Kamipara set for PS3, due December in Japan - Gematsu
Kamipara set for PS3, due December in Japan
posted on 08.07.12 at 10:16 PM EST by (@salromano)
Nippon Ichi Software's 20th anniversary title.

Kamisama to Unemi Kakumei Paradox, one of Nippon Ichi Software’s upcoming 20th anniversary titles, is confirmed to be a PlayStation 3 game in Famitsu this week.

The Team Disgaea RPG, which stars a 17 year-old protagonist who becomes a god after drawing the winning lottery ticket at the mall, will launch on December 20 in Japan. A limited edition is being planned.

Thanks, Sinobi.

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  • Hinano

    Is that the game with Noizi Ito’s art and the loli angel? Please say yes.

    • Yes.

      • Hinano

        Sweet. Looked the most interesting between the two of their announced titles.

  • Hope to see more info soon.
    Definitely buying it as soon as NISA localize it.

  • talesoffan

    NIS = Savior of JRPGs. :)

  • stealth20k

    it seems like a new ip srpg hybrid

  • DarthBrian

    Super excited for this. But if it turns out to be a Visual Novel, odds are we won’t get it over here. :(

  • I sincerely hope that this will be released in English next year.