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Nier creator “interested” in Ouya
posted on 07.16.12 at 10:48 AM EST by (@salromano)
Give him some money, you wealthy publishers, you.

Yoko Taro, whose works include Drakengard and the 2010-released Nier, has expressed interest in Ouya, the upcoming Android-based games console due in March next year.

“I’m interested in OUYA,” said Taro, responding to a fan on Twitter. “I can make JRPG if some publisher give me a enough money.”

So, publishers. Interested?

(Thanks for the tip, Ushallbeasgods.)

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  • rockman29

    But God forbid anyone make a RPG for PS3, yep.

    • zakou

      Cavia is dead, he is to poor to make a PS3 game.

      • Cavia died, they made a new company from the employees that used to work for Cavia didn’t they? Too bad, NIER was a really good game I would have loved to have a NIER 2.*sigh*

        • zakou

          Actually that company also died, before dying it merged with some other company and that company also died.

          • That sucks! Guess that means no NIER 2, it’s a shame, I would have difinetly bought a sequel/prequel to NIER.

  • dr000d

    It’s “Drakengard”, not “Drakenguard” :p
    Man I hope he doesn’t make a game for that thing. Some real publisher should sponsor him to make more epic games on real consoles.

    • My bad. Proper English took over!

    • hoez

      Too bad it costs an arm and a leg to make games for ‘real consoles’. o_o

  • zakou

    Cavia is dead, I understand where he is coming from but he would need a strong team from cavia backing him up, alone he will never achieve the masterpiece NieR was and the epicness of Drakengard 2.

    But more power to him and I hope he does well as because of him I can buy the system if the quality is even as good as bulletwitch.

  • Anime101210

    I feel bad every time I hear anything about Cavia or the teams that used to work for them. God I hate that this gen’s budgets were so bloated that dev. studios have been dropping like flies:(

    Hopefully when the next gen starts,things’ll be a little easier on devs. I wanna see things get better and not worse (not that things could get any worse with as many studios shutting down this gen).

    I’d love to see the man work on something as awesome as Nier again, but I dont know enough about Ouya to as to ascertain whether or not the thing could handle games like that.

    • zakou

      If only NieR didn’t sell like shit we would have NieR 2 by now.

      We can thank reviewers for bashing this game cause it didn’t have good enough graphics for this gen.

      Ignoring NieRs characters, story and soundtrack over something as graphics is beyond me.

      • Anime101210

        I agree wholeheartedly, the game would have scored better in the west if it had better graphics, as the only other complaint I ever heard was attributed to its gameplay being “clunky” for not having lock-on (which is bullocks, as lock-on just makes things easier, its not really a gameplay improvement), you had to actually aim your attacks and not just rely on a reticule to automatically attack your enemies for you.

        Nier really got unfair treatment as far as reviews go, ESPECIALLY the one from Joystiq. It still pisses me off to this day how they completely disregarded the game because of the reviewers own stupidity. He wouldnt review the game because the one time when you had to fish, he couldnt figure out how to do it, when the map clearly had a BIG RED X to show you where you were supposed to fish (and you didnt even have to catch one, as the game would do it for you if you couldnt). That was just really pitiful and a damn shame.

        • zakou

          Lols gameplay is classic in NieR.

          Alot of games these days relay heavily on auto-aim, auto-assist, assist-drive, lock-ons and the list goes on.

          I agree with you on everything NieR related and hope for a revival of Cavia.

          • i miss the time where we have to do these things with ourselves :

            still it’s not bad adding lock on on games nowadays but auto assist kinda breaks the game too much.

            i agree Nier is like a classic game with a modern touch, same thing with Shinobi/Nightshade, a classic 2D game reimagine in 3D.

        • man that’s alot of BS from reviewers nowadays.

          you want something new?? then this came along and it got shunned because of “poor” graphics.

          i mean seriously????

          Demon Souls wasn’t really a technical marvel, but at least the game has an amazing art direction and atmosphere to back up, same thing happened with Nier or even games like El Shaddai, Majin Forsakaen and Folklore.

          i think it’s sad people judge graphics first before even enjoying or even learning the gameplay mechanics.


          • It’s one of the reasons games reviews are kinda broken now. They have to great an influence on things. It’s not fair to the developers or reviewers. (And it most certainly hurts us gamers.)

            I think we should just remove review scores. You can review something without scoring it. And people shouldn’t base what they buy on review scores so much.

            Just look at this mess –

            Only 3 negative critic reviews. Bunch of people have mixed opinions and that means the game is bad?

            It’s just silly what is considered a success now. The standards on so many things in video games now days are absurd.

            • zakou

              The last choice/ final decision is made by us gamers, we either buy or don’t buy the game.

              Im sorry but(this is going to upset alot of people) but as time goes by we see not true gamers but a bunch of *****ds that buy and play what’s “cool”

              They follow review scores and try to fit in on what others play, but this isn’t what gaming is about.

              Sure following others and what’s hot may be your choice but just being yourself and exploring by yourself is alot more rewarding than riding the hype-train with a bunch of “I play games because its the cool new thing”

            • PrinceHeir

              i think a grade class score would be cool :D

              i think 1up does this well, but some people would probably would want at least A’s etc.

              does gematsu use such score???

              • I kinda like the letter grades as well. The problem with that is how these sites like metacritic calculate that letter grade.

                B+ seems like a very good score, but when they put that into the Metascore it doesn’t seem so hot.

                For example, 1UP gave Nier a C-

                They didn’t love the game, but I wouldn’t say they think it is an awful game or anything. That C- on metacritic turns into a 42/100 score. Yes, a 42! I don’t know about you, but my common logic tells me something is very wrong with that.

                This is kinda what I’m thinking in my head – Hmmm, I wonder what the letters = to in numbers.

                A should more or less = 90-100 The A+ and A- can give a bit of wiggle room.
                B should be an 80-90. B+ might = like a low 90 score?
                C should be in the 70 range. At the worst, a C- might be high 60s?

                I don’t think my logic above is to crazy? It seems decent enough to me.

                We can stop right there with my logic though, because metacritic says that 1UP C- score = 42/100. Well, I for one think that is very flawed. (If not total bs.)

                They also have a term called “weighted average”. What the hell is that you ask? They assign more importance, or weight, to some critics and publications than others, based on their quality and overall stature. (How they explain it on their site.)

                So, wait, your telling me that the 1UP score will have more of an influence on the overall Metascore? Oh! Well, that is just completely fair! … Give me a break.

                This is a small example of one of the problems with game reviews today.

                • man either way it’s BS.

                  i just wish people won’t let the score judge the game itself.

                  oh well when i play a game, im always an open minded about. i try to enjoy it as much as i can.

                  can’t say the same thing with other people

                  • Very true.

                    One thing I forgot to mention, was how the Metascore of a game can play a huge role. It could result in the developers not getting royalties, or even worse, result in some people losing their jobs.
                    It might even play a crucial role in a studio being able to get publishers to support a sequel to a game. (Which could lead to the studio being forced to shut down!)

                    “Oh, well, if your first game had an 85 Metascore we would talk.”

                    That’s kinda what I meant with my above posts. To much reliance on a Metascore by way to many people.

                    A review score should not hold so much power.

                    • that’s sad :(

                      well what can you do?? nowadays it’s all about the $$$ instead of pure dedication and fun.

  • I love NIER! I like it so much I taught myself how to play a few songs on my piano! So the creator of NIER is interested in making a JRPG for the new console? Not enough to convince me to buy it but it’s a start!

    • Rydak

      NieR definitely was a great game. I think something that is often overlooked in games is the music, and I think NieR might have the best OST this gen. They also released a piano arrangement album that sounds great.

  • Nier is the best game I played this generation.
    Maybe Tales of Xillia and Ni no Kuni will change that but Nier is definitely the best for now.
    The story made me cry.

  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    I feel like OUYA will get the support it deserves.