Call of Duty: Black Ops II multiplayer reveal trailer - Gematsu
Call of Duty: Black Ops II multiplayer reveal trailer
posted on 08.07.12 at 01:17 PM EST by (@salromano)
The ever-lasting Call of Duty play mode.

Activision has released the multiplayer reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops II, currently in development at Treyarch and due this November for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Watch the clip below.

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  • Rafi

    Awesome and looks fantastic so far, now Treyarch need to show us the branching storyline.

    • Acidicsam

      They showed us part of that at E3, if I recall correctly.

  • Yuri4prez

     O_O  I dared to dream it, and now it comes true!!! BLOPS II LOOKS………………..just like every other COD ever created………..I didn’t see that one coming…

    • LustEnvy

       I dared to dream it, and now it comes true!!! Battlefield, gears of War, Halo, Killzone, Uncharted, Resistance LOOKS……………….just like every other game in the series this generation……….I didn’t see that coming. SEE what I did there? The anti-COD rants are getting OLD.

  • kiri25

    I wonder when people will stop buying the same game over and over each year lol. Great job milking the series as always activitsion same game new title and people mindlessly buying it at full price believing its something new.

    • rockman29

      But it haz 3 hr singleplayer.

      • Aldridge517

        No one plays cod for single player

    • The Black Rabbit

      Because it is fun? the same thing with Pokemon , and Mario? 

    • Why are you worried about people’s taste? You need respect the Call of Duty public

    • To clarify, I have enjoyed your comment was a technical error, I do not know how to dislike here

  • xMCXx

    I can’t really see the appeal. It’s just walking, shooting, script-sequence.
    And this since the very first game. Nothing new. At all.

    • Yuri4prez

       Truth is, the COD games are actually very well made, and great for mindless fun. I am not a COD or Activision supporter by any means, but they are good games.

      The main gripe I have with them is, it doesn’t take a rehash every year to keep people playing. Take a look at another FPS only played for MP: Teem Fortress 2.
      Also, a very well made, fun game. The only difference is, the devs keep the game going by expanding on it with dlc, new maps, weapons, etc. There is no reason to throw basically the same game out every year.

      But of course, why wouldn’t they? People are stupid enough to keep buying it. Hell, every new COD outsells the last. WHY?!? That may be a question we will never be able to figure out in our lifetime friends.

      i stongly believe that just 1 COD game with dev support: New maps, weapons, bonuses, etc. can survive for YEARS without the need of re skinning it, putting it in a different box, and selling it new again, but untill the vast majority of gamers realize this simple fact, we will continue to get COD every year, until it completely crushes all other genres and new and old IP’s.

      Thank you Activision. you have painted the gameing industry in a corner where new IP’s and developers are scared to death to try anything different, because it will never make that COD money.

      Thank you COD sheep, who pay full price every year for the exact same thing, but with cross bows, or remote control car bombs. Due to the overwhelming success of the COD franchise, all other genres are being slowly phased out.

      Soon, the only games to play period, are going to COD of clones of COD.

      • rockman29

        Started off good with that post, but then you sort of trailed off into nonsensical predictions there.

        Good idea though, until the ‘people are stupid enough to keep buying it’ and onwards.

        • Yuri4prez

          lol sorry about going off the rails like that heheh, but even though some of my comment was nonsensical to an extent, I still feel that what I said was not totally in jest.

          Developers at every turn are being shot down by publishers on a regular basis due to pitches, that may be quite interesting, but is out there enough that COD money is not forseen by the publishers. They do not have confidence in the current market to make money on these games, so will not take the chance.

          Sure some gems squeek by, but nobody can deny that most of what we as gamers are left with are the tried and true.

          Assassin’s Creed 35
          Final Fantasy 9000
          COD 9001
          Guitar Hero 333 (until recently)

          And so on. The same franchises, the same games over and over. I wouldn’t say that is a totally bad thing, but the publishers would never push games and over saturate the industry if us consumers would just stop and say “Enough already! Give us something else. Give us something new.”

          That doesn’t happen half as often as it should. Nor does it happen as often as it used to.

          Example. Enslaved. IMO, a truly superb game. Nobody bought it. Will Namco ever release a sequel? NEVER.

          Where as, COD continues to outsell every game on the planet…. Like stated earlier, COD are not poorly made games, but there is no reason the world needs one every year.

          • DjangoRaijin

            Actually Assasins Creed and Final Fantasy are some of the worst examples for this argument. Nobodies really mad that theres alot of the same game. Nobody is asking for new Ips. Theyre complaining because Cod has not changed even one tiny detail since its release. Assassins Creed and definitely final fantasy implement game changing ideas almost every release. All the final fantasies are amazingly different even though they share the same name. Assasins Creed simply improves. I think its obvious Ubispft makes the development team put in work before releasing games to the public.

    • DjangoRaijin

      LOL every shooter is like that. RPG= Walk, Talk, Walk, Battle, Long ass Cutscene.
      Action= Hack and Slash till everything dies, Puzzle, More killing, Cutscene, bossfight, cutscene
      so on and so forth. Not trying to start anything but the argument you presented against COD was a troll argument and nothing more. Add more details. Details are key.

  • KingOptimusOrigins111

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  • Please remember the guidelines when commenting here. Just because you don’t like Call of Duty, doesn’t mean you should fill up every article about it with the same comments. Most people would call that spam.

    So far, the comments here are fine. Just keep the guidelines in mind when commenting, please.

    1. Know what you’re writing: don’t comment if you’re going to flame, troll, or “fanboy.” Everyone has their preferences, and we understand that, but they are no excuse to repeatedly rant about a publisher or hardware company you’re not a fan of, or any game or genre for that matter. It doesn’t add anything to the discussion. Don’t like a certain game? Either share a civil explanation as to why, or move on to the next article.

  • Talbot

    Rather than predictably bash CoD for supposedly spewing out mindless rehashes year after year, I’ll simply sit back and let nature takes its course (millions of sales, constant chart domination, etc.) without caring too much – like I’ve been doing every year. I’ll just be playing something else that’s more down my aisle.

    That being said however, I am tempted to try this one out when it gets cheaper, because I never really truly gave CoD multiplayer a chance, and well, this at least looks more palatable and intriguing than Modern Warfare 3.

  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    Same Old Same Old :)

  • InternatlGamer3

    same rehashed gameplay, talk about how its gettin’ on my nerves. SIGH

    • LustEnvy

      Battlefield (been the same since Bad Company 1), Gears of War (been the same since the first), Halo (Halo has been pretty much the same since the beginning, but for the sake of being current, it’s been the same since Halo 3), Killzone (2 and 3 are the same), Uncharted (been the same since UC2), Resistance, are all shooters that are rehashes of the games before it, with minor improvements.

      I swear the anti-COD bandwagon has the worst possible argument about ANY shooter game. Please try and counter that argument. Just…disappear.

      The only thing that will satisfy you is if CoD becomes something else. That wouldn’t be CoD. That’d just be a different game.

      Before you call me a fanboy, I have played every single one of the games I’ve mentioned.

      • KingOptimusOrigins111

        COD is the same, nothing else deal with it.

        • LustEnvy

          So are the other games. Your argument is severely lacking. CoD gets the most attention because it happens to be the most popular.

          • KingOptimusOrigins111

            Hahahaha LMFAO really, I thought it was the over hyped commercials and your friends telling you to buy COD was the problem here but you don’t see it that way do you. Now if you want to talk about gameplay yes, every game is going to feel similar to its prequels but what draws the line between COD and other games like Uncharted, Halo, Gears Of War, Killzone, Crysis, Dead Space, and other games is the developers are actually trying to add new stuff to the gameplay and pushing it further, increase the graphics, & push their engines more. All we see from COD is the same gameplay, same graphics, and a new soldier on the box art.

            • LustEnvy

              Just by the trailer alone, you can see that there are a bunch of new additions to the gameplay. I don’t know what the hell you’re on about. I do agree about MW3 though. That game was a mistake, and a rehash if I’ve ever seen one.

              And graphics? Yes, they’re dated. On that, I can agree 100%. But CoD focuses on 60fps fast paced action, which no other major company has done for consoles. That is the biggest difference between CoD and every other AAA shooter. Try putting GoW, Halo, or any of the others in 60fps, and they will look every bit as bad as CoD. They instead focus on graphical fidelity at the expense of half the framerate.

              Graphics aren’t everything. Fluid action, and super response sure as hell is, which the CoD is king of.

              Try again.

              • KingOptimusOrigins111

                Crysis runs at 60fps and it looks amazing so whats your point? Gears of War and Halo at 60fps would probably look good and you know it. The thing your not understanding at all is its all about the engines. Gears Of War & Halo at 60fps would destroy COD in that area as well because of their engine. COD has not updated its engine since Modern Warfare 1 (the last good COD) judging by the trailer it looks the same as every other COD. As far as graphics go yes graphics aren’t everything but when a studio has been going on for the last 5 games with the same graphics yes people are going to complain. COD super responsive really, really, explain to me why the online is the most glitchy and laggy game franchise ever.

                Try Again ;)

                • LustEnvy

                  Jesus man. Crysis 2/3 doesn’t run at 60fps on consoles. And yes, every single game would look amazing at 60fps, but they DON’T because the systems can’t handle 60fps and maintain that graphical fidelity. If those games ran at 60fps, a lot of sacrifices would have to be made. Now you’re just sounding like a very misinformed anti-fanboy.

                  The online is the glitchiest and most laggy? Wow dude, you’ve summed up every single shooter game ever. That relies on your connection and whoever is hosting the room. Again… try again.

                  • KingOptimusOrigins111

                    I’m a fanboy wow!!! but yet your defending COD to death. Just listen to yourself you sound like you don’t even play much of other game. You can ask anybody on this website and they’ll tell you COD online is the most glitchiest and laggy game franchise ever. You probably only play COD everyday and 15 mins on other games. So I’m going to give you a word of advice just because something is over hyped, released every year, and talked about a lot doesn’t mean its the best game ever. Right now its COD getting the most hyped with fanboys like you backing it up. Then next it will be Battlefield and so forth. COD is nothing but a recycled game released every year for delusional fanboys like you to put money in Activision pocket. 

                    I’m done but you can keep trying to complain all you want while I’ll be playing games like Uncharted, Battlefield, & Batman real games.

                    • LustEnvy

                      I said anti-fanboy. I’m not defending CoD. I don’t even own any except Black Ops (which I almost never play nowadays). I absolutely hated MW3.

                      My posts are about squashing that stupid ‘CoD is always the same’, as that argument can be used for every single other shooter franchise in the same generation. They are all the same with minor tweaks here and there and some additions to the gameplay. CoD, BF, Uncharted, GoW, etc, etc. Again, CoD gets targeted because it’s the most popular. I can hate CoD as much as the next guy, but not because of that ridiculous argument.

                      Also, way to make some serious assumptions and accusations.

                    • DjangoRaijin

                      Once again not starting anything  but those other games you mentioned have obviously improved over their lifetimes. You can see the higher polygon count with every new release, The gunplay always feels just a tad bit better to amount to a great gameplay experience. COD on the other hand looks the same and plays the same and has been this way for over 5 games. Treyarch are the only ones who tried to improve. Black Ops does feel alot different than other CODS. For better or worse is personal opinion but I cant allow somebody to say that Activision puts in as much work as the other shooter develpoers when its obvious they dont.

                    • kiri25

                      I agree with you I mean 2yrs to make MW3? It’s nothing new in fact most everyone I talk to calls MW3 what it really is MW2.5. No matter how you much u may want to defend COD if ur given 2 yrs to make a game with no real improvements ur milking the series.

      • kiri25

        Lol so in other words you played all those games for 15 min and quit to go back to COD. I can tell u if u actually played those games longer than 15 min you would have seen were the devs have tried to improve on their game. UC2 added a lot of new content not found in UC1 and UC3 just added a ton of new content but if this had been COD they would have released a new game instead of a patch. Also most of those games don’t release a new entry every year b/c the devs are trying to actually add new ideas and gameplay to the franchise, but I regress until u stop playing COD and gives those games more than 15min ur nvr understand.

        • LustEnvy

          I love Uncharted, actually. Uncharted 2 is my fave shooter this generation. Yes, UC1 to UC2 was quite a bit different, as UC1 was using last gen tech. However, UC2 and UC3 are very much the same game with 3 improving and adding things. The same thing can be said about CoD.

          The only reason CoD releases every year is because they have TWO studios releasing games.  They can release games yearly, while others can’t. It’s that simple.

          Also, Uncharted wouldn’t be able to release a new game every year. Those games are very expensive to make, and very time consuming.

        • Man, some of you guys really need to better respect other members of the community. Assuming things, like LustEnvy’s only played each game for 15 minutes, thus his/her opinion is invalid. Or responding with things like @gematsu-91299a41773c667d2ee8cddc3f6eeb64:disqus’s “COD is the same, nothing else deal with it” and “Hahahaha LMFAO really,” as well as the assumption, “your friends telling you to buy COD was the problem here…”

          Like, come on guys. That’s really kind of rude.

          • KingOptimusOrigins111

            No, I’m trying to prove a point here how people who play COD can’t admit the game is the same as every other COD. 

          • kiri25

            Truly sry sal and lust. I honestly didn’t see the comment as rude just that post i was replying to had nothing to support how all those were in fact a rehash of its original and thus me laugh. Also lust it is possible to create all those games yearly if the devs wanted to just milk the series I mean look at what SE is doing FFXIII seems like will have new FFXIII each year now. My point is that MW3 could have easily just have been dlc for MW2 and seeing as the majority of OPs 2 players will get for the zombies just make new zombie maps for OPs 1. As for UC 2 and UC 3 being the same game the difference here is that UC is very story driven were as COD is all about the online, so honestly the only thing COD needs is one game adding new features thru patches and dlc not with a new game priced at 60 that’s nothing more than an expansion of the previous. Anyway we shall see if OPs 2 is any different than OPs 1 this fall.

  • Why are you worried about people’s taste? All of you need to respect the Call of Duty public

  • I’m not even sure what to say…

    I feel like my post below was completely ignored and disrespected. This is a complete trainwreck, plan and simple.

    I’m locking this thread until I have a proper chance to discuss it with Sal and the other Moderators.