Fantasy Life recruits Nobuo Uematsu, Yoshitaka Amano - Gematsu
Fantasy Life recruits Nobuo Uematsu, Yoshitaka Amano
posted on 07.17.12 at 06:23 PM EST by (@salromano)
Japanese release date due next week.

Level-5 will date Fantasy Life, its upcoming 3DS game from Brownie Brown, in the next issue of Famitsu, this week’s magazine reveals.

The game will feature StreetPass support and local play, according to the mag. It will have music by Nobuo Uematsu and illustrations by Yoshitaka Amano. You know, those two Final Fantasy guys everyone loves.

And here’s another little tidbit: the main town is called Kulbulk.

Thanks, Tale Tale Source.

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  • xMCXx

    Oh wow, Level 5, Nobuo Uematsu and Yoshitaka Amano and then it’s for some Harvest Moon clone? xD

  • Anime101210

    You have me interested, now I wanna know more about this game!


    I just watched the trailer on Youtube! This game looks great so far :P
    The world and music reminds me a lot of FFIX, I mean the castle plaza looks EXTREMELY similar to how Alexandria’s plaza looks when you first get control of Vivi in FFIX. Oh and the fireworks, anyone who’s played FFIX will remember that fireworks played a prominent role in the beginning of IX.

    I think Ive been repeating this a lot lately but, hopefully Level 5 sees fit to get this localized, because I now have this on my WANT list!

    Heres the trailer I was talking about if anyone wants to take a look.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      Thanks for the trailer. It does have a nice FFIX feel to it.
      Color me interested.
      As long is this isnt a boring little farm sim like Harvest Moon I will likely pick it up.

  • Here are some gameplay videos from last year:

    Verrrry interested, considering the game is from the developer of Mother 3.

  • This looks great and I remember Level-5 also had 1 more game called Youkai Watch. I wonder what happened to it, hope to see it in TGS and also hope this game get localized. Nobuo and Amano are fantastic addition to this already awesome looking game.

  • Since this looks like a Harvest Moon/Rune Factory game I think that I’ll pass. I played Rune Factory 2 and it was REALLY boring. There was barely any combat/story involved at all!

  • whiteferrero

    As if I wasn’t interested enough. Nice card Level 5, nice card.

  • zakou

    Dark Cloud 3 on PS4 as a launch title, developed by L5 and FF team = me day 0 get xD.

  • I’m definitely interested now.

    @gematsu-bc9c8c705927bf419147ab7491c54896:disqus I don’t think this is going to play much like those games. I might be wrong, but I’ve read some promising articles about it on the web.

    (From Siliconera)

    “As one of the king’s soldiers in Fantasy Life, fighting was part of my job. I was sent into the forest where I encountered monsters. Combat in Fantasy Life is real time and only uses one button. The A button made my avatar swing his sword, but I could change how he attacked by changing the rhythm I pressed A. Mashing A made my character do a spin attack (eat your heart out Link) or I could pause to end with a jump attack. I also had recovery magic (Y) and a defensive technique (X), which made my character glow blue. Both attacks drained energy from the blue mana bar. Combat was easy to pick up and the fights weren’t much of a challenge so I made it to the end of the demo, which had a dozing dragon to see.”

    ^ Sounds promising to me. I might be wrong, but I’m optimistic right now. I hope one day we will all have the opportunity to try this game out.

    • You actually made it sound pretty cool, still don’t have a 3DS but I think that I will pay more attention to this game in the future!