Project X Zone enemies include Vile, Lord Raptor
posted on 08.28.12 at 08:46 PM EST by (@salromano)
Meet the game's original and crossover bad guys.

Famitsu this week has a look at some of Project X Zone‘s enemy characters, which are both newly created and cross over from existing franchises.

First, the original enemies:

  • Dorai Belanos (CV: Kazuya Tatekabe)
  • Ain Belanos (CV: Toshio Furukawa)
  • Douhet Arambelm (CV: Megumi Hayashibara)

(Those spellings are probably all incorrect.)

Franchise enemies include:

  • Lord Raptor (from Darkstalkers) (CV: Yuji Ueda)
  • Selvaria Bles (from Valkyria Chronicles) (CV: Sayaka Oohara)
  • Vile (from Mega Man X) (CV: Hiroshi Shimogiki)
  • Ciseaux & Prelude (from Sakura Wars) (CV: Wataru Takagi)

Additionally, the mag reveals that pair units can attack enemy units simultaneously using several techniques. In order to use these techniques, you will need to gain XP in battle.

Thanks, Re: Gigen.

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  • PrinceHeir

    delicious :D