Rising Star Games bringing Virtue's Last Reward, Under Defeat HD to Europe - Gematsu
Rising Star Games bringing Virtue’s Last Reward, Under Defeat HD to Europe
posted on 08.10.12 at 10:42 AM EST by (@salromano)
New Japanese titles for PAL territories.

Rising Star Games is bringing Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward, from Spike Chunsoft, for 3DS and PlayStation Vita, and Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition, from G.rev, for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, to PAL territories, it’s revealed on Facebook.

Also included in the publisher’s lineup is Jewel Master: Cradle of Egypt 2, Shifting World, and Girls’ Fashion Shot.

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  • FaithlessMr


    They’re…are they…oh my god. We’re actually getting the sequel to 999 in Europe? THIS IS EPIC!!!!

    One of my favorite adventure games of all time, heck, one of my favorite games of this new generation. And I thought I’d never be able to play the sequel since the 3DS is region locked and I don’t have a Vita just yet…This is a joyful occasion :D


    • whiteferrero

      I know right! So awesome! XD XD XD

  • Marco Tinè

    Thanks from the bottom of my heart, Rising Star. Shall your effort be properly repayed.

  • chinglee

    FaithlessMr took the word right out my mouth xD

    I am overjoyed :D

  • Awesome!
    Definitely getting Zero Escape.

  • Locksus

    Whee RSG is awesome!

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Any chance of these in the USA?

    I have a pirated copy of underdefeat a friend gave me on Dreamcast and its a fantastic gem. I would pay double the asking price for an updated legit version.