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Tales of Vesperia, Graces F going PS3 the Best
posted on 06.09.12 at 12:47 PM EST by (@salromano)
Importing should become cheaper in August.

Importing Tales of Vesperia (PS3) and Tales of Graces F is about to become a whole lot cheaper. (Though, we’re not exactly sure why you would need to import the latter, at this point.) Japanese retailer Rakuten is listing “PS3 the Best” versions (Japan’s “Greatest Hits”) of both titles to launch on August 2. 

Both games will cost 3,530 yen (approx. $44 USD). In comparison, Vesperia is currently going for 6,282 yen (approx. $79 USD) on Amazon Japan, while Graces F costs 5,480 (approx. $70 USD).

Tales of Vesperia / Tales of Graces F [Rakuten]

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  • Traveller

    Damn right they’re the best.

  • FearMonkey

    Maybe the Tales news later this month will be them bringing over Tales of Vesperia PS3 now that it’s gone down in price they don’t have to worry about reverse importing. Or at least one can hope. :(

  • LordKaiser

    Who will import Graces F anyway. Now Vesperia I may consider it…

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    I would import Vesperia but I dont understand Japanese and Bamco doesnt deserve my hard earned money if they refuse to release a version I can understand.

  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    Maybe Namco should release Vesperia on psn.. Its one of the best tales games. I really want them to release Xillia 1&2!

  • When the price drops on Vesperia I’m importing the Japanese. Unless Namco Bandai decides to bring over the PS3 version, but I don’t see what happening anymore. Sadly. =(

    • Bec66

      @Yazuka:Not unless of course the tales news at the end of the month is the localization of Vesparia ps3, but more than likely it’s going to be Xillia.

      • @Bec66:
        Yeah, exactly. But I’m not betting on it, I’m still hoping but its probably Xillia. Which of course is awesome!
        But could we get PS3 Vesperia too, that would rock.

  • FaithlessMr

    Vesperia, here I coooome! What better way to improve on my “nihongo”? :)

  • Hinano

    Thank god. Time to import Vesperia.

  • TerrenceG9

    This scared me, I thought Vesperia PS3 was coming out after I just now caved and purchased the 360 version…

  • Akira

    Ah, this is great news. Time to import! Good thing I have Xillia to keep me busy until I get it.

  • Miranda Lawson

    Even though I don’t know the language I might actually get Vesperia when the price drops…

  • Zero

    This is good news. It seems like Namco is never going to bring over Vesperia for PS3…

    I can import the JPN version at a value price when the fan translation project is finally finished.

    During the last update- Until then, I and the rest of the team can understand that the wait has been long. With Tales of Graces F coming out, there are also people who have updated their PS3 beyond a point where they can install a patch for Tales of Vesperia. We cannot release what we have of the script as-is, but we can give you the 360 script, if you’d like to follow along with the game as you play it…When we’re finished the translation, we’ll look into providing our translation scripts in a similar manner for those who have already updated their PS3.

    Check out the site if you are interested in that, for those who plan to import soon.

    (Sorry if this is not ok to post Sal! If not, feel free to edit that out of my post.) :)

    • Miranda Lawson

      @Zero:I have a PS3 slim 120 gb with a firmware over 40. I heard that the fan translation for Vesperia doesn’t work on a PS3 with a firmware that high. Is this true?

      • Sal Romano
        • Miranda Lawson

          @Sal Romano: Who’s Hasn’t been updated over 3.55?

          • Zero

            @Miranda Lawson:

            Yeah. They did post this in the last update.

            When we’re finished with the translation, we’ll look into providing our translation scripts in a similar manner for those who have already updated their PS3.

            Hopefully they find a way to get it working. If not, someone might find a way to do a force firmware rollback on the PS3.

            • Miranda Lawson

              @Zero: I don’t think that I would want to downgrade my PS3 because I have Mass Effect 2 and Final Fantasy 13-2 downloads that I wouldn’t want to get rid of. Wait a minute are you actually one of the people that are making the fan translation for Vesperia? It must take you guys a while to make it, but I will be happy in the end if the translation patch works on all firmware.

  • Zero

    Hmm the post I made here was caught or removed by a bot or program or something. (Or an admin removed it.)

    If so, just respond so I know it wasn’t a glitch. I had a url link in it, and talked a bit about the fan tl project.

    • Sal Romano

      @Zero: It was filtered through our spam catcher for some reason. I’ve found it and pulled it out! ;]

  • Sal Romano

    Play-Asia’s gone up with its PS3 the Best listing of Vesperia PS3: http://www.play-asia.com/Tales_of_Vesperia_PlayStation3_Best_Version/paOS-13-49-en-70-4yej.html

    $49.90. Not bad at all.

  • Zero

    @Sal Romano:

    Nice. Thanks for the update.

    @Miranda Lawson:

    I’m not one of the great people working on it, sorry. I just got the information from the website itself. (As much as I would love to help those amazing people, I don’t have much to offer in terms of help.)

    The saves for any games on the PS3 are on the hard drive. Just off the top of my head… a possible little trick would be to buy a cheap hard drive and swap them out temporarily. If someone found a way to rollback firmware, you could use the spare hard drive to play Vesperia.

    The catch is fairly simple, you would only be able to play vesperia while having the PS3 set up this way. When finished, one would update to the latest firmware and put the original hard drive back in the PS3.

    During the stage of having the firmware rolled back, you would likely not be able to sign into PSN, and even if one did, accessing anything would probably be a no-go because of old firmware.

    More or less – the PS3 would become a “Tales of Vesperia only” console for a short time.

    I have no idea if someone has written code to force firmware rollback, or install old PS3 firmware. I’m only suggesting that using my trick above could possibly work with the old firmware.

  • sophie_lhant

    Asia region of Tales of Vesperia available at playasia. Cheaper than the Japanese region version. No differences between them, neither.


    • sophie_lhant

      @sophie_lhant: Oh. And if there is any difference between the Asian and Japanese region releases of Tales of Vesperia, than please let me know :)

      • Sal Romano

        @sophie_lhant: There’s a $5 difference. :P

        That’s about it! :D

        • sophie_lhant

          @Sal Romano: Sounds good enough to me!