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NiGHTS into dreams… returns in HD this fall
posted on 07.05.12 at 12:24 PM EST by (@salromano)
Coming to PSN, Xbox LIVE Arcade, PC digital download.

Sega’s fan-favorite flying platformer NiGHTS into dreams… is making a high-definition return on PlayStation Network, Xbox LIVE Arcade, and PC digital download this fall.

Initially launched for Sega Saturn on July 5, 1996, NiGHTS into dreams… is regarded as one of Sega’s best created games in history. The new version will include high-definition graphics, a 16:9 aspect ratio, leaderboards, trophies / achievements, and an optional Saturn Mode, allowing players to experience the game with its original graphics.

“The Sega Saturn offered many unique gaming experiences, and NiGHTS into dreams… stands out as one of the most recognizable titles that found a home on the system,” said Chris Olson, Vice President of Digital Business at Sega. “We’ve gotten a lot of requests about this game over the years, and are very happy to be able to give both former Saturn owners and new players a chance to play it in its most beautiful form to date this fall.”

View the first screenshots at the gallery. Watch the debut trailer below.

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  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Sweet. Bought.

  • Anime101210

    OK I must have died last night because there is NO WAY all of this great stuff is happening/being announced today! This is better than E3!!! This game is a jewel and I cant wait to play it again on my ps3:)

    Sega you have regained my love (and thusly my money:P)

  • DarthBrian

    Man, all this news hitting on the same day. Only way this day can get better is if there’s a new trailer or big announcement for Versus XIII or Last Guardian or something epic like that. :p

    • Anime101210

      I couldnt take it if either happened, Id be on overload, man I think I’d have a heart attack. Today is a happy day for gamers:)

    • And there will likely be Tales localization news tomorrow (well, hopefully, you know, they’ve been teasing it and all) as Hideo Baba is giving a stage talk at the Japan Expo.

      • Anime101210

        God I hope you’re right!

  • Rydak

    Unexpectedly good news. Only heard good things about this game, but missed out on it. I guess I’ll have to grab it.

    • Zero



    Holy shit, it’s actually happening!! First it’s OKAMI, & now NiGHTS.. we’ve truly been blessed! Now for PS3/360 PANZER DRAGOON, SHENMUE, & VIRTUAL ON please!


    People, please please please SUPPORT THIS so we can actually get a PS3/360 sequel..

    • Anime101210

      This, I want this to happen SO bad! Nights would look phenomenal in HD.

  • rockman29

    How many of you actually played this back then? Just wondering.

    • Anime101210

      Me, me, me! It was my first (and favorite) Saturn game!

  • Miranda Lawson

    I think that I would rather buy this on Wii, it takes FOREVER to download complete games onto systems! What genre is this game? Just wondering.