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Tales of Xillia 2: Choose the national tour demo
posted on 07.31.12 at 12:27 PM EST by (@salromano)
"Big Spirit of Mystery" or "I Want to Go Home."

Namco Bandai will determine which of two potential trial versions for Tales of Xillia 2 will be playable during a Japanese tour based off the results of a Famitsu.com questionnaire.

Three persons who participate in the questionnaire will win a Famitsu DX Pack version of the game, which includes a Lulu plushie, ufotable illustrations on B2 tapestry, six clear character foils, and an original mug cup, with posters signed by producer Hideo Baba.

The questionnaire will run through August 7. In it, consumers are asked which of two trial versions they would rather play: A) “Big Spirit of Mystery,” or B) “I Want to Go Home.”

“Big Spirit of Mystery” includes a trial version of the “Ascold Food Factory” dungeon, where Ludger must break through security and enter after hearing the plant is using “a large spirit,” which it has captured, as its source of power. Players will be able to experience a main scenario dungeon and boss battle. There may also be an appearance by someone from Tales of Xillia. Oh, and by Famitsu’s wording, you’ll find something shocking after breaking through the guards.

“I Want to Go Home” includes trial versions of Shadow Street in the town of Dvor and the Erard Highway field, where Ludger is stuck due to debts he owes. To return to Triglav, his hometown, it is required he pays back a certain amount of money. In Dvor, Ludger will need to earn money through quests and get his collections to Nova, his banker. Players will be able to freely explore the city and field, and can also battle a “Gigant Monster” wandering the field.

Fill out the survey here. If you don’t live in Japan, leave the box under the arrows alone (it is only for those interested in winning the DX Pack, which you can’t if you don’t live in Japan). Here are some instructions:

Question 1: Which version would you like to play? A or B? (From top to bottom: “Big Spirit of Mystery,” “I Want to Go Home.” Explain why in the text box.)

Question 2: Select what you would like to equip to your character in the trial version. (From top to bottom: Elle’s Bag, Soundproof Headphones, Julius’ Glasses, Monster Head, or Afro Hair.)

Question 3: Have you played Tales of Xillia? (From top to bottom: I cleared both Jude and Milla’s side, I cleared only Jude’s side, I cleared only Milla’s side, I played it but did not clear the game, I have not played it.)

Question 4: What are you looking forward to most in Tales of Xillia 2? (Answer in the text box.)

Question 5: Enter your name, gender (left to right: male, female), and age.

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  • I’m a sucker for towns. I’d have to go with demo B.

    • Archvile78

      Agreed, plus i wanna fight that Gigant monster!

      • whiteferrero

        B! also, the screens of the areas look awesome!

  • zakou

    Oh yeah! xD give me, anything! this is one true JRPG true to its roots here!

  • Adurna012

    Yes! Thank God!! I’m so glad they’re doing a demo for Xillia 2. I (impatiently) waited for them to release a demo for Xillia before it came out but they never did. This will be my first chance to test out the new gameplay.

  • Wow, the screenshot looks really good.
    Screenshot no 5 is the best one.

    • I drooled over it.

    • Zuhri69

      I know. IT’s definitely a different style from tales all over.