Persona 3 The Movie teaser site launched - Gematsu
Persona 3 The Movie teaser site launched
posted on 07.03.12 at 11:26 AM EST by (@salromano)
Open your eyes, Protagonist. Open them!

Atlus has opened a teaser site for Persona 3 The Movie.

The upcoming animated theatrical film was first teased at the ending of Persona 4: The Animation –the Factor of Hope-, a recap film of the 26-episode anime series.

In addition to the website’s launch, an official Twitter account was also created. Follow it @P3movie.

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  • Chaos Raiden

    Woo! I really hope this is not a recap of Persona 3 events, but a true sequel to Persona 3’s storyline.

    • barklight

      Nah, that’s highly unlikely. But that would be nice if true.

  • RyougaZell

    Cant wait for this :D

  • Xapth

    It’s actually counting up, as it’s now at 00:30 (so it’s like a digital hour based clock).

    I’m thinking it’s counting up to 24:00, which would be 12:00AM on July 5th in Japan, aka when the Dark Hour would begin.

    I should also mention that there’s a full moon right now in Japan! Coincidence?

  • RyougaZell

    It says 0:31 now. My previous message is gone btw :(

    • Previous message?

      • RyougaZell

        I think it was just a delay since I see it now

  • FaithlessMr

    Hype! I loved the Persona 4 Anime series, so I expect nothing but greatness out of this movie adaptation.

  • Hinano

    Looking forward to it! Best Persona gets proper treatment. :D

  • whiteferrero

    YEAH AWESOME! I hope they do a whole series next. :D

  • Kobracon

    OMG YES!

  • ekka4shiki

    Good, I just hope it will be .. good.

    I love the game, and i hope this movie will be as awesome.
    But, coming from a good source doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a good adaptation. P3Trinity and P4A are not something i would called good anime. Might as well wait for the information of the studio making it, and staff involved, before get myself hoping to high and disappointed in the end.

    • Zero

      You didn’t like Persona 4 the animation? I thought it was good. I’ll agree with you that Persona: Trinity Soul was pretty awful. It’s hard to take a game and turn it into an anime series, especially when some of the most exciting moments are done by the player, like boss battles for example.

      Side stories or something completely new is usually easier to approach, but sometimes even that results in failure.

      I think it’s one of those, damned if you do – damned if you don’t situations. If you don’t just try and follow the game, fans will say you should have. If you do, most fans will say it wasn’t as good as the game.

      The question is, could it ever have been as good as the game? You, the player, what you do adds to the experience greatly. I think when you remove that piece of the puzzle, you take away a chunk of what made the game good in the first place.

      • Hinano

        Even though I knew an anime could never fit such content into 24 episodes, P4 still was pretty poor at times and very clearly rushed.

        • Zero

          I wonder why? Perhaps they didn’t get enough of a budget?

          • Hinano

            I simply think its cause of the lack of time. Lately, outside of your mainstream shounen, you’ll never see a slice of life or non-mainstream shounen ever cross the 24 episode mark. Even though it’s really necessary. :( For example Guilty Crown suffered a lot from it imo. If you watched it!

      • ekka4shiki

        Yeah, i didn’t like AIC interpretation of Persona 4. It’s mediocre, IMO. And i blame it on the presentation.

        In the anime, the characters feels somewhat bland – i dunno maybe the
        way they direct the scene or they way he capture the mood or something.
        To tell you the truth, I have never felt anything for them for a single
        moment in the series. They have a nice mystery plot to back it up but
        that’s simply not enough. And main MC, despite they decide to giving him
        a new name, it looks like they forget to give him a “real” personality.
        In game, player is him, but in anime, viewer is not him, viewer is
        viewer. It’s hard to care to a soulless character, if you ask me.

        And the fight scene, well even for shonen battle style, it’s not even
        impressive. To make it worse, there’s a lot of animation issue from AIC
        visual department. I want quality not QUALITY.

        Well, i always believe each media has its own advantage and
        disadvantage. To be a good adaptation, it doesn’t necessarily mean it
        need to follow the original source faithfully. If it can then great, win
        for all. But how if it just can’t because of media limitation?
        Sometimes, they need to change a little here and there. Adaptation is
        not a simple “game” to “anime” converter, it is an interpretation, after
        all. Sadly, the change is never an answer, but just another question:
        “Is it right? Or is it just ruin it all?”

        The staff making it need to be wise on that. And not everyone has a good
        vision on that matter. This is why in decide to wait for the
        information of the studio and the staff. You know, staff name that have
        good record will at least give me some peace and hope, than say … if
        Seiji Keishi doing this, because of his recent not so good record.

        • Zero

          Fair enough. I didn’t say it was one of the best. ^^

        • whiteferrero

          i liked the P4 anime myself. agree on some of your points. but sometimes, you just have to sit back, stop thinking, and just enjoy the ride.