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Square to host Final Fantasy art gallery in Shibuya
posted on 06.15.12 at 01:29 AM EST by (@salromano)
Celebrating 25 years of Final Fantasy.

Square Enix will host a Final Fantasy art gallery in Shibuya ward, Tokyo later this summer in celebration of the series’ 25th anniversary.

The company plans on showing Yoshitaka Amano artwork, development materials, various other objects, and will host stage events.

On August 31, Square Enix will open the gallery to those with early access. On September 1 and 2, the general public will be allowed entry.

Visit the event’s official page here.

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  • NCloud

    I wish I could go :(

  • StriderHiryu

    That’s basically why I despise being born in Europe…

    • FaithlessMr

      But we’re still awesome :D /europeanelitism

      Anywho, I’d love to go. Heck, this just turned into one of my lifetime goals, to go visit such a grand, exquisite, official Final Fantasy art gallery. Such as meeting Uemastu in a Distant Worlds concert is one of my lifetime goals, and I know it will happen someday :D

      • Miranda Lawson

        @FaithlessMr: If you keep thinking like that you will definetly get to see it someday.

        • FaithlessMr

          @Miranda Lawson:
          I had the chance later last year, but I didn’t have enough munny with me at the time to go to the Distant World’s concert in London. But I know it happens occasionally, so I’ll just wait and keep sparing some more for some eventual, future occasion.

          • Miranda Lawson

            @FaithlessMr: I am guessing you are talking about the London in Europe, not the London in Canada right? It would be really cool to see Final Fantasy art work. I should go to one someday.

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  • SirAuron14

    will we get news on FFXHD?