Game Arts announces F2P Picotto Knights for PS Vita
posted on 08.01.12 at 01:10 AM EST by (@salromano)
First Famitsu announcement with instant online media.

GungHo Online Entertainment and Game Arts are continuing its strong PlayStation Vita support with Picotto Knights, a new free-to-play title to be distributed by NHN Japan, this week’s Famitsu reveals.

Picotto Knights is a side-scrolling hack n’ slash action RPG featuring over 400 characters, some of which are stylized cameos from other games. It will feature up to four-player online co-op play, as well as offline co-op support using your friends’ characters (controlled through AI, I’m assuming.) The game will feature character growth elements and see updates on a regular basis. It will offer eight weapon types: blade, spear, axe, hammer, claw, chakram, rod, and bow gun.

Visit the game’s official site here. (It includes screenshots.)

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  • whiteferrero

    sounds like a good game. hope to see more.

  • Added dem screenshots.

    Dem screenshots.

    • zakou

      Dem screenies

  • While this looks great, how about making Grandia Vita?
    Do it GameArts! Do it SquareEnix!