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NIS announces Project Arcadia, Project D
posted on 07.09.12 at 11:30 PM EST by (@salromano)
One side-scroller action game, one game to please fans.

Dengeki PlayStation this week revealed “Project Arcadia” and “Project D,” two new titles from Nippon Ichi Software.

Project Arcadia is a side-scroller action game. Project D is said to make both long time and new Nippon Ichi fans happy. (Disgaea 5?) At this point, it is unknown which title, if any, is the developer’s 20th Anniversary PlayStation 3 game. Platforms are unconfirmed as well.

The magazine also has details on a movie adaption for the studio’s PS2 survival horror title Hayarigami.

Nippon Ichi Software will hold a press event on July 12, where these announcements will be made official.

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  • Traveller

    * facepalm * You people never learn.

    • whiteferrero

      what do you mean?

      • Traveller

        Always with the 2D style. It’d friggin 2012 and we have garbage like this. This is why I can’t ever get into NIS’s stuff.

        • @Traveller

          I hope that you realize saying “you people” could be viewed as borderline offensive.

          That might not have been your intent, but it sounds like you are trying to put down fans of NIS 2D projects.

          Everyone has a taste when it comes to games. Some like action games, others prefer 2D JRPGs. That isn’t a crime.

        • Anime101210

          2D style is not “garbage”. I happen to like both 3D and 2D games, both can look great depending on who creates it. NIS does great work and you are truly missing out if you are just limiting yourself to “3D” games.

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          I’m guessing we have a regular pew pew pew afficianado on our hands eh?
          Just got into gaming this gen?

          How cute.
          /pinches cheeks.

          Now go play the highest rated game on your precious xbox this year…..FEZ.

          Oh wait. Thats 2D.

        • whiteferrero

          awww. u r seriously missing out, if you limit yourself like that. maybe you should try odin sphere, it’s a great 2D game. :D probably one of the best in recent times.

        • Locksus

          Gheez, where do you people come from? You don’t have to be so rude and bash other people and their preferences.

          There are plenty of 2D games that aren’t “garbage”: Shadow Complex, Limbo, the upcoming Deadlight and Dust: An Elysian Tail (which looks very awesome and it’s done by a single person) to name a few.

          Please try and play the games before you bash them. 2D games were awesome 20 years ago and they are awesome today, at least in my opinion. I still occasionally play my SNES and thoroughly enjoy the Super Mario World and the Donkey Kong games even though they are God knows how old.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      Looks like a hit and run commenter.
      Figures you’d make a couple dumbass statements and never show back up to respond in any way to the people who took time out of there day to respond to your ignorant comments that were clearly only meant to belittle others.
      Where I’m from thats called being a coward or in your case an E-coward.


  • I think it’s Disgaea 5 too!
    I don’t really like Disgaea that much but will still take it.
    More interested in Project Arcadia :D

  • DarthBrian