Sol Trigger second battle video, Fran character clip - Gematsu
Sol Trigger second battle video, Fran character clip
posted on 07.19.12 at 11:22 PM EST by (@salromano)
Imageepoch PSP RPG due October 4 in Japan.

Imageepoch has shared two new clips and a new set of screenshots for Sol Trigger.

The clips look more at the game’ s battle system and introduce a character named Fran (CV: Chiwa Saito) (she doesn’t wear any pants). The screenshots further highlight these elements.

View the screenshots at the gallery. Watch the clips below.

Battle Video #2

Fran Character Video

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  • Revorse

    That’s one sexy looking RPG. Before I went to check I was thinking “this reminds me of Arc Rise” then I checked and remember imageepoch was making it. Arc Rise was great and this is looking pretty good as well.

    • What are talking about!? Arc rise Fantasia sucked! It had HORRIBLE english dubs, and does not have a replay value at all. I am surprised that people still like this game… offense meant.
      Sol Trigger looks interesting, still don’t know much about it though. If it comes out in english I probably will get it because it is out on a system that I own.

      • Revorse

        Today’s just my lucky day…
        I hope to holy those aren’t your only two reasons to hate it. Besides the game is like 100ish hours, do you really need to replay it? Maybe XSeed or Atlus might pick it up, I mean, they love localizing.

  • neku

    its well known that if you have any form of cat ears pants are not necessary

  • bebestorm117

    Looks good I would be ok with it being a downloadable game.