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Persona 4 Arena facing Xbox 360 lag issues
posted on 07.27.12 at 10:14 AM EST by (@salromano)
Atlus investigating, provides temporary suggestion.

The Xbox 360 version of Persona 4 Arena is facing more than expected lag issues during network play, the official Persona blog said in an update today.

Atlus has apologized for the inconvenience, and is investigating the cause. It promises a followup report when it’s understood the circumstances.

In the meantime, Atlus suggests Xbox 360 owners try the following settings. After selecting “Custom Match,” set your network settings to “Same Area Only” and speed time to “Good Connection Only.”

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  • RmanX1000

    is it only network play then? I dont have Xbox Live Gold so i wont be doing online play anyway but i should be fine on Story Mode, Versus, etc???

  • DarthNemesis

    Who actually buys any thing but shooters for the 360? The controller is only good for FPS and the d-pad sucks for fighting games.Atlus is wasting their time putting this game on the 360 anyway as it will not sell much compared to the PS3 version.

    • Malcolm Reynolds


      As in Quoted For Truth!

    • Sovereign Gale

      Fan-boy detected.

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        Funny. The detector making his/her/its announcement blows the whistle on themself (is that even a word) as the detectee.

        You have fought valiantly this day.
        2012 dashboard update beta invite for you. Sorry we have no new games. I hope tinkering around the new dashboard will suffice.

        • Sovereign Gale

          ^ Aaand another one.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Halo 4 is my life. Whatever do you mean?

            • Stop. What you’re doing above is called “trolling.” It goes against the guidelines.

              And stop doing that thing you do, where someone calls you out for a fanboy, which you’ve openly admitted before, and you instead try and turn it on them.

              One more offense, Malcolm, and I’m going to have to ban you. I love your comments when they’re rational and well thought out, but I’m tired of dealing with this.

              • Sovereign Gale

                I really should apologize, since my comments haven’t really been constructive either. I know I’m instigating, but I’m frustrated because while I own a PS3, the 360 is my console of choice and I use the former mostly for exclusives or to download classics. I frequent this site, and I’m almost hesitant to read articles pertaining to the 360 at this point because I keep thinking to myself that something like THIS is going to happen. I just don’t think it’s fair for people who don’t own or prefer the PS3 to have to read through these comments, especially when elsewhere it’s usually just civil discussion between us.

                More on topic, though, I really do hope that they can patch this before the game comes stateside. I’m picking P4A up for the 360 because I have friends on there who are Persona fans and are also interested in the game, so I’ll mostly be playing with them. But aside from this lag making it hard to enjoy playing the game online with others, it might also impact reviews for the 360 version.

                When the game is patched it’ll be on par with the PS3 version anyway, but there’s power in reviews, and it might hurt the sales for the 360 version if it’s given just ONE point less for the persistent lag issues. Not enough people know to try a game for themselves before judging it, and just leave it to reviews to make decisions for them. That’s all that has me worried, and really, nobody wants a barren multi-player wasteland.

              • Malcolm Reynolds

                Got it. Its okay for Soveriegn Gale to troll others and call them names and when I call his lame ass out for it I am the one that should be banned.

                I love your double standards Sal.
                Then when the douche sees you E-yelling at me he issues his “apology” as if it makes it okay that he zeroed in on an inappropriate comment per the guidelines and added fuel to the fire himself.
                He called the poster out as being a fanboy of Sony. By doing so he showed his hand for the team with which he wears their colors and I called him on it.

                In his apology he admits his bias for the green machine proving me right.

                You see my name and then proceed to see red while fixating on me and ignoring the other half of this equation.

                It brings us full circle back to what I have said 100 times on this site….a site I really do like mind you….if people bash Sony or Sony fanboys you NEVER say a word.
                As soon as someone says something to an xbox loyalist, especially if it is me, you flip out.

                Your double standards are not fair to me or any other commenter on this site.

                Ban me if you must for saying it. Adter all, free thinkers do throw a monkey wrench in a world where someone or a group of someones is trying to exact total control.

                Let it be known henceforth: it is not okay at Gematsu to bash a console or its fans unless the console is a Sony console and the fan a Sony fan.


                • Sovereign Gale

                  I only frequent the 360 more because I started out on it, have a bigger library of games for it, and have a larger group of friends with which to PLAY these games. I have nothing against the PS3, I just use it for games that I can’t get for the 360. I’m no fan-boy, either, because I’m not the sort to defend “the green machine” to the death like anybody might defend the PS3, relentlessly bashing other consoles all the while. Unlike you. I’m no loyalist to either console, but circumstances dictated that I gravitate towards Microsoft’s console more often.

                  Furthermore, I apologized because I realize that I only added fuel to the fire. Whether Sal accepts it or not doesn’t matter, I just want him to know that it won’t happen again. I don’t mind if I’m given a “strike” for this incident either, because I probably deserve it. Regardless, I won’t contribute any more to this than I already have. Goodbye.

                  • Malcolm Reynolds

                    Oh you wont be given a strike as you put it. You are part of the chosen. The protected.

                    Guess what, I bought a 360 at launch as well. I buy EVERY system at launch and have done so since the mid 90’s.
                    Unlike YOU….I go where the games are and not where its deemed popular by my online friendslist.

                    U can pretend you arent loyal to one console over the other but you are. You have admitted it twice and denied it thrice now blaming circumstancesfor your own choices.

                    Whatever dude. Just whatever.

                • Sorry if that is how it seems. I assure you, that is not the case. I’m going to make some changes to moderating to help prevent these types of comments from happening.

                • Your entire comment is completely invalid. I’ve never seen one person “bash” Sony on this site like you do Microsoft. I didn’t read Sovereign Gale’s responses as “trolling.” I read them as impatient comments made as a result of the Xbox 360 bashing that had already begun. And it’s hard to blame him/her because this is what every Xbox 360 post becomes.

                  “He called the poster out as being a fanboy of Sony. By doing so he showed his hand for the team with which he wears their colors and I called him on it.”

                  “In his apology he admits his bias for the green machine proving me right.”

                  I see Sovereign said below that Xbox 360 is his/her platform of choice, but owns a PlayStation 3 as well. I own a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 is my platform of choice. If I buy a multiplatform game, it’s usually for PlayStation 3. Are people running around ‘calling on me for being a Sony fanboy’? No. Because I’m not. It’s a little word called “neutrality.”

                  “Let it be known henceforth: it is not okay at Gematsu to bash a console or its fans unless the console is a Sony console and the fan a Sony fan.”

                  I don’t think you’re the person to let anything be known regarding the policies of this site, as that statement is absolutely ridiculous.

                  • Malcolm Reynolds

                    Its obvious we cant talk about this subject Sal.
                    “Youve never seen someone on this site bash Sony”

                    Either you’re lying, oblivious, or simply see what you want to see.

                    I dont fancy you the be a liar or oblivious btw.
                    I just think when it comes to MS u are in defense mode in an effort to seem neutral
                    Guess we’ll never see eye to eye there.

                    You saw Soveriegn Gales comment as an impatient reaction?
                    My comments to him were the same thing
                    If my comments are inexcusable then so are his. Cant really have it both ways. Not if this site is going to remain neutral anyway.

                    Just b/c someone owns both consoles doesnt mean theyre nuetral either.
                    I’ve probably spent more trying toown an xbox that worked than anyone on this site over $1300 in new HW rrod replacements alone. Not to mention 7 yrs of Live fees just to do what every other console offers for free.

                    Now add in the fact that MS produces less games than the dreamcast each year as it pertains to exclusives and I dont see how u or anyone else that considers themselves a gamer can continue to wear that green coat of armor all the time.
                    I’m not asking you to let me run around bashing the box or its fans for no reason. Im just asking you to be fair in reprimanding both guilty parties when something like this occurs.
                    You act as if I or anyone else has no reason to be SEVERELY disappointed in the lackluster product line from MS this gen and truly there are plenty of reasons but on this site we arent ever allowed to address them.
                    Believe me when I say….I love Halo. I want a Halo 4 xbox slim but I WILL not buy a 5th xbox for a single game franchise when MS just dials it in year after year and continues to stagnate the industry.

                    I wish they were releasing games like the did the first 3 yrs this gen b/c I would buy a 5th system.

                    Its not about me being a fanboy of Sony. Its about me being severely underwhelmedwith the direction such a lackluster company has taken with a console that is but a shell of its former self.
                    All I wanted for 4 years was an xbox that worked.
                    Now that Xboxs actually work all I want is for MS to release a damn game or 3 and that somehow makes me an enemy to the hobby.
                    Again, way off topic I know but I know that you know a lot of what I am saying is valid whether you want to admit it or not.

                    I love games. I follow the games.
                    At one time I had close to 50 retail games on my 360. Once my fourth died I sold most of these off and replaced the multiplats with PS3 versions.
                    I was a HUGE xbox fan for a long time. Please dont treat me like Im blinded by my love for Sony.
                    If anything aim blinded by the anger and disappointment MS poor choices this gen have brought upon themselves.

                    Likely I’ll just get another speech about how invalid my opinion is and how everything I said is against the rules but it makes what I have said no less true.
                    I have however, said my piece. I’m done explaining my well earned dislike of this console.

    • xMCXx

      It will probably sell enough to get profit, though.
      And that’s the point of multiplatforming.

      • Sovereign Gale

        And then someone with a brain came along.

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          Nice to know you can call orhers “brainless” in reference to them being Sony fans and get away with it here.

          The guidelines clearly dont apply to you or your ilk.


    • Locksus

      wasting their time putting this game on the 360 anyway as it will not sell much compared to the PS3 version.” So, according to your logic any game that sold more on either PS3 or 360 shouldn’t even exist on the platform it sold less copies on.

      • Sovereign Gale

        I never expect logic from someone who posts those sorts of comments.

    • Ugh.

      “Who actually buys any thing but shooters for the 360?” I don’t know. Ask the people who release games that aren’t shooters that sell on Xbox 360. They’ll probably be able to tell you. Atlus isn’t “wasting their time putting this game on the 360.” Sure, maybe it won’t sell as much as the PlayStation 3 version. Maybe it will sell more, who knows? But Atlus is still making money off of it. And where there’s more money, multiplatform makes sense. And plus, that just means more gamers will get to play it. Stop thinking about “console,” and think about accessibility. Obviously, exclusives are great, as they’re incentives to purchase a system. But don’t act like a child because there’s a multiplatform game you want to be exclusive.

      But I can agree on one point. I’m not a fan of the Xbox 360’s d-pad. Though, I think I remember they released a limited edition special controller with a better d-pad. But I never use the d-pad in fighting games, anyway, so I didn’t really care to buy it. =X

      There are a few people on this site that constantly “bash” Xbox 360 (I hate saying it, honestly, it’s so immature) because it’s not their platform of choice and it needs to stop. Please read the guidelines, everyone.

      • At the very least, they should take the conversation to the open forum.

        We keep hoping these types of comments will stop. We have a list of guidelines and we only ask that users follow them.

        For everyone reading this. You all should know I’ve tried other things. I’ve closed threads, edited out offensive comments, issued warnings.

        What more do you expect me to do?

        I’m not someone that believes in just banning people, but I fully understand why Sal is losing his patience. It is starting to get a bit ridiculous, and he really shouldn’t have to deal with this type of stuff.

        Please, think before you post a comment.

    • LordKaiser

      There’s custom 360 controllers for fighting games

  • zakou

    Wow…and this is the reason I hear people say: you get what you pay for, 360 online play costs because it’s superior to free psn.

    Im sorry im not here for a flame war or to offend anyone but im here to point out that problems are to be found everywhere, nothing is superior by far and nowhere near perfect.

    • Considering it’s something Atlus can patch, I think its more so an issue with how they programmed the game’s online (or something like that – I’m not a game developer) rather than an issue with Xbox LIVE itself. But yeah, these things happen, and as @zerorpg:disqus said above, I’m sure it’s something they can easily patch once they figure out the situation.

      • zakou

        Indeed brah, the future looks bright!

  • I just hope that the PS3 version will not have this problem.

  • I figured I would drop in to clear this up a bit. I’m told by many BlazBlue players, that the netcode for the 360 version of BB had this problem at launch too. It was patched fairly quickly and the problem was solved.

    I don’t think it’s going to be a big deal, and it might even get patched before the game comes out in the west.

  • I’m going to post this here…

    We have been trying to put a stop to the trolling, console bashing, and fanboy comments on Gematsu.

    It’s all included in the commenting guidelines –

    If we see anyone posting that type of stuff, we do our best to issue a warning. I missed it this time, sorry about that.

    Having that type of discussion in the open forum is ok, so long as it stays civil.

    Just like it says in the guidelines, we want people to enjoy posting and reading comments on Gematsu. We’re trying to create an environment where our readers can share their opinions openly and in a mature fashion.

    I promise to be more strict about this from now on. I think in the beginning it might seem harsh, but in the long run it will make the community better.

    I’m not just going to close threads anymore, I’m just going to edit comments and leave a moderator note too.

    For anyone that would like to help.

    Please report these comments to me (slash789atgmaildotcom), don’t respond with something hateful, if you must respond, tell them about the commenting guidelines, that would be a great help.