BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma announced - Gematsu
BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma announced
posted on 08.05.12 at 08:29 AM EST by (@salromano)
Latest entry welcomes three new characters.

Arc System Works announced the latest title in the BlazBlue fighting franchise at BlueFes in Tokyo this weekend.

Titled BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma, the new entry features returning characters, some with new looks (Noel doesn’t wear a hat anymore), and three new characters: Amane Nishiki, Bullet, and Azrael.

The game is due for Japanese arcades in winter 2012. PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions will presumably follow at a later date. Watch the debut trailer below.

Thanks, Famitsu.

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  • xMCXx

    Another BlazBlue!

  • RyougaZell

    Looks great.

    But in a way we also have fewer returning characters. I don’t see Nu13/Lambda11 nor Mu12

    Only Noel has a new outfit. Tsubaki only got a palette swap.

    Will buy because of the amazing story

  • dmysta3000


    • PrinceHeir

      don’t forget Kokonoe too :P

  • Rezar

    Can’t wait to hear more about the third installment in the series.

  • Akira

    Amane turned Ragna into a kid. o.o

    • The Black Rabbit

      yes……yes he did….XD

  • zakou

    Arc System Works lost all my respect, im fed up after three games get only 2-3 new characters each game and few new stages.

    This is the same as releasing a new CoD or Assassins Creed or Dynasty Warriors game.

    Blazblue CS and CS2 shouldn’t exist, this should have been called blazblue 2. But no they decided to release a new BB game almost one per year with very little new content, also they changed Noels appearance but left others to look the same wtf.

    • The Black Rabbit

      I disagree with this post. I think CS was a very solid story progressing entry into the series. Blazblue Chrono Phantasma Looks the same, a very story driven entry. And it’s ok to not change everyone else. they didn’t have to do noel either, i could tolerate if they made no changes. and just made story progression. Now as for the ports, and cs2,extends? they could have done better there. I agree with you there…

      • zakou

        Because of the story progression you would pay full game price? I agree CS did have good story progression but let’s not forget that this is a game not anime or some movie.

        And the “game” had almost nothing “new” the same everything apart from wow 2 new characters and the rest was on DLC that you had to pay for.

        Sure im going to be harsh but I don’t care if someone agrees with me or not as im just stating real truth, this isn’t an opinion.

        But when BB:CT was released that’s a whole different story, compare what CT offered over CS, CS2 and now this 3rd full price expansion pack.

        CT offered unique 10 or 12 characters, lot’s of stages, story mode for every character, online mode, etc, you should get my point by now how the 3 BB games after CS offer so litte compared to CT for the same price.

        • KainArkanos

          Purely everything you say…is only opinion. Just because you think you’re right, doesn’t make you right. The quality of a game is only as good as someone’s opinion of it. There is no truth in the good or bad of a game. A game can have a rating of 1 out of 10 on any site it wants, doesn’t make it a bad game as long as there is someone who wants to play it. Any GOOD gamer would realize that off the bat without being told.

          • DrForbidden

            While most of Zakou’s posts ARE opinion, this statement, “And the “game” had almost nothing “new” the same everything apart from wow 2 new characters and the rest was on DLC that you had to pay for.”  is FACT, not opinion.

            I am also tired of Arc System’s nickel-and-diming. I loved the original Blazblue, and I might pick up Chrono Phantasma when it rreaches consoles as I have not bought and have no intention of buying Continuum Shift, but a spade is a spade no matter how you slice it or try to justify it.

            • KainArkanos

              It is a story based arcade fighting game, not your next tekken, street fighters, mortal kombat, or any of that other noise.  You want all those characters?  Go back to play those games.  You want a story based fighter?  Then you come back to Blazblue, they’re not going to change the whole point of the game just because you don’t like the fact that they don’t have more than 20 f*****g characters with all different fighting styles.

              • DrForbidden

                You’re reply doesn’t seem to have anything to do with what I wrote previously. Anyway, since when was it a requirement for story-based fighting games to have fewer characters? And when did anyone complain about there being fewer characters? Nobody’s complaining about that. We’re complaining about endless re-releases and iterations with little additional content to justify the release and pricing. If you can’t see the difference between that and the roster size, there is no reason to continue this conversation. 

                And finally, most of the roster in BB play quite differently so I again am not sure what you were referring to in your last sentence. 

                Have a nice week ahead.

                • zakou

                  Thank you DrForbidden, at least someone here doesn’t “take what’s thrown at him”

                  Kain using bad language and telling me that what i said is an opinion, let me rephrase what i said before so that maybe even you can understand my point KainArkanos.

                  BB:CT = Alot of content
                  BB:CS = Very little “NEW” content keep in mind the word new means something that we want that we didn’t see in a previous game, something that we spend our “hard” earned money on.

                  If you are very rich and have alot of money and dont work hard to earn them then you won’t even comprehend what it means to wisely spend money and so that you dont pay “full” price for 10% new content compared what you got in previous game “100%” new content.

                  And even if you didn’t understand that then no i don’t expect 100% new content in BB’s next game but 10% or less is something im not paying full price for, but this is the third time they are doing this.

                  What developers are doing is “updating” the already existing game, and not giving you new exciting stuff.

                  Maybe you are a young kid but before this DLC crap and endless COD’s there used to be something called “Expansion packs” that cost very little on the release date, today they charge us FULL price for expansion packs and people like you “DEFEND” that idea.

                  Also alot of DLC used to be free. (looks at square enix promising that XIII-2 will have costumes, what happened was the game didnt have any for free you had to PAY for a freaking costume in a game where it was promised that you will have costumes)

                  Also im no longer going to post here on this artice anymore, i think i already made my point across.

                  My rant here is done XD sorry if someone didn’t like what i said here.

  • Sick trailer…very well directed.

  • LordKaiser

    Nice! New characters!

  • DarthBrian

    Looks awesome. I only have the original BlazBlue so I might get this one.

  • Not enough.. but i hope they fix the animation movies quality in this one.. in CT animation was so awesome.. in CS it was a joke to be honest.. and please make anime series or movie for Blazblue.

  • PrinceHeir

    shame i just bought Extend this year just for the revised Calamity Trigger story and the new update..

    while i love that they’re still making tons of content for the franchise, shouldn’t they slow down a bit??

    what about those who bought the DLC?? at least make it transferable.

    it seems this game will be released by next year, and location test are this year.

    oh well i’ll probably buy it anyways since we rarely have these kind of games. though i want the latest Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code version to appear on consoles, a new Guilty Gear etc.

    everyone should check this link for more info found on this trailer.

    heck they COULD even add more than this trailer so wait and see.

    • z_merquise

      Don’t worry, Guilty Gear would come.

      Same here, I bought CS: Extend few months back. Haven’t played the game for a while, guess this would be the good time to go back and play it again.

      This one looked so good. Bullet and Azrael looked awesome.

      • PrinceHeir

        yup2 i just hope that this game will at be as long as 2-3 years.

        i don’t like yearly releases tbh.

        a new GG game would be sweet!!!!

        btw have you pre ordered Persona 4A????

        can’t wait for my copy to arrive :)

        • z_merquise

          Hehe, not yet. I’m not really into Persona series, sorry. But I read a lot of good things in the game and I love Arc Sys so I’m thinking of getting it soon.

          • PrinceHeir

            you should try it :D

            or at least the other SMT games like Nocturne, Digital Devil Saga, and Devil Summoner series ^^

  • z_merquise

    Here’s some few details for the new characters:

    – Azrael is a mid-aged muscular man who’s sort of a meathead, fighting is everything to him. Drive name is “The Terror”.

    – Amane is a man that looks as beautiful as a goddess, fights with a plumage. Drive name is “Spiral”.

    – Barret (Bullet) is a close-combat cool female mercenary with cleavage. At a glance her motions looks a bit like Makoto’s. Drive name is “Lockon”.

    – Voices: Bullet= Toa Yukinari (Berserk anime series’ Casca), Azrael= Hiroki Yasumoto (Bleach’s Chad), Amane=Akira Ishida (Namco Tales series’ Rid Hershel)

    Thanks to MMCafe for these info.

    Looks like Azrael is voiced by the same guy who voiced Asura in Asura’s Wrath and the Japanese voice of Adam Jensen in Deus EX: Human Revolution. And how many feminine-looking characters does Akira Ishida voiced now?