceta Sea of Trees (Slightly more established series) is hopefully going to be good as well. I think the Vita has some of those backing alternatives you speak of, at least they have some coming from Japan.

        • Marco Tinè

          “We see reports and articles about it often, but gamers like to forget about it when discussing problems in the industry.”

          That’s absolutely true, and is a little shame: sometimes, numbers can help you understand why some things in the industry happens, and others don’t, so I think it factors in the “what can be done to help it progress” part of my discussion.

          Moving on (mind if i quote you?), PS Vita has great alternatives available now and scheduled for the future, the only gripe I have with Sony is how little they’re pushing it to the West. Soul Sacrifice has all it needs to blow Monster Hunter out of the water, and it should be marketed as such, people should be told about it. Especially the inclusion of online play is a huge deal in the US and Europe.

          I’m glad that you’ve mentioned Y’s and Ragnarok, because those games are *perfect* fillers, and high quality ones too. That’s exactly why, a couple posts back, I said Sony should overtly help people like Game Arts, Spike or Q Entertainment in bringing their products out of Japan. There’s a huge breeding ground there, and no reason why its fruits should stay forever in the shadow of the Rising Sun.

          We have Zero Escape crossing the Pacific, and this is a very encouraging sign to me. Let’s hope it’s not an isolated case, but the start of a rich and continuous trend at Sony.

  • LordKaiser

    Would be good if Vita games could be played on PS3. That way everyone wins.