Toki to Towa debut gameplay trailer - Gematsu
Toki to Towa debut gameplay trailer
posted on 07.20.12 at 03:59 AM EST by (@salromano)
Nearly four minutes of in-game footage.

Imageepoch has released the first gameplay trailer for Toki to Towa, its PlayStation 3 HD animation RPG due on October 11 in Japan. You’ll see the battle system in action and world navigation at work. It also confirms the hero dies at the beginning of the game, leading Toki to travel back through time.

A clip of artist May J., who discusses discusses the game’s theme song “Rewind,” which she sings, was also released.

A lengthy new information page can be found on the game’s official site.

Gameplay Trailer

May J. Discusses “Rewind”

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  • zakou

    Omg! Faints…

  • The game plays out exactly like I expected it to. And that’s good.

  • Charlie

    This looks amazing!
    Is that Rapheal at 2:09? I kid, I kid.

    • Rapheal from…? I’d like to see the comparison.

      • Charlie

        Rapheal’s Soul Calibur 3 character model :)

    • whiteferrero

      Soul calibur? I see the resemblance.XD

  • I want to know why they still label the hero as “Player” when you’re actually playing as Toki and Towa.

    • whiteferrero

      coz later on in the story you’ll see that he makes a pass at all the girls, “What up, Playah!”

    • 浪黒雷 (ロークロライ/ro-kurorai)

      I assume they took the literal translation of 主人公 and labeled him ”player” in ローマ字。My best guess is that the guy is simply the pivotal character of the story, thus 主人公.

      • xMCXx

        I wish I could read that. xD

        • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

          Sorry, mate. The first one reads “Shujinkô” and it means protagonist, hero/heroine or main character. It does not necessarily mean player character but it is often used that way. My assumption is that he’s the main character of the story but not the player character per se. As Shujinkô usually refers to the player character ImageEpoch probably took the popular western translation.

          ローマ字 = Rômaji – romanization of a Japanese text or term, so it can be read be people who do not know Japanese characters.

          • xMCXx

            Ah, thank you very much! =)

            • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

              you’re welcome =)
              should’ve thought of it while posting, won’t happen again ;)

  • I never doubt the gameplay.
    I just hope the game get localized.
    The song is very nice!

  • Excellent gameplay. The game would be an excellent addition to my PS3 collection if it is released in English.

  • Locksus

    looks good! Too bad I didn’t understand what they were saying in the trailer :p Maybe single words but that’s about it.

  • Anime101210

    Well while the animation looks choppy as HELL, it still looks very interesting to me and it would still be a first day preorder if it go announced for the west. The little they’ve shown of the story seem interesting and even with the animations being so few in number, the battle system at least “looks” fun! Cant wait to see more, now that you have released this Imageepooch, I wanna see MORE!!!

    • Revorse

      You mean that little blur effect when she attacks? I noticed that too. Maybe it’s intentional? Maybe not, I guess we’ll have to wait for later trailers to see if they touch it up.

      • Anime101210

        Naw, Im talking about the fluidity of the animation. The problem is they didnt draw enough animation frames to make the animation flow smooth, so it just ends up looking like a bunch of still pictures being swapped out instead of looking “animated” like they said they were going for.

        And sadly I doubt that they have enough time to “touch it up” considering the game releases in less than 3 months. To add in new frames now, it would have to be retested for bugs, glitches, and etc. Hopefully they are using their time now to check for those things already. But as I said the game still looks lovely and if localized I would still be one of the first in line to buy it so :P

    • zerolegacy0

      The animation looks very low budget, and Satelight isn’t that good of a studio to begin with. It was a great idea to use animation in this way, but it looks like they weren’t able to pull it off.

      The Japanese are bashing the hell out of the game right now. Most of their complaints are directed at the single perspective combat, and how unnatural it looks.

  • bleach630

    am gonna have to close the room door while playing this
    u know its not good to see 27 years old playing this :-p

    • zakou

      Not good? Because other people say so? Are the turns of your life decided by others opinions on what is ok or what isn’t in your age?

      The thing you should be ashamed of is “not doing what you want and can do”

      I mean I won’t kill or harm anyone if you play this game, what others think is up to them because they are not better human being than you to judge your actions.

      • Zuhri69

        Easy for you to say. Well, I hated this game since launch so I wont mind that much. You may think that a person should do what they want. While this may be true most of the time but fact is, this isn’t always the way.

        Yesterday, I was playing Tales of Graces F and my dad was with me. He keep on making tasteless remarks but I dont let those things get in my head. However, fact is by giving me all these judging looks, he’s in my way of having fun.

        Off course you shouldn’t care much for what people say but while they’re saying it right in front of your face, you are not comfortable with doing the things you like.

        So, I’m gonna g out of my way to side with bleach360 here. While playing this kind of games in close door, no one would really bother him, he would be comfortable doing the things he loved and no one would be disappointed in him.

        As for you, you should be ashamed of thinking that everyone’s situation is the same as yours. Not everyone is fond of gamers, especially in my work field. While its okay to do the things you like but once they know what you’re into, you’ll never go far. Most people still think that gamers are thrash and they’ll not hesitate you to treat you so.

        • zakou

          First of all you don’t know my situation.

          Second, I don’t let people get between me and my fun/hobbies.

          I don’t ruin others fun or judge them, keep judging me or ruin my fun and you get no respect from me.

          You are talking how people say stuff to your face? What has that to do with anything? Just ignore them, if they keep being annoying and bother you then warn them? If they still continue hit them?

          You should really ignore what others say, your life isn’t rolling because of others but because of you.

          You should be more honest and open to yourself. Why limit yourself? Why close doors to do something that you enjoy?

          You would want to play freely right? But you limit yourself by closing that door.

          And please don’t take anything I said to yourself, you are obviously free to make your own choices but im just stating an alternative/opinion.

          • Zuhri69

            I’m not entirely directing it to you. If you feel offended I apologise. However, some of us had certain situations that made them do what they do. As i mention, I love what I love. However, some people may look down on me or uncomfortable when i do what i do.

            So, if i were to just close the door to my room, they wont be bothered by it. As you get older, you couldn’t ignore it much longer. People’s words can hurt you, thats why some people recluse themselves from outside interaction.

            We can not live by just ourselves. While it is good to do things we love, its best to remember that others too may be affected by the things we do. Thats why, by playing the game in doors, they may know that we are doing something that they may not like.

            Although i agree with you on your point but i have to add that the situation is not really exclusive. We must bear in mind of other people’s presence.

            Also, i am not picking up a fight with someone on the net just for something insignificant. Sorry for making this uncomfortable.

            • zakou

              There’s nothing to apologize for, actually maybe it’s me who didn’t understand your point in the beginning.

              Either way thanks for the most civilized discussion I have ever had on this site.

  • RyougaZell

    Very nice!

  • bebestorm117

    I already love this game.

  • FaithlessMr

    About time we’re shown some proper gameplay that’s longer than five seconds long. And it plays exactly as I imagined it will.

    It may seem wonky at first, but I still take my hat off for imagepoch for making this look as great as it does.

  • I think it looks pretty good. Very much like I expected it to. I’m glad to finally see a trailer for the game.

  • Took some shots of the world navigation elements:

    Hoping the trailer is available on JPSN soon so I can grab some better ones.

    • Anime10121

      When it does becomes available on the JPN PSN, you think you could update us so I can go on their and download it too? After a week or two it becomes hard as all heck to find anything on the JPN PSN.

      Thanks for all the updates Sal:)

      • Will do!

      • Only took a month, but it just went live on the JP PlayStation Store. Go grab it!

        • Anime10121

          Thanks 4 the update Sal! I had almost forgot about it:pOne of the many reasons I love dis site. Always thinking about the little folks, much appreciated Sal :)

  • LordKaiser

    This it’s what i had to see. Well i don’t know… Need longer Gameplay videos.

  • Amaterasu

    Oh my god…I have mixed feelings about this trailer.

    First off, I’m psyched to finally have some quality gameplay footage. The backgrounds and character models all look great. Even the song is wonderful.

    But that animation I just cannot get past. It looks choppy and unnatural. The enemies don’t even seem to react to being attacked which just looks bad. I at least expecting some recoil from being shot and stuff. The perspective isn’t that bad though it’s just the way it looks.

  • 浪黒雷 (ロークロライ/ro-kurorai)

    Still managed to grab an LE copy off before stocks depleted. I’m just happy to see developers trying something fresh and new. This is actually the first game to use HD sprites that excessively that I am aware of. I don’t mind any “choppy” animations, as it still looks lovely, highly unique. I’m a sucker for Japanese entertainment media and Tokitowa and Ni no Kuni are the closest I get to “play” a Japanese Animation.

    I like the character designs and Vofan’s influence as art director. Here’s hoping for an international release to spread the love. Lots of the latest Japanese games kinda forgot why they were so exceptionally well received a decade ago – for being Japanese and not trying to cater to the Western mainstream-gamer. *insert random COD-comment here*.
    Tokitowa looks uniquely Japanese to me and it’s commendable for NamBan to fund such a project. Next year looks insane in terms of quality games, it might as well be the most awesome swan-song generation of games ever.

    • Congrats on getting a LE copy! I very much agree with your post.

      I don’t think I could have said it any better myself.

    •  When it comes to buy from japan, the best store I found (in my view that is)i s
      they have more choice and generally have the best prices of the pack

  • Okay I’m confused, does Toki have a twin sister or are they the same person? If this game gets localized will NIS America be the ones to localize it? I am guessing that the girl with the blonde hair is Toki’s evil twin or something.

    • Towa, is kinda like Toki’s alter ego. Both have different personalities, and they even fight in different ways. Toki is good for long distance attacks. Towa is better for close range attacks.

      Early on in the game, at the wedding, bandits attack. Towa, awakens within Toki at this moment to fight the bandits.

      This is what I’ve gathered from the trailers and the few details we know about the game. I hope this helps make some sense of it. It’s kinda complicated.

      • That was actually really helpful, thank you! I didn’t know that Toki has an alter ego called Tawa, now I know more about the game than I did before. I couldn’t figure out who Tawa was from the gameplay trailer because it is in Japanese, it was still cool to watch though. Do you know what game company is going to be the one to localize this game if it is coming to the States? Is there a really good chance that this game will come to the States or a slim chance?

        • You are very welcome.

          I would guess Namco-Bandai would likely be the first choice when it comes to localization. They are publishing the game in Japan.

          No real update on the localization of the project recently. Last update was posted back on July 7th.

          This is from the article Sal posted –

          Asked on Twitter by a fan for the project to come stateside, he said, “The project is progressing.” Pressed for more by another fan, he added, “It contracts soon. [Localization].”
          Namco Bandai owns the Toki to Towa property in Japan, so it is possible he is in talks with Namco Bandai Games America and Europe to bring the game overseas. Another possibility is NIS America, who signed an exclusive contract with the Japanese developer in November 2010 to bring their games overseas.

          • Okay thanks, I am fine with Namco Bandai or NIS America localizing Toki to Tawa because they both choose good english VAs for there games!

  • Really nice one,
    I grabbed my LE from
    THey had the best price at that time !