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The Last of Us E3 gameplay, screenshots
posted on 06.04.12 at 10:45 PM EST by (@salromano)
Joel and Ellie are forced to take out a band of hunters.

Sony and Naughty Dog debuted the first-ever gameplay footage of The Last of Us during the publisher’s E3 press conference. It features Joel and Ellie, attempting to get to the bridge and leave the city, traversing an area controlled by hunters. You will see the “Balance of Power AI” in full effect, as enemies react realistically to whatever situation your combat forces them into.n

Watch the 7.5-minute demo below. View a new set of screenshots at the gallery.

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  • Malcolm Reynolds


    What an amazing stunning game. Insanely BRUTAL.

    Only on Playstation.


  • Genesis

    This definitely stole the show for me. Beyond, GoW, TR and RE6 were my faves along with this

  • leokiko

    There’s a health bar. That was the best surprise for me. One shot took quite a bit of Joel’s life.

  • Sal Romano

    This and Watch Dogs got me.

    • Genesis

      @Sal Romano: Watch Dogs was quite interesting I must add. Very interesting game with some nice gameplay

  • xMCXx

    A Life Bar, huh? Perfect, because this is what you need to get this Survival Feeling. No self charging life.

  • rockman29


  • RyoonZ

    This feels like Uncharted + Resident Evil without the zombie you know, limited ammo and a life bar. GOTY 2013!!!

    • xMCXx

      There are zombies, though. Fungus Zombies! xD

  • Charlie

    Well I’m gonna be poor next year! So many games, so little money.

  • Zero

    I’ve seen many games try to capture the element of survival. And especially when it comes to surviving a zombie/virus outbreak scenario.

    But… not… like… this…

    I don’t usually talk out loud when watching a game demo, but I was during the last of us.

    (…He is running out of bullets! He is outnumbered! Oh crap! Last bullet! … he has to make this shot! Oh shit! The girl just saved his ass! More guys? He has no ammo! Wow he shot that dude right in the face! No mercy when it comes to life or death…)

    This game captures the intensity other games have tried to have, some have even said they do have it. The last of us has it. They don’t have to convince you, just watch and you will be absorbed right into the game… heart pumping – relentless intensity.

    I thought this was the best game shown during the Sony conference, hands down.

    It’s most definitely game of the show material.

    Bravo, Naughty Dog, Bravo!

  • Super awesome stuff. Hope there will be a release date soon.

  • Well Done.

    That Called a Game Not Other like DMC Or Dead Space 3 Ugly..

    i love it

  • Hell yeah! That was freakin incredible! Can’t wait for this Watch Dogs, Beyond, and many other titles. I am stocked!

  • BizarreJelly

    This and Watch_Dogs really have stolen the show. Absolutely gorgeous.

  • whiteferrero

    at first i was like nice scenery. and then i was like kewl moves. and then i was like wtf wtf wtf.

  • So brutal and epic, love it.

  • Bec66

    Looks amazing like the entire game is almost a cutscene,besides the solid looking gameplay the characters dialouge seemed to come at such natural times.