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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn announced
posted on 07.26.12 at 11:12 AM EST by (@salromano)
"Version 2.0" update titled. Coming "soon" for PS3 and PC.

Square Enix has today announced Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Previously referred to as “version 2.0,” the massively multiplayer online RPG has been “fully-redesigned” and “rebuilt from the ground up.” Centered on the concept of rebirth, the game features a new world to explore and stroryline to experience.

Due for PlayStation 3 and Windows PC “soon,” it promises to offer “visually-stunning graphics” and “game design” that appeals to players of both platforms.

“Since announcing our plans for the future of the title last October, we have been working tirelessly to include all of the elements that we have promised in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. This new title not only becomes a symbol of a completely new Final Fantasy XIV, but also marks the beginning of a new stage as the latest title in the Final Fantasy series. I hope you’re looking forward to it!” said Naoki Yoshida, producer/director of Final Fantasy XIV.

A new website for A Realm Reborn went live today. Visit it here. There, you can read background information on the realm of Eorzea, its inhabitants, and the “much larger” world of Hydaelyn.

Watch a new trailer below.

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  • I want to see more of the actual game rather than CG trailer but I think they will save it for TGS or other event :/

  • The CG trailer is pretty sweet. But I would love a PS3 release date, Square! ;D

  • rockman29

    Wish it was F2P and on Steam. I’m still just not ready for subs, which makes me sad because the gameplay in this is much more what I want from FF.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Nothing excites me more for gaming than an impending Final Fantasy release.

  • DarthBrian

    I’d still be playing this if I had a job and could afford the monthly fee. :(

    Definitely looking forward to the relaunch. Should be awesome.

  • bebestorm117

    Looks Great! I have much respect for this team because most would of given up on the game and moved on but they chose to admitt their mistakes and make it a worthy game.Ive been fighting the urge not to buy this on PC because I want to play it on my PS3.

  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    Until they say Free 2 Play on PS3 not getting this.

    • It won’t be free to play.

      • KingOptimusOrigins111

        That’s why I said until they say its Free 2 Play ;) The thing is that Free Realms, DC Universe, and soon to be DUST 514 are all Free 2 Play MMO’s on the PS3. Not a lot of PS3 owners are going to Pay 2 Play MMO’s with subscriptions. Look at DC Universe it was Pay 2 Play. Then when they changed it to Free 2 Play it started to get a tons of people online. Unless they have to wait a year to see if people will actually Pay 2 Play and they fail, I think the best option for them is to let it be Free 2 Play for at least PS3 owners at launch.

        • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

          Agreed I wont pay to play agame every month,thats just lame

    • DjangoRaijin

      Yea if Dust 514 and DC Universe can be Free 2 Play on PS3 don’t see why this can’t. Don’t think I wanna invest in another monthly fee unless its gonna be ground breakingly amazing.

    • zakou

      Agreed, I’m not paying every month.

    • Who would pay to play this game every month? You would be a really poor person if you did.

      • Well, its an online game. Monthly fees are kinda standard with mmo games. Although, many of them are changing to free to play models these days.

        • That is one of the main reasons why I am not an online gamer.

  • Kin23g

    Will you stop announcing stuff and making empty promises!
    Finish FFXIII Versus, already. It’s been 6 years, Square .. !!

    I know it’s different people working on that one .. but stop wasting your money on stupid games and increase Versus’s budget, or it won’t be out in this lifetime. They’re still working on towns and cities, wth?

    • hoez

      Pouring more money into something doesn’t mean it’s going to come out any faster.

  • PrinceHeir

    awesome, but didn’t like the generic music.

    CGI is good though.

    you know what?? let’s make a FFXIV Gematsu party!!!!!!

    wouldn’t be nice if we were to play in a group fighting to protect the name of Eorzea!!!!

    would be badass :)

    oh don’t forget Phantasy Star Online 2 :P

    • whiteferrero

      Playing with the community sounds awesome. but not too excited about the P2P. how about the PSO2 then?

      • PrinceHeir

        PSO2 is fine as well :)

  • xMCXx

    Same old, same old.
    Maybe they will safe face, though, with this update.

  • LordKaiser

    Bleh! it got fully westernized.

  • Anime10121

    Looks good, but then again, so did the first CG trailer back when they first announced XIV at E3 2010. While I have yet to play XIV (dont really care much for MMOs, I tried XI, but it seemed like it was WAY to big a time sink), I hope that the improvements coming to “A Realm Reborn” actually improve the game a vast amount, and make all the time/money sunk into XIV’s “re-launch” worth it.

    I’d hate to see XIV fail, as XI, made tons of profit for Square, and profit for Square means they can take more risks on awesome games like Nier, (or put more funding into Vs. and KH3).

  • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

    That guy got a lot uglier

    • zakou

      He looks older and more “western” as square would put themselves.

    • hoez

      He looks just as pretty as ever, just at a different angle than before.

    • He looks awesome!

  • Coming from someone that has played quite a bit of the current FFXIV, I still need to see more. The CG trailer is nice, and it does seem like they will do a time jump with the story, but I need to see gameplay, I need to see more of the new content.

    One thing that kept FFXI so popular was the content, they had enough content at launch to keep players busy, you were working towards goals, and it was fun to do so.

    They need to launch with a wide variety of content, they also need to decide what to do about level gaps and experience point gain. As the current game stands, you can reach the lv cap in less than a week. Sure, you need a bit of help to do this, but it really is broken in my eyes. The lack of content starts to become apparent once you reach the level cap. They kinda take the journey out of it, you reach the destination so quickly, only to find there isn’t that much to do.

    I’m not saying that A Realm Reborn, is going to have these problems. I just haven’t seen much when it comes to new game content. It isn’t so easy for me to put my worries to rest. I really want this game to succeed, very much so.

    i greatly admire Yoshi-san, and the team at Square-Enix with taking on such a monumental project. They have already improved a game that was very bad at launch. I haven’t agreed with some of the updates and patches to some of the content, but overall they have done a superb job.

    The hard part is going to be transferring an existing game, into a brand new one. It’s something that is going to be difficult, and most of that will come down to hard decisions. Not everything can stay the same as it is now, some changes will have to be made for the good of XIV. Some of those past patches and updates they made to the current XIV, might have to be sacrificed, and that’s where things get very tricky.

  • Finalshoryuken

    YOU SHALL NOT PASS! whoops! wrong game! derp :P

  • HanPaul

    That’s nice, but I hope they release a trailer with the meaty stuff. Gameplay and whatnot

  • I wonder if you need a good internet connection to play this game. Can I play this game with “not the best, but not the worst” internet connection?