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Resident Evil 6 Comic-Con gameplay, screenshots
posted on 07.19.12 at 11:22 AM EST by (@salromano)
Head to the subway, avoid being bit, or battle the Ustanak.

Capcom’s released three new gameplay videos and new screenshots of Resident Evil 6 today. The clips feature content shown during the Resident Evil 6 panel at Comic-Con in San Diego last weekend. Follow Leon and Helena as they head down into the subway; watch Chris, Piers, and the BSAA team take on a vicious enemy; and see Jake and Sherry be joined by Leon and Helena as they battle the Ustanak during one of the game’s crossover segments. Game director Eiichiro Sasaki will provide commentary as you watch.

View the screenshots at the gallery. Watch the gameplay below.

Leon – Underground

Chris – Poisawan Inner Area

Jake – Airplane Crash Site

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  • Genesis

    I am loving what I am seeing. The game should be pretty awesome ;)

  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    Looks Ok