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The Last Story release date set
posted on 07.11.12 at 06:29 PM EST by (@salromano)
Due in North America in middle August.

The Last Story will launch in North America on August 14, XSEED Games has announced.

Consumers who pre-order the game at GameStop or EB Games Canada will receive the game soundtrack as an incentive bonus. Additionally, all launch copies of the game will come with a previously announced art book.

Thanks, XSEED Games.

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  • A day after my birthday.

    Can’t complain!

    • Advance Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nice! Happy Birthday in advance. My birthday is also in August, on the 2nd. :)

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Had mine on reserve for months already.

  • already pre order at amazon and can’t wait for the soundtrack same thing with Persona 4 Arena:D

    so August will be The Last Story and Persona 4 Arena huh??

    and yay for Retail OST Disc :D

    wish Anarchy Reigns were released in it’s original date(july 2012)

    f*****g sega US

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      Dude really….the F bombs are a little silly.
      At least attempt to censor yourself.
      You are commenting on an article about video games.
      A Wii game at that.
      We all know the market that the Wii caters to and the likelyhood of youngsters reading a Wii article is much greater than that of say, a Resident evil 6 PS3 article. Even with a core gamers game such as last story.

      Just sayin. I’m a vulgar bastage most of the time but on this site its not really necessary.

      • I took care of it. I don’t think PrinceHeir meant to offend anyone. I think it was just a passionate comment.

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          He didnt offend me. I use the word all the time. I just typically dont use it where children might hear or read it.
          I see him using it all the time here and it jus seems so out of place.
          Just asking him to think before he types it out is all.

          • Sure, understandable. I think we got this all figured out. :)

            • Malcolm Reynolds

              It appears so.
              I like this community and would like to be a positive part of it. Even with my general bias to liking all things Sony more than the rest.

        • yeah sorry i acted like that.

          is just seeing news like this makes me sad :(

          oh well i will definitely be more mindful of my comments.

          glad you did the good thing but censoring though so i upvote to that :D

          • No worries. :)

      • i agree i probably went overboard with that one so my apologies.

        and yes i will proofread my comment everytime i post for sure.

        and oh i didn’t downvote you, i actually upvoted you(um the 2nd person)

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          You are a gentleman and a scholar Princeheir.
          Cheers friend.

  • howardmoonish

    hilarious, now I’m apparently getting 3 games on the same day. :P


  • Preodered this at the beginning of July, I thought that this game was suppossed to come out on July 10th, then the 31st, then August 5th, and now you’re telling me August 14th!? Is this date official since it was announced by Xseed games? I hope that it is because they got to STOP CHANGING THE RELEASE DATE!!!

  • Dammit, guess I probably shouldn’t have left Canada…..

  • I have a question, I preordered my copy of the game at Best Buy in America. Please tell me that I will still get the art book with it.

    • I’m not sure. It shows the art book on the picture for the game at bestbuycom.

      You could call and ask about it, if your local BB is anything like mine, they will probably have no idea what game this is. (/sigh)

      Taking a quick look at the Pre-order for the game on amazon. They seem to be offering the art book and soundtrack CD.

      If you are really worried, I’d cancel and order it on amazon.

      • Yeah, I don’t think that anyone at my Best Buy knows that The Last Story even exists. I can see the art book in the picture with the game, but it doesn’t say that it comes with it or not. I am guessing since it shows it in the picture that means that it will come with it packaged in the game. It is wierd how Best Buy put down 8/5/12 as the release date. They must have the wrong date then.

        • I hope everything works out for your Pre-order.

          I wouldn’t be surprised if XSEED pushed the game back a week, to try and avoid Persona 4 Arena on the 7th.

          (No idea why bestbuys site lists a Sunday release date. Games don’t come out on Sundays lol.)

  • milramyah

    Hey Square-Enix, you taking notes?

  • Grandia

    This game is my ticket to get a Wii