Microsoft registers Xbox 8 domains
posted on 07.03.12 at 10:19 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Other domains include Xbox LIVE TV and and Xbox Tablet.

Microsoft has registered domains for what is rumored to be the name of its next-generation Xbox.

Domains registers include,, and others, such as,,, and

Thanks, Fusible.

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  • rockman29

    Makes sense, Windows 8, Xbox 8, fits in with the common Metro interface they are to be using.

    • Anime101210

      Yep, my thoughts exactly. They’re going to integrate Xbox into the Windows 8 experience like they are doing with mobile (not saying this system will be playable on Windows 8, just saying that they are going to look similar). Going to seem kinda weird though when Windows 9 comes out in 2-4 years and leaves Xbox 8 behind.

  • syaznifaiq

    I’m more interested in ‘PS4’ news

  • MaIcolm ReynoIds

    The question is, will it have any compelling exclusives sometime between now and…..oh I don’t know, infinity??

    • Acidicsam


      Microsoft’s entire business plan is built around releasing a ton of exclusives early on to get a large install base on their console, and then slowly pulling back support.

      Worked with the Xbox, worked with the Xbox 360, and it will work with the Xbox 8.

      • MaIcolm ReynoIds

        The fact that this shoddy practice seems okay with you says a lot about you as a “gamer” me thinks.

        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….MS is a cancer.

        Its no wonder my willingness to replace my 4th RRoD system dried up in 2010 when MS stopped caring about the core gamers.

        I wont make that mistake again. Infinity or no.

        • Acidicsam

          When did I imply that I thought it was okay?

  • xMCXx

    Xbox 8? The fuck?
    I understand that it is like this because of Windows 8, but still…

  • yutoo

    hmm how people are associating these domains to ms is weird to me, whois on those shows they are registered while ago, though if its ms why leave the .net .org of some? it’s not possible to do that nowadays with all the domains squatters around.

    someone just making a fool of us though most of them registered by juan cheng, maybe ms associate?


    Guessing the next system will be called Xbox Infinity…

    • Acidicsam

      Or the Xbox Loop.

      I think both have been rumored at this point.

  • LordKaiser

    Ok so the next Xbox will have Windows 8 installed?

    • rockman29

      It’s going to definitely have the Metro interface. The OS may very well be a stripped down version of Windows 8 appropriate for the closed platform of a console. I’m pretty sure that’s the current plan anyhow.