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Final Fantasy III announced for Ouya
posted on 07.31.12 at 08:40 AM EST by (@salromano)
To launch day and date with Ouya in March 2013.

Square Enix is bringing Final Fantasy III to Ouya, the Android-powered games console due out next year.

The Ouya version of the game will be optimized for the console. A free demo will also be available.

“We’re promising to deliver Final Fantasy III like you’ve never seen it before – Hironobu Sakaguchi’s third installment in the role playing game franchise will be updated to exploit Ouya’s high-definition resolution in glorious graphic detail,” said Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman in a statement. “For those of you who are new to Final Fantasy, we’ll offer a free demo so you can give it a go!”

The publisher plans to launch Final Fantasy III in March 2013, simultaneously with the console’s launch. It also plans on providing additional content for Ouya in the future.

View the Japanese press release here.

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  • Locksus

    I’m a little bit confused here. Is Final Fantasy III the same as FFVI?

    • Yoshinatsu

      Not anymore. Final Fantasy III is Final Fantasy III.

    • Yoshinatsu

      Not anymore. Final Fantasy III is Final Fantasy III.

    • They’re both two separate games. Here’s how it works.

      – Final Fantasy III was released in Japan in 1990.
      – Final Fantasy III (a completely different game) was released in North America in 1994. It was called Final Fantasy III because the game which released in Japan in 1990 didn’t come out overseas.

    • Locksus

      Thanks for clearing this up Sal and Yoshi :)

  • xMCXx

    Oh, boy, another version of FF3!
    They remake that shit so often, no wonder people are angry about them not remaking FF7.

  • Devoted

    Am I the only one that finds it really wierd that we’re getting annouced games for a console that doesn’t yet exist and that, other from a kickstarter fundraising (that we know isn’t enough to develop, produce, market and sell the console), there’s no proof whatsoever that will make it to market?

    Still, I find the concept behind Ouya very, very interesting and I’m really curious to what this will become.

    A bit more ontopic: It’s a cool annoucement, and will probably help the console’s launch… I wonder what they’ll do graphics-wise to fully utilize Ouya’s graphics….

    • I don’t think it’s very odd at all!

      The console exists in some form. Like any console before it’s released, i’s still in development. And in order to gain the interest of consumers and ensure strong sales when it’s released, it needs to start creating a lineup of titles that can attract an audience. Final Fantasy III, or I should say, the first Final Fantasy III available in high-definition on a TV console, as well as the episodic prequels to Human Element, OnLive, Minecraft, and whatever else Ouya has up its sleeve, is a good start. :-)

      • Devoted

        I agree with that, and I’m geniunely happy that a project as different as this is getting attention from big-name publishers. What I find odd – but not *bad* – is that even while still looking for additional funding, they’re getting all these pledges/annoucements.

        It is, at the very least, uncommon. Time will tell if it’s a sign of a deeper change in the industry or an isolated occurence, but I’m inclined for the second…

        But make no mistake (and I admit I probably didn’t express myself right – posting at work makes me kinda rush through it), I think these are excelent news, somewhat strange overall, but great nonetheless.

  • rockman29

    The game is already released for Android, what’s the difference here… lame. Just trying to make a quick buck.

    • Locksus

      Maybe for people who don’t own an Android smartphone or would rather play it on their big screen and controller. At least I would play it on the Ouya rather than on my Android phone.

    • Not exactly. The Anrdoid market and Ouya market are two entirely separate entities. The Ouya version of Final Fantasy III will be available in high-definition on the TV screen and playable with a controller. That’s a huge difference, in my book.

      • zakou

        xD calling them “entirely separate entities” just because of different controller and high resolution? i think most of game on android market play in HD, if you have a phone like SIII or Xperia S with HD resolution.

        In the end a game is just a game and most of it is the same, be it HD or sub HD “Red Dead Redemption” sub HD on PS3, HD on 360, different controller on PS3 but plays and looks the same, unless using your a die hard pixle counting fan XD

        Also i agree, it’s “alot” better playing android games with real controller “Example: Zenonia for PSP/ Android” i take the psp version anyday over android because of the controls however if the android version is still playable and once you beat it you are done.

        However marketing Ouya as something totally new is false, its the same thing as android market/googe play but just upgraded and that’s all there is to it unless alot of developers step in and start making Ouya excusives.

        • No, lol. I literally mean entirely separate entities. You can’t access the Android market on Ouya. Ouya has it’s own, specific marketplace.

          • zakou

            But brah! Y U can has FFIII on da Ouya?! xD is that what it is? it won’t be google play? you sure? o.o if so i really want to know what it will be.

  • Kougeru

    This is already defeating, what I thought was the purpose of Ouya. I thought it was supposed to be about 100% free android-based games. The statement about a free demo obviously means it wont be a free game. It seems the only games that WILL be free are the crappy ones made by nobody indie devs, with rare exception of the few that will be actually good AND free.

    • Devs can’t make free games all the time, or they won’t make any money. Then they’ll go poor and will no longer be able to feed themselves. Then die of starvation. I wouldn’t want that to happen.

      Ouya never stated every game would be free. It said a free version of every game would be available in some form (e.g. demos or trial versions.)

    • zakou

      Don’t expect much from this era xD stick with what you know is best or you will be robbed! :P

  • FaithlessMr

    …And yet FF III is by far one of the most boring FF titles. Srsl, this and FF II are definitely the low points for me. And the DS version added some terrible main characters.

    But alas, I digress. It’s always nice to see major software developers/publishers supporting new consoles and projects.