Tomb Raider detailed in Game Informer
posted on 06.02.12 at 05:42 PM EST by (@salromano)
Ditching the linear platforming formula.

New details on Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics’ upcoming Tomb Raider reboot are revealed in the latest issue of Game Informer.

The game does away with the old linear platforming formula of past entries in turn for a player-chosen path.

“We’re now giving the player the opportunity to go into a space and choose their own path,” reads the mag. “Where we take you across the ledge of the B-52 bomber, that’s a tutorial. Once you move away from the plane, everything is basically open, dynamic traversal where the player has the freedom to roam around a jump from location to location with ease.”

However, “there is linearity to the story – you have to go from point A to point B – but there’s junctions in between where we want the player to feel like they’re real explorers.” These junctions are non-linear hub spaces where Lara can revisit at different times of the day.

The game offers an XP system where Lara is able to upgrade her abilities. You can upgrade her equipment using materials you find on the island. These upgrades can only be perofrmed at base camps. Upgrades include the ability to give Lara additional arrow capacity for her bow, or increasing the speed she’s able to fire the arrows. As you progress, the upgrade system will open up, allowing future upgrades to be shaped to your play style.

You may have noticed a scene in the E3 trailer where Lara stabs a wolf after it attacks her. These sorts of scenes, or context-sensitive scenes, will happen only once. If you do it right the first time, it will have an impact.

Stay tuned for more details at E3 next week, when our own Olivia Slayton sees the latest build of Tomb Raider for herself.

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  • rockman29

    After watching more of this it looks too… “I’m so cinematic.”

    Not feeling it tbh. I think a lot of Tomb Raider fans might be turned off. The series is about platforming, but it seems like they are opting for the Uncharted approach of “press X to jump here.”

    Of course, I love Uncharted, I just feel like it’s not supposed to be like that in Tomb Raider.

    I think it could be just the trailer though. A little too much moaning and ‘Nate’ moments of “this couldn’t get any worse” remarks, etc etc. Anyway, I hope it’s not just a me too game, because I really wish we’d get another TR as fun as Tomb Raider Anniversary…

  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    Freakin Awesome!! Wow

  • Zero

    I agree that it is trying to be cinematic. All games do that now days, not just Uncharted.

    I agree, the creators were inspired by what Naughty Dog has done with Uncharted over the last few years, but ND was also inspired by the earlier Tomb Raider games.

    With that said, they didn’t steal cinematic movie like moments from Uncharted. That has become something we find in all games this generation.

    What Uncharted tries to do, is let the player actually play those cinematic moments, instead of just watch them. They don’t always succeed, sometimes the moments are very do this and do that. When they are great is when they just give player free control over the chaos.

    I think one of the keys for Tomb Raider is making exploring more enjoyable.

    Once you move away from the plane, everything is basically open, dynamic traversal where the player has the freedom to roam around a jump from location to location with ease.

    The thing that turned me away from past games was annoying exploration and controls that I found uncomfortable.

    I honestly felt like the controls and camera punished players who tried to explore areas.

    The player should not be punished for trying to explore and dying because obviously that ledge was not something you could grab.

    You can have great areas to explore in the game, but if the controls are not solid, you have a serious problem in a game where platforming is required.

    You put players in a situation where, not only do they not have a clue where to go, but because of sloppy controls, they can easily fall and die while climbing if they pick the wrong ledge to jump to.

    This is the area where I hope Tomb Raider does borrow from Uncharted or Assassins Creed.

  • FearMonkey

    Nothing in that description was apparent in the recent trailer.

  • LordKaiser

    Finally!!!!!!!!! Naughty Dog and Crystal Dynamics competition had begun!!

  • chinglee

    Good to know it’s not just a linear cinematic experience they are going for and actually has some exploration and good amount of depth in gameplay(E3 trailer had me worried it’s follow the UC formula) :3

  • Pirate King

    they’ve been competing, but Tomb Raider was the 1st though. Honestly Uncharted copied a lot from TR. TRU had a huge ship battle and the boat overturned and became a new puzzle and environment to explore. UC3 copied that, but made a better ocean procedural.

    • KingOptimus111

      Uncharted didn’t copy shit, they were probably inspired by tomb raider and indiana jones. I’m sick of tomb raider fanboys saying uncharted copied this or that from tomb raider get your shit strait they were inspired. I like both franchises but I’m sick and tired of tomb raider fanboys trying to take shots at uncharted. Just shut the fuck up and enjoy both franchise because they are both awesome and their is no need for competition for both of them leave that for EA & Activision.