Persona 4 Arena full trailer - Gematsu
Persona 4 Arena full trailer
posted on 07.17.12 at 05:02 PM EST by (@salromano)
Full of awe, action, and win.

Atlus has released, in their own words,”the FULL trailer” for Persona 4 Arena, its upcoming Persona fighter spinoff from BlazBlue and Guilty Gear developer Arc System Works.

But what defines a “FULL” trailer? According to Atlus, “it is full of awe, a mixture of beautifully drawn and animated 2D fighter sprites set upon elaborately rendered 3D backgrounds;” “it is full of action, with satisfying combo after combo delivering high-flying punches and kicks and jaw-dropping special effects;” and it is full of “the very best kind of win,” including “24 karat,” “truffle,” and “nutella win.”

Persona 4 Arena is due on August 7 in North America and later this year in Europe. Watch the trailer below.

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  • zakou

    This, tekken tag 2 and doa5, this gen as a whole is a fighting games paradise!

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      You left out Mortal Kombat which is phenominal.

      • zakou

        Nah I just named games “yet to come” xD mk9 is one of the best ^^

        I just wonder how Tekken VS Street Fighter will look like and play, it will use t6 upgraded engine xD wonder how that will make SF characters play, with all their special moves.

  • Another great trailer. I want this game, like right now!

  • So does this have Asian version??
    The game looks great, I don’t always play fighting game but I’ll play this and it seems to be noob-friendly.

  • Haruya

    I LOVE the new, remixed version of “Reach out to the truth”. The game looks awesome to play, and I’m not even into fighting games myself. Will try it as soon as I can.