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Jude Mathis returns in Tales of Xillia 2
posted on 08.29.12 at 02:19 PM EST by (@salromano)
Tales of Xillia protagonist now a researcher.

Tales of Xillia male protagonist Jude Mathis will join his co-stars Alvin, Leia, Elise, and Roen in Tales of Xillia 2, this week’s Jump reveals.

Jude is an upcoming researcher devoting himself to the development of Origin, a new technology that allows users to perform magic without sacrificing spirits. The childness of his student days are gone, and he seems to have a more mature atmosphere about him. Also, check out that hair.

Thanks, Re: Gigen.

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  • HarryHodd

    I like his new design better than the first game.

  • I’m really digging his new look. 

  • Hinano

    Oh my god.

    Why. Why did you have to return this trainwreck of a character? This killed my hype somewhat.

    • Zuhri69

      Badass Longcoat. Yeah, I get what you mean. Hope he treats Leia better this time around.

      • Hinano

        He doesn’t have to treat Leia anything. Don’t touch my Leia lol.

        Thats another thing I fear!!!

  • bebestorm117

    Jude looks good! What about Millia?

  • luke12345

    Will he be a party member please he better be

  • margherita mastropaolo

    he looks handsome

  • FaithlessMr

    Well, not surprised to see him back. Knowing all the others are slowly making a return that is.

  • Zuhri69

    I just hope he doesn’t turn out to be another Milla whiner. Come to think of it, I hate Milla mostly because of Jude. Meh, Badass Longcoats are badass.

  • He looks cool now! Much better than in Xillia 1

  • PrinceHeir

    ace :D