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Free MMORPG Guardian Hearts coming to PS Vita
posted on 08.01.12 at 12:00 AM EST by (@salromano)
Q Entertainment's mobile online port due later this month.

Lumines publisher Q Entertainment is bringing Guardian Hearts Online, its sprite-based, turn-based mobile MMORPG, to PlayStation Vita in Japan later this month.

The PlayStation Vita port will be free to download, and offers a billing option for additional items. Visit the game’s mobile site here (which may or many not be representative of the PS Vita version.)

Thanks, Game Jouhou.

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  • SirAuron14

    aw yes, now they catching on F2P games are great having a game great as this will have the vita flourish wonderfully.

    • chronicus_pr1me

      Yeah,I’d like to see more F2P and MMOs on Vita.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Is this coming to Vita later this month in North America???

    • Haha, sorry. In Japan later this month. Fixed. :-)

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        /smashes vita on the ground in frustration.

        See what you made me do?!?

  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    Turn-Based no thanks.

  • InternatlGamer3

    Don’t know why but It seems to me that the blonde haired guy in the pic resembles Jaster Rogue from Rogue Galaxy one of my favorite PS2 RPG`s of last Generation